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Eugene Food Not Bombs Needs Help!

The current collective is looking for folks to take responsibility for cooking every week.
Eugene Food Not Bombs, aka Food Not White Supremecist Capitalist
Imperialist Patriarchy, is currently looking for new people and houses to cook food. Since September 2005, the same collective has been providing free vegan meals every Sunday from 3-5 pm next to the Deer Mural in the Washington Jefferson Park. FNB usually feeds about 30-50 people each week, and we don't want this to stop! However, many of the people who have been bottom lining the project are now in the process of moving, or leaving Eugene altogether. The current collective will soon no longer has the infrastructure nor energy to keep cooking, so we're looking for folks to take on responsibility for the project.

If you are interested in becoming a Food Not Bombs kitchen, email