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AUDIO FILE: Speakers From the Peace in the Middle East Rally

About 500 people gathered to condemn the actions of Israel whose military incursions have killed a large number of civilians in their efforts to root out Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon.
Quotes taken from the Rally Press Release:
"An alliance of local human rights groups, faith organizations and individuals with family ties to the regions of Lebanon and Gaza now under attack by Israeli military forces gathered today in Pioneer Square. They called on the U.S. government to demand an immediate cease fire, and to provide humanitarian aide to those suffering from the violence and blockades."
"Those organizing the event strongly advocate a peaceful and just resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict through negotiation based on international law and universal human rights. They protest what they describe as a grossly disproportionate military response by Israel, a nuclear power that is armed, funded and supported by the United States, which has bombed and killed hundreds of innocent civilians, displaced hundereds of thousands, destroyed the economy and civilian infrastructure in Lebanon and Gaza, kidnapped dozens of elected Palestinian leaders and destroyed their homes."

About 500 people gathered to condemn the actions of Israel whose military incursions have killed a large number of civilians in their efforts to root out Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon. The Square was packed with signs calling for an end to the bombing in Gaza and Lebanon, descrying the lethargic response of the U.S. and much of the world community, and demanding an immediate cease fire and a genuine effort to support peaceful solutions.

Master of Ceremonies for the event was Mazen Malik, director of the Palestinian Arab American Association. After a few brief remarks of his own he introduced Rev. Canon Richard Toll, chair of Friends of Sabeel North America and the retired pastor of St. Johns the Evangelist Episcopal Church in Milwaukie Oregon.
The remainder of the speakers are listed here in order of their appearance.
Next to speak was Hala Gores, a Palestinian American attorney, born in Nazareth and immigrated to the U.S. with her family in 1973. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Portland State University Middle East Studies Center.
Then, Steve Goldberg, a graduate of Harvard, practicing law in Oregon since 1975, has been chairperson of the National Lawyers Guild's International committee, and has represented the Guild at meetings in and delegations to South Africa, Cuba and Israel and Palestine.
Steve was followed by Clyde Ferris, a local physician who is an activist for peace and justice, grew up in Amman, Jordan and witnessed the earliest Palestinian refugees in the 1950's.
Paul Aranas spoke next. Paul is the Pacific Green Party's congressional candidate challenging Darlene Hooley in Oregon's District 5.
Next, Mary Joe Tulley, Director, Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs, Archdiocese of Portland.
Another candidate to speak was Joe Keating, the Green Party candidate for governor, a long time peace activist.
Lastly, Rima Ghadour, Lebanese-American lawyer active in National Lawyers Guild.

All speakers brought their personal fire and a sense of justice to the podium. Each spoke passionately for the innocent Lebanese people suffering and dying at the hands of the Israeli army and air force, all supplied with American weapons. This file is about 40 minutes in length, each speaker speaking briefly and powerfully.
The event concluded with a song sang by two women who had already sang songs separately during the course of the event.

Stop the Killing Rally Speakers, RealPlayer

Stop the Killing Rally Speakers, MP3

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extended coverage in streaming audio 31.Jul.2006 00:04


the following streaming audio link contains interviews, chanting, all speakers, and additional singing. the limited edits are rough but this is nearly all of the event. It is approximately 100 minutes.


Size of Rally 31.Jul.2006 11:25


Thanks for the summary of the rally.

I attended the event too and I did a rough estimate on the crowd size. It looked to me that the number of people was, conservatively, at least 1500.

I do think that the truth spoken, the passions felt, and courage displayed at protests are far more important than the size of the crowd, but I wanted to comment on the number of people. I welcome any other feedback on the size of the rally.

[ 31.Jul.2006 19:58


Israeli war crimes again. If any government commits such crimes against another people that government relinquishes its right to exist. End all U.S. aid to the israeli regime and call for regime change there. The current government of Israel is no more serving the people there than the U.S. government is serving the people here.

pictures of the rally 02.Aug.2006 00:10


I uploaded more pictures of the rally to this page here: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/tosca_veritas/album?.dir=362bre2&.src=ph