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activist movies from Toronto - August 7

"Grilled Cheese Sandwich" and collage shorts
Monday August 7 @ Liberty Hall
Leslie Walters and James O'Reilly in
Leslie Walters and James O'Reilly in "Grilled Cheese Sandwich"
* please circulate *

Satan Macnuggit Popular Arts

a movie by Jonathan Culp

Plus: short experimental videos by Jonathan Culp

7:30 pm
at Liberty Hall
311 N. Ivy St.
Admission by donation

"An unholy amalgam of Raymond Williams, 50s-era Charles M. Schulz, and John
Waters!" - WENDY BANKS

Teenaged leftist bookworm Marsh (Amanda Brooks), stoner 4-track geek Dolby
(Chris Mills), and angry unemployed punk rocker Shannon (Leslie Walters) are
united by a dream: to escape the hellish boredom of suburban Grimsville,
Ontario. But since they can't, they'll have to make do - with mountain drug
parties, house drug parties, telephone booth drug parties...and the brand new
grilled cheese sandwich club dreamed up by Marsh's pals Shlouty and Beano (Matt
Kaiser, Pascale Rabideau).

When Grimsville High's Principal Middleman (Ed Fielding) unleashes riot cops on
the club's free food servings, these spaced-out kids find their political
consciousness awakened...sort of. Their guerrilla-sandwich strategy pits them
against the old-guard Moose Meat Ladies' union and the amoral franchise
capitalists at Squirrely's Pizza.

Produced without corporate OR state funding, "Grilled Cheese Sandwich" combines
high theory with low humour, smuggling experimental aesthetics into populist
narrative. It opens up dazzling new worlds of possibility in the realm of
independent, activist cinema.

ALSO STARRING: Laura Fuller, Veronika Hurnik, Rhiannon Lachance, Darren
O'Donnell, James O'Reilly, Joseph Recinos, Matias Rozenberg.

Original music by Bob Wiseman. Featuring music by the Marcel Aucoin Trio,
Bayonettes, The Evaporators, Holzkopf, Methuselah and Stamina.

***** This screening will be accompanied by selections from "Trigger Cut: Jonathan
Culp Film and Video Works 2005-1989" - available on DVD as part of the new

JONATHAN CULP (writer/producer/director/editor/camera) has produced over thirty
experimental, collage, and documentary shorts. He is co-founder of the Toronto
Video Activist Collective, a long-time member of the Liaison of Independent
Filmmakers of Toronto, and former film writer/editor for Broken Pencil
Magazine. "Grilled Cheese Sandwich" is his first feature. Culp will be attending
this screening.

For more information, to order DVDs or to arrange interviews please contact: