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Cindy Sheehan Buys 5 Acres Near Bush Ranch

Ms. Sheehan has paid over $50,000
for land just outside of Crawford,
Texas for Camp Casey and the
upcoming protest of the Iraq War
there. She has been fasting with
Code Pink and several other anti-war
organizations in front of the White
House for over three weeks.
As a result of their fast, the Prime Minister of
Iraq has asked them to attend a meeting to help
develop a plan for withdrawing the troops.

The property will be a welcome retreat for the
thousands of people who will attend Camp Casey
this year with electricity, water, a campground,
and a parking lot. Last year much of their time
was spent in a ditch at the side of a county road.

The mostly republican residents have voiced
concerns about traffic jams and the smell of
porta-potties.....but not about the huge loss
of life and mayhem that has occured in Iraq
over the past 3+ years.
mint juleps anyone? 30.Jul.2006 23:25

pepi lepeu

C'mon, George and his neighbors could use a little of that minty fresh smell, being the shriveled up sourpusses they are. I should be interesting to learn what kind of surveillance the new property becomes subject to. Construction of buildings of any kind would seem to be a dangerous move on Sheehan's part. I can just see bush and co looking for a pretext to set the CIA on them like they did at that other place.

7 miles away 31.Jul.2006 20:19


The 5 acres is more than 7 miles from Bush's Ranch. Not exactly within yelling distince. Bush may never know she is around.