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Hezballah is still holding off Israel. The Condoleezza Rice TRUTH!

The news that is playing is all LIES. Condoleezza Rice, the truth about what happened
Hezballah is still holding the southern border of Lebanon. The Israeli's have been able a few nights to make it in, only to be attacked and forced to withdrawal back into Israel. Hezballah is asking of no help, they do not need it. That is why Israel has resorted to bombing the civilians inside Lebanon.

Condoleezza Rice had a ceasefire agreement made and ready,
It was to:

Call for an immediate cease-fire,

For Israel to stop trying to invade Lebanon,

There would be a prisoner exchange, the two Israeli's for three Lebanese (Hezaballah argued this one because they wanted the release of ALL Arab prisoners illegally jailed) but it was settled on the two for three despite Hezballah's opposition.

Hezballah would be assimilated into the Lebanese army.

However, in the morning after a night of hell intentionally directed at civilians by the Israeli's, Lebanon told Condoleezza Rice to pretty much to F__k off, that the deal was off and that she would not be allowed into Lebanon. That,s why she had such a stupid look on her face. She should have known better than to trust Israel.
AHHHH 30.Jul.2006 22:01


I knew she was somehow surpized in away that was not presented.

Israel canot invade Lebanon, I mean they are not able to 30.Jul.2006 22:19


the Isreal's are unable to get into lebanon because Hezzbolla is much to strong, and that is why they are bombing behing them and murdering civilians.

Thanks for the Condoleezza Rice truth, i know that also because my granparents have the arab sttlelite staions. Thanks for posting it out, many have no clue.