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CUB, telephone privacy and Oregon PUC

CUB (Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon) sent me a letter requesting an additional contribution. This is HIGHLY unusual for CUB so I thought I'd put this out to the Indymedia community.
CUB is a citizens' watchdog group that monitors regulated utilities and works on behalf or citizens, ratepayers and users to ensure we get the best service and fair prices from these private corporate providers.

CUB collects small membership dues (Basic membership is just $15/year) and then pools our money to hire economists, lawyers and accountants to represent us before the public utility commissions and other regulators. The corporate utilities are well represented with their high-paid professionals.

CUB is currently working to oppose 5 electric utility rate increase requests, fighting to defend and implement utility tax law reform, and is working to develop a clean energy agenda for next year's legislative session.

CUB is seeking additional funds because the issue of telephone privacy is about to be addressed by the Oregon PUC, in the form of a complaint against Oregon telephone companies asking the PUC to investigate whether those companies have indeed been providing personal information about their customers to the federal government, and whether that violates consumer privacy laws. CUB has intervened in the case because they feel that protecting citizens' privacy is a vital concern. This wasn't an issue they planned or budgeted for. Hence the special request.

They go on to ask for $25, $50 or $100 to help defend the basic right to telephone privacy.

You can join the CUB or send them a contribution by going to www.oregoncub.org or you can send $ to CUB of Oregon, PO Box 6345, Portland, OR 97228.

I think CUB is one of the best opportunities for people to stand together against corporate domination. It is such a simple principle but only works if you join. Basic membership is just $15. Please send more if you can afford to. Who else is going to represent us before the PUC?
Customer service privacy - Qwest Utilities (telephone) 05.Feb.2007 04:47

Richard Cortright

I see the date on this document July/2006. You must have lost the battle on privacy of records. Recently my wife started receiving solicitous advertizing from various companies (unrelated to Qwest). I made our case to Qwest that her name and address came from their records. I received an email that said they would contact their marketing department and tell them that we did not want our name and address released. So their customer service departments can't give out names and phone entries, but their marketing department can sell it . . . ?