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False Flag News: Israel Pushes Into WWIII

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08:00 PM EDT
1:50 (est.) Forum
September 11th Terrorist Attacks
Alex Jones Productions
Alex Jones
James H. Fetzer , Scholars for 9/11 Truth
11:00 PM EDT
1:50 (est.) Forum
September 11th Terrorist Attacks
Alex Jones Productions
Alex Jones
James H. Fetzer , Scholars for 9/11 Truth


September 11th Terrorist Attacks
Jones, Alex Filmmaker
Fetzer, James H. Co-Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Bowman, Robert M. Member, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Jones, Steven E. Co-Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Tarpley, Webster Griffin Author, 9-11: Synthetic Terror, Unauthorized Biography of George Bush, Surviving the Cataclysm

Panelists discussed theories on alleged conspiracies regarding the origins of the attacks on September 11, 2001.
Mr. Tarpley is the author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA , published by Progressive Press.
The two-day event, "American Scholars Symposium: 9/11 and The Neo-Con Agenda," was held in the ballroom of the Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown.

(editors note: Tarpley's 9-11: Synthetic Terror is the only book that gives the complete and comprehensive view of the 9-11 timeline, the rogue network that engineered the attacks, the STRATCOM Strangeloves and their partners in the private military firms, along with a background on breakdown of the Anglo-American dollar monopoly & the worldwide economic depression. It is a masterpiece and a must own. CLICK HERE TO BUY A COPY OF TARPLEY'S MASTERPIECE )

(one more note: Which websites are promoting the C-SPAN conference, and which are ignoring it? This is the key to understanding whom amongst us are fighting to expose 9-11 MIHOP truth and stop WW III, and whom amongst us are the agents, sociopaths, and self-centered dividers)

Terror Drills:


1) NJ Begins Weeklong Bioterrorism drill on Sunday, July 30-August6

2) 2,000 more 'victims' are needed for mock attack in St. Louis, MO on Aug 9

3) Amador County, CA to hold mock pandemic exercise on Aug. 4

4) Simulated nuclear explosion planned in Hawaii for Aug 14-16

5) Bird flu scenario to play in Wellfleet MA on Aug 21

6) NATO soldiers learn chemical, nuclear response tactics in Alberta

Georgetown, DE tests terrorist response time during 3 day exercises beginning July 26

Cruise Ship Readiness Tested in San Diego Mock Terrorist Attack on July 26

Training exercise at Newberry, SC school simulates Columbine-like shooting on July 25

Reuters: London Financial Forex Plans Terror Drill

NBSD Musters All DOD and Families in San Diego on July 19

Bioterrorism Drill Held At Helix High School in CA on July 29

Post office plans for possible disaster on July 27 in Illinois

Livingston, MI preps for pandemic disaster with dril on July 28

Ashland, MA holds mock disaster drill on July 24

Illinois preps for nuclear terror on July 26

Multiple Agencies Conduct Terrorism Exercise "Poi Bowl" in Hawaii on July 28

NATO "OPERATION PRECISE RESPONSE" for WMD terrorism at Alberta military base ends July 28

Floyd County, KY Stages Drill To Test Readiness To Respond To Chemical Disaster on July 25

Vermont Keeps Up Preparations For Avian Flu with final day of 3-day drills July 28

St. Petersburg, FL school district ponders an outbreak of bird flu on July 26

A decontamination drill at MA hospital on July 25

Post office plans for possible disaster biohazard drill on July 26

Disaster drill prepares Los Angeles, CA for the inevitable on July 20

Security training highlights need for continuity planning

Key quote: DTI held the first such "tabletop exercise" last October, along with the Delaware State Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA). Other drills are happening "all the time" within the central IT department, according to Elayne Starkey, the State of Delaware's CTO. "While the next big exercise is in October," Starkey said, "I want to do smaller drills with the state police, FBI and DEMA more often and expand it to include drills that are coordinated with municipal governments, regional governments and neighboring state governments,".

New Ward County Homeland Security Planner keeping busy

Key quote: "We are planning a regional exercise," she said. "The whole northwest area. First District Health wants to test all their counties. It's in the preliminary stages, but it's going to be huge. ... It's going to be really nice to do this exercise. I've participated in exercises, but I've never put one on, so this will be a great learning experience, getting out there and seeing what kind of capabilities we have in this area."
Tinian's first responders pass aircraft 'crash' test in Saipan

Mumbai bombings mirrored drill of 5 months earlier

Volunteers Needed for Local Disaster Exercise in Michigan on July 27 and 28-

Major pandemic drill in September for MA-

Disaster drill set for 2007 in Belleville, IL -

Bomb drill set for Pune, India in the wake of Mumbai bombings-

Pandemic drill in China on July 21-

Philippines conduct bomb explosion drill on July 19-

Singapore suits up for pandemic flu drill on July 21-

Bird Flu Drill Invades Vermont Chicken Farm on July 19-

Terrorists Attack Idaho Falls in Simulated Exercise on July 18-

Terrorism drill held in Cherry Hill, NJ on July 18-

Counties drill during fake disaster scenario July 20 in Lakeport, CA-

Crisis a drill, but learning real at Med Center in NJ on July 20-

Mock disaster aids training in St. Thomas, Ontario

Agencies test emergency procedures in Ventura, CA on July 14-

EMS Academy Holds Mock Disaster Drill in Maurice, LA on July 16-

Manpower, security issues raised during disaster drill on July 18 in Carroll, Iowa-

$1.3M to help state gird for pandemic in Maine-

Guard prepares for terror attack July 13 in New Hampshire-

July 13 Drill Helps Prepare For Flu Pandemic in CT-

Marines drill an embassy scenario July 11 in Hawaii-

Hundreds handle drill for nuclear accident in Oconee, SC on July 18

Industries needed for September disaster drill in Kentucky

MSU Officers Train in Mock Disaster in Michigan July 13

A drill for disaster Plainwell airport site of mock mishap in Michigan July 10 ...

Belgium to test flu pandemic readiness July 12-19

First Responders In the Mid-South Test Disaster Readiness July 5

Training exercise simulates fiery nuclear accident in Wyoming, June 20
Are we ready to handle disaster?

Key quote: "But a top Homeland Security official suggested that communities might be downplaying their capabilities in hopes of getting more federal grant money for manpower and equipment."
Disaster plan fails state, say officials

Pierce, Snohomish and King counties, along with the City of Seattle, have allocated an initial $350,000 to start developing a mass evacuation plan for the Puget Sound basin, Bailey said... The federal team that reviewed the state's emergency response plan seemed to view earthquakes as a "theoretical abstraction," Mullen said, and was more interested in high winds and mass evacuations.

WMD drill in Yakima, WA on July 24 (link has been removed from website and Google Cache)

Avian Flu pandemic drills from July 17-28 in Vermont

Australian disaster drills from July 17-28

Volunteers needed for terrorist response drill at Washington on July 23-

Stadium terrorism exercise "Poi Bowl 2006" planned for July 28 in Hawaii

Michigan Tabletop disaster drills from July 17-28

War Games:

RED ALERT: US bombers to practice"Operation Talisman Sabre" in Australia using B-1 and B-52 bombers, reminiscent of planned nuclear strike on Iran via CONPLAN 8022

Operation Vigilant Shield, year's largest terror drill, to take place December 4-14

Air Force resumes training at Australian test range

US Preparing Azeri Airport for Incursion into Iran?

US: Reconstructing Air Base In Azerbaijan for "NATO refueling"-PRECURSOR TO IRAN INVASION

American forces to drill "Operation Linking Arms" in Mindanao, Philippines from August 2006-2007

3,000 US And M'sian Navy In 10 day Joint-exercise Cooperation Afloat Readiness And Training (CARAT) beginning July 26

South Korea-US Joint Drill Ulchi Focus Lens 2006 Due Next Month Aug 21-Sept.1

Post-Soviet security org. to hold war games in Kazakhstan Aug 24-29

Indonesia, US conclude two-week joint naval exercise

Bulgarian, US, Romanian Troops Wrap Up Joint Practice on July 29

RED ALERT: NORTHCOM-JTF to run JTFEX 06 exercises July 21-29 in conjunction with CONPLAN 2501-05

More on CONPLAN 2501-05, the DOD National Response Plan for "disaster relief"

Joint task force exercise "Operation Bold Post" running on mid-Atlantic coast from July 21 to July 31

More on Operation Bold Step: "Military maneuvers involve thousands from five countries"

England-based airmen head to NATO exercise in Bulgaria starting July 19

Canada to Host NATO Exercise at DRDC Suffield July 16-28

US in Balkan joint military exercise "Immediate Response 06" to begin in late July

US airforce to host multilateral "Cooperative Cope Thunder" exercise in Alaska between July 20 and August 5

Shaw hosts NATO "red flag" Operation Iron Thunder

Cooperative Cope Thunder a massive multilateral air exercise

Russia, China to Hold Second Joint War Games at unknown date

Air Force to Participate in Pacific Drill ``Cooperative Corp Thunder 06"

International anti-terrorism exercise starts in Kyrgyzstan

Training team supports exercise in Kyrgyz Republic

Taiwan fires Patriot-2 missiles in war game on July 19-
Marines, Supplies Fall to Earth During Iron Thunder

Flashback: The Israel- Hezbollah Wargame

NSA war game tries to teach Net defense-

War Game Observation Helps Military Ties in China-

MAJOR LIST: Comprehensive Homeland Security Exercise Schedule from July 2006 to August 2007

MAJOR LIST: NORTHCOM exercises for July, 2006

MAJOR LIST: Tabletop drills for August in South Carolina

US-led naval "Operation Sea Breeze" exercise with Greece, Turkey, and Ukraine in Black Sea cancelled because of Lebanon

Reserve bomber unit in Wisconsin exercise this week

US, Jordan to team up for joint exercises July 19

Indo-Korean joint coast guard exercise off Chennai coast

NATO Joint war exercises take place at Bogue Field in North Carolina

Judge Blocks Hawaii War Game, Cites Danger to Wildlife-

RP, Malaysia begin war games from July 10-24 -

Moldavia takes part in regular NATO maneuvers

Moldavia takes part in regular NATO "Rapid Trident" maneuvers- "Operation Cooperative Longbow to take place in August

Vietnam Cautious on US Proposal for Joint Exercise

WHITE PAPER: NORTHCOM-JTF operational planning

Russia says joint exercises with Belarus have no direct focus

Israel joins NATO exercise for the first time

NATO's Exercise Steadfast Jaguar

NATO Exercise Steadfast Jaguar photos

Joint NATO-Turkey exercise "Anatolian Eagle"Ends June 26

Britain, Albania hold joint military exercises from June 26-July 18


US begins rare war games off Guam June 20, aimed at China

USJFCOM sponsors Eloquent Nugget 06 seminar

General news:
NORTHCOM to put Cheyenne Mountain on standby, moving HW to Peterson Air Force base

Eleven Asian countries make pact to tackle bird flu

The back door to Tehran: US Backs rebel groups, prepares for invasion

NIST Helps DHS Test Search and Rescue Robots (hmm..DHS working with NIST...which also claims WTC7 fell from fires...)

Space Command allies with spy agency to quell threats in orbit (Merger of Air Force and NRO-NSA-NGA Trailblazer network)

Nuking Iran Is not off the Table.

Russian, German Intelligence Services to Rescue Kidnapped Israeli Soliders

Casa Aztlan makes citizenship pitch to immigrants

Murrett takes helm at NGA

NGA Launches Online Glass Training

Homeland Security denies tracking political rallies

US Northern Command statement on North Korean missiles

NORTHCOM, Canada Command Cooperate to Secure North America

US Northcom Placed on High Alert

Former astronaut takes over US space command

China shows off space command centre

WW III, Oil Wars, and the Shanghai Cooperation Alliance (SCO):

Venezuela, Iran Leaders Meet To Discuss Econ Agreements

Iran Won't Cut Oil Exports If Syria Attacked - Oil Min

110 PKK Terrorists Surrendered in Past Month

US Calls on Russia to Re-open Georgia Border Checkpoint

US to build missile defense radar in Russia, Iran's neighborhood

Russia, Kazakhstan sign gas agreement

SCO making massive progress in enhancing regional cooperation

SCO anti-terrorism body meets in Kyrgyz Republic

Will SCO Become A "Gas OPEC" ?

Iran-Kazakhstan increasing commercial ties

Kazakhstan wants to enter European oil market

India, China may jointly bid for energy assets

Ukrainians protest bid to join NATO

Russia and Iran lead the new energy game

Kazakhstan Warns Western Nations Against Meddling in Country's affairs

An OPEC With Nukes? (The SCO strikes fear in CFR)

Iran's Ahmadinejad to sign cooperation deals with Tajikistan

Ahmadinejad to Visit Turkmenistan, Tajikistan

Uzbekistan Cuts Off Gas to Tajikistan

Usama bin Laden not hiding in Tajikistan - interior ministry

Rumsfeld Seeks to Widen US Role With Tajikistan

World Bank grants $15 mln to Tajikistan

Tajikistan begins rebuilding highway to Uzbekistan

Chevron vies to boost Caspian output

BP sees energy independence for Georgia, Azerbaijan by 2012

Azerbaijan, Israel: A Win-Win Oil Transport Deal

Military support of Azerbaijan by Turkey Not Ruled out ...

US diplomat comments on proposed Belarus-Russia union

Private Military Contractor (PMC) News:

Cubic sets up battlefield training for Indiana National Guard during July

US to rebid Halliburton unit's Iraq support deal

Halliburton awarded $150M drilling services contract

SAIC lands court IT deal in Calif.

NGA Outsourcing HR for $69M

CACI selected for $200M NGA contract

NGA awards Smarts deals

Navy Picks L-3 for $48M Deal

L-3 Communications Receives DOD Contract

L-3 Gets Air Force GPS Contract

Navy accepts Cubic data system

Cubic Corp (CUB) Awarded $25 Million Contract

Cubic Gets $98M in Military Orders

Lockheed Martin awarded $170 million missile contract

Lockheed Martin Receives $150 Mln Contract From Navy To Provide ...

Lockheed Martin lands $26M Army contract

Lockheed Martin gets $36 mln pact for Army tactical missiles

L-3 hopes politics helps it win cargo-plane contract

Lockheed Martin (LMT) Receives $15.8 Million Contract from US Army

Lockheed helps S Korea sets up missile command

GeoEye Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Airport Mapping Database ...

Northrop could get big bucks from feds

SAIC adds software unit

Comverse Tech unit Verint buys US co Mercom for $35m

Amdocs wins CRM contract with Rogers of Canada

Northrop wins UK maritime surveillance contract

Northrop signs 3 contracts

Northrop Grumman Receives $90 Mln Worth Contract From US Air Force ...

Northrop Grumman hopes for big role in DoD bomber plan

Northrop Grumman Finalizes $2B Contract

Northrop gets USAID IT contract

Bechtel National wins Army contract

Lucent Wins Contract for Army Project

Wackenhut to protect NASA site in California

Prison operator Wackenhut donates more than $42,000 to governor

General Dynamics Gets Air Force Pacts

US Joint Forces Command Extends General Dynamics Contract

General Dynamics Wins $129M Armor Deal

General Dynamics wins $23 million Army communications contract

General Dynamics gets $137 mln Stryker order from Army

General Dynamics Network Systems wins $85M contract upgrade

Booz Allen Hamilton awarded ITES-2S contract

Booz Allen scores key access card role

Army to end its exclusive deal with Halliburton

Homeland Security Picks 25 Firms to Compete for IT Work

Air Force networks to get automatic monitoring

CSC Wins $276 Million New York Department of Health Agreement to ...

CSC signs US$146 million contract extension with AMP

CSC wins $112 million immigration and electoral contract

CSC's DVC Begins Phase 2 Clinical Trial For Plague Vaccine ...

SAIC lands contract with county

AT&T overhauls privacy policy

Raytheon Wins $96M Air Force Deal

US approves $42 million missile sale to Bahrain

Raytheon receives $75 million satellite communications contract

Raytheon wins $18.2 mln Homeland Security contract

Raytheon wins $13M foreign military contract

Raytheon Awarded $218 Million Subcontract for LPD 22-24

Raytheon Says SEC Closes Investigation

Raytheon gets $38M Air Force pact to design GPS receiver

Australian radar contract for Raytheon

PlanetLink Announces Three Contracts Under Karta's Licensing ...

CSC to Repurchase Up to $2 Billion in Stock

Louisville may get nearly $62 million in defense funding

Audit finds Boeing got satellite sensor contract `unfairly'

Navy awards Boeing $7M contract

World: Boeing lands $3.3B deal

CallMiner Digs Up $10M

Aerojet lands $4.25M NASA contract

Human Genome gets US vaccine contract

Bioport Expanding

Former HHS secretary named to Emergent/Biport board

Verizon grant will help HCCAN mobilize disaster response-

SI lands Air Force Space Command support work

Economic News:

Iran oil bourse at the end of September

Gold, silver decline on thin buying support

Regulation Could Help Head Off Hedge Fund Disaster

Collapsed fund's founder returns to fray

Federal Court: SEC Lacks Authority Over Hedge Funds

SEC Lost Its Hedge-Fund Authority and Will Be Glad It Did

S&P suspends hedge index after PlusFunds collapse

Hedge funds: Playing dice with the universe

House Democrats to offer hedge funds bill

Credit derivative banks cut trade backlog by 80 pct, adding $17 trillion in risk

Commodity-Derivative Trading Rises 44% in 2005 Amid Price Rally

Move to broaden equity derivative, structured products market ...

Prospects of the dollar as oil currency

Russia, Kazakhstan Sign Pact On Karachaganak Gas Field

Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan Inaugurate Oil Pipeline, bypassing Russia

Official: US Wants to Buy Venezuela Oil

Call for New Bretton Woods Now Published in Tehran

BP And Shell Draw Russian Minister's Ire Over Licenses


Raytheon completes prelim test for space navigation

Raytheon Delivers Common Aviation Command and Control System

Raytheon unit puts new focus on aircraft weapons systems

Project Orion to Bring US Back to the Moon

SOCOM Seeks a Better Bullet

Northrop Offers Laser "Shield" For Airports

Northrop Grumman previews next-generation ship navigation ...

Northrop Grumman Delivers Key F-35 Lightning II Subsystem Ahead of time ...

Northrop Grumman Global Hawk Simulation to Participate in North ...

Lockheed Martin to Design Wireless Nano Air Vehicle

Boeing to Perform Front-Line UAV Support for USMC, Navy

Biometric spoofing: New technology, new crime

Left Gatekeepers:

Noam Chomsky: Controlled Asset Of The New World Order

Noam Chomsky: US-Backed Israeli Policies Could Lead To "Extreme Disaster"

Noam Chomsky in Beirut

Professors group supports Ward Churchill

Cindy Sheehan's Hunger Strike Goes Hollywood

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