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BOYCOTT RESUMED Against City Reapir's Metapoiesis festival August 3rd - 7th in Mosier, Ore

Many of us Mosier residents have been talking with city authorities, the fire dept. etc. regarding this event.
Many of us Mosier residents have been talking with city authorities, the fire dept. etc. regarding this event. We believe this is still unsustainable, largely unwanted by the community, and believe the fire hazard at this time of year to be of dire attention. Although we support City Repair's work in Portland, to us it seems like some of the egos involved are not 'letting go' and working in harmony with the community. You will be hearing more from us in the next few days, as many of us are out of town on a retreat, but will be returning tomorrow.

We urge EVERYONE who is concerned about the wild and rural area that we live in here in the Mosier area to please call City Repair and asdk them to please back off from this event and listen to the people, as the good folks at the Oracle Gatherings have done!

CALL CITY REPAIR 503-235-8946
Backround on this issue 30.Jul.2006 10:00


Here are a few previous posts for backround.

*Oracle Gatherings pulls out of City Repair event, citing potential environmental harm.
--  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/07/343421.shtml

*Mosier locals call for boycott of City Repair Metapoiesis
--  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/07/343141.shtml

Thte boycott is NOT back on 30.Jul.2006 12:18


John b's statements only represent his own. I have been part of the discussions since day one and am part of the community. We respect his opinion but the original group of residents has not called the boycott back on. Decide for yourself if you want to come on out.

win win situations 30.Jul.2006 18:15

albert ijan

One of permaculture's main idiom's is:
The problem is the solution

So off I went, weaving and whirling through
The mental corridors of me mind
Collecting shiny things along the way

a 27 pssg. Shuttle van
access to nursery parking lot for 130cars
newly founded ecological landtrust
4000 sq ft of covered, dry, new, greenhouse
full farm kitchen
shower stalls
an interest in creating win win situations
a good fundraising ability

put in large glass bottle
swirl till the center opens

and I propose to the mosier tribe... .come up and visit the land where I walk (NE of seattle 25 minutes) , lets postpone what I
know will be a beautiful, interactive, and powerfull place for gathering in mosier,
and camp out
at the weel. (wise earth ecological landtrust, www.wiseearth.org ) for the festival weekend.
don't tell me that it
is just a coincidence that we are just putting the finishing touches on a cutting edge
form of tribe, but no one is moved in yet, no production yet in the 3 greenhouses, everything just sitting there like she has planned this all along ... ... .hmmmmm

its at the very least another tool in your belt, as I corresponded to elliot

might make some sense with all this boycott talk as well

>> BOYCOTT RESUMED Against City Reapir's Metapoiesis festival August 3rd - 7th in Mosier, Ore<<

prrrrrr elfolution
albert ijan

ps. since i seem to have a playful knack about me, i would like to throw
another hat in the ring. If Metapoiesis will rejoin the Oracle in our new location, (The Premier,Downtown Seattle, 1500 cap.)
i will begin a personal city repair fundraiser and guarantee that i will raise $3000.00 in 4 months time to support the amazing things that city repair does do.

pssss imagine just how dang much fun we can have... ..wow

ssssp any oracle brothers and sisters on the boards? does this resonate well?
ssssound out

Spinning 30.Jul.2006 18:26


im getting very very dizzy

and this probably wont help....>>clarification<< 30.Jul.2006 18:54

albert ijan

my invite is for city repair and mosier
my referal to the "mosier tribe"
was not meant to be exclusionary
and was in regards to those individuals in that area
city repairites and mosierites
really quite a
verdant collection

Metapo-Clearcut ~ 31.Jul.2006 00:51

Frankel dfrankel@igc.org

aloha ~

the poster says 2 week ecovillage building convergence...the EcoCosm (Village of Life) - 4 days of Art, Music & Spirit - Tools for Visionary Culture - practical workshops in bioswales, permaculture paths, regenerative settlements and more.

Yet, the project was sited on sensitive land ~ why? Aren't there enough clearcuts that can be improved by the kind of earthmoving that was conducted in preparation for this festival?

What happened to the 2 week ecovillage building convergence and workshops?

It looks like a lot of promises and promotion and very little real planning for the protection of the land - it looks like negligence and recklessness.

It looks like greenwashing. It looks ugly. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and they also say you can't piss on me and tell me it's raining.

What this looks like is a group of people pissing on Mother Earth and trying to make it look like rain. Except in real life piss would soak into Mother Earth and be digested by her soil. In real life, some people decided that they would take a bunch of trees, create roads and destroy a sensitive area in the name of a visionary party.....that's the way it looks to me.....

I am sorely disappointed to see the environment and conscious visonary art being prostituted in order to sell tickets. Those who bear responsibility for this have their own karma. After all, we all get what we give, yes?

I hope that everyone involved will take Albert up on his kind and conscious offer and come up to his farm in seattle - come see what can be done the right way ~ it is possible to turn this very ugly, negative state of affairs into something beautiful.

Such is not possible by turning a blind eye or putting the blinders on and screaming, "Full Speed Ahead" with the original plan ~ even if you have reduced ticket sales, everyone who attends this event will be contributing to the destruction of a sensitive area.

Don't we already have enough messes going on the in the world that need cleaning up? Is that why we gather? Wouldn't it be nice not to cause more messes in the process of gathering to hold space for the manifestation of planetary healing?

The newspapers show how brutal, "business as usual" and realpolitik violence is going on in the world - Mid East, Kirkland, Belltown, ~ and now this 'visionary' party is responsible for violence to this land in Mosier -

As above, so below; as East, so with the West....etc.

and finally, comes around, goes around three times over.....