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VIDEO: Full List of 9-11 LOOSE CHANGE TRANSLATIONS, and Alex Jones's lastest, Terrorstorm

There have been lots of obviously politically motivated deletions of translations of Loose Change and versions of Loose Change, at Google Video. However, they are all back.

This is an update of available translations of 9-11 Loose Change. The only one still missing from the previous list was a Spanish version that is still "disappeared."

Additional ones in the list are the Chinese version of Loose Change, the Polish version of Loose Change, and some Danish versions of Loose Change (as well as Painful Questions). Please think of people you know who would want to watch it in their own native language, and pass the link to them. Pass it to them, and it will go viral. It just takes a few seconds to send an email...



911 Cover Up
Korey Rowe / Dylan Avery / Jason Bermas
1 hr 21 min 50 sec - May 30, 2006


Loose Change 2 - deutsche Untertitel - german subtitles - High Quality
Louder than Words
1 hr 21 min 50 sec - Jun 13, 2006


Loose Change 2nd Edition, med danske undertekster
Lounder Than Words
1 hr 21 min 50 sec - Apr 19, 2006

Painfull Deceptions - DK
1 hr 15 min 40 sec - May 29, 2006


Loose Change [POLISH SUBS]
Dylan Avery
1 hr 21 min 50 sec - Jun 25, 2006


Loose Change Chinese Subtitles/Captions
Korey Rowe / Dylan Avery / Jason Bermas
1 hr 21 min 50 sec - Jun 24, 2006


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Loose Change 2nd Edition, Korean Caption
1 hr 21 min 50 sec
Loose Change 2nd Edition, Korean Caption by nylon.


LC& ReOpen911.info
1 hr 22 min 14 sec - Jul 4, 2006

Loose Change en Français
1 hr 22 min 14 sec - Jun 29, 2006


Loose Change 2nd Edition Swedish
1 hr 21 min 50 sec - Feb 15, 2006
Den absolut bästa dokumentären om 11 september, 2001. Den nya utgåvan är helt lysande och ger en tydlig redogörelse för de olika frågorna ... all » som behövs tittas närmare på för att veta vilka som låg bakom attentatet. Förbered dig på en filmupplevelse som kommer att häpna dig och få dig att vilja veta mer. Textad på svenska.


Loose Change 2 - Doppiato in italiano
1 hr 22 min 50 sec - Jul 20, 2006

Alex Jones' Terrorstorm

TerrorStorm (Alex Jones)
Alex Jones
1 hr 52 min - Jun 23, 2006
Alex Jones' latest film covers in detail the proven history...

Terrorstorm - Terrorsturm - deutsche Synchronisation - Teil 1
18 min 22 sec - Jul 24, 2006

Terrorstorm - Terrorsturm - deutsche Synchronisation - Teil 2
22 min 23 sec - Jul 24, 2006


Korey Rowe Interviewed by Alex Jones
louder than words/prisonplanet
22 min 56 sec - Jun 29, 2006
korey being interviewed by Alex while we were out in Chicago.

The only thing that that changed after September 11 is...this Depeche Mode video.

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence Music Video
3 min 39 sec - Jun 11, 2006
Rare video of Depeche Mode singing Enjoy The Silence on top of the South Tower of the World Trade Center. It's too bad that our corrupt government had to take down these beatiful towers and their occupants for money. Watch Loose Change for more on this. ~Aquarillis

It took on an epic, ominous, dreamlike "never never land" or "long time ago, in a place far away" quality. Lot of Bush family dirty water under the bridge since this peaceful video was made...

mom 30.Jul.2006 13:39


don't forget the mother of all 911 film sites-  http://question911.com/links.php One of the most important sites of all.

No matter what language, please include critical analysis 30.Jul.2006 16:08


Loose Change CAN have the effect of making us look nutty to people who care about facts -- all it takes is one 'missile did it' point to lose them. So please include critical analyses of the film when you send it around, not to discount it, but to ground it back in reality! Yes, inside job, no, there weren't missiles fired or passengers herded into empty NASA hangers!


Flyer -


trollbait, scores! that was easy; loose non-claims on Loose Change there... 30.Jul.2006 17:34


Rattling your cage, this film certainly is. Yep.

"Loose Change CAN have the effect of making us look nutty to people who care about facts "

Us? Distance yourself from me hence.

You are not on my side if you have a problem with Loose Change. The only "problem" with loose change is that it failed to go far enough. It's an excellent introduciton into criminal U.S. conspiracies, documented, from Project Northwoods unanimous agreement to kill Americans for pleasure and military joy of the political gesture, from 1963 onward. Alex Jones's Terrorstorm is an excellent longer historical match for it.

"Yes, inside job, no, there weren't missiles fired..."

Proof of that statement? I thought so. None.

Actually, instead, it is true that there were missile(s) fired into the Pentagon. Radioactive in some manner, due to all that evidence for it. Likely just one, troll buddy, from whatever hit the Pentagon wall and burrowed into it for several hundred feet. It left perfect puncture holes, holes smaller than the Boeing ever could make, and radioactive pucture holes at that. The Boeing couldn't make such smaller holes much less leave a cloud of radiation in the hit (This is according to Boeing itself, who said that they don't have DU on their 757s or 767s, they phased it out long ago as plane wing weights).

"...or [no] passengers herded into empty NASA hangers..."

Proof of that statement? I thought so. None.

Actually, instead, according to the witnesses, seeing from afar, and from corporate news, troll buddy, that there were passengers herded into the NASA hangers--though they were likely close relativesly of yours--black ops personnel on board. This is connected with getting rid of all the "useless civilians" from the landed UAL93 at Cleveland (verified by corporate news, and the Mayor of Cleveland). Those civilians got accidentally got caught up in the events. (Loose Change fails to get into these important real life things about UAL93 landing at all.)

And the big pink elephant: because it fails to get into NASA Cleveland, and the Mayor of Cleveland (highly inbuit into the pro-Zionist clique of intergenerational governmental operators), Loose Change fails to get into the Israeli complicity issue at all, which is required to break the ice and go further in the 9-11 community.

It's important to limit accusations to particular people, otherwise trolls like you will be screaming non-sequiturs all over the place. Loose Change so far has done a good job documenting individuals, times, events, and stories that happened. Throwing loose unattributed comments at loose change---that's your job. No malice.

Look around at the world. Who's the most evil groups on the planet right now? The United States and Israel. They had everthing to gain, and they are the ones actually perpetuating these terror scares.

This has been going on for at least a generation.

In the Alex Jones film, he gets into the US and Israel plotting on destroying the USS Liberty together, in the 1960s! President Johnson who was known as the "Senator from Brown and Root"--now part of Halliburton, contributed to "standing down" on the investigation for killing Kennedy, because he hated the Kennedies. He got help in killing Kennedy with help from the George H. W. Bush's CIA team. The same Johnson who is capable of killing a president and covering it up, worked with Israeli PMs and military to sink the USS Liberty as a joint operation.

It "worked" in the sense that the US-Israel clique did successfully destroy the ship. However, due to other witness boats and the Russian spy boat in the area, it failed to start WWIII, because the cover was blown that it was Israel attacking the U.S. in a terrorism campaign. There were other witnesses that it was Israelis, when the idea was to put the ship there so that it could be blamed on Egypt. And there were Israelis who really didn't want to bomb the U.S. ship, because they kept radioing in that "it's our ally"--though they were told that they would be courtmartialed unless they fired upon the U.S. ship! Don't blame the Israelis. Blame the same evil international clique of individuals that runs both the U.S. and Israel right now.

President Johnson personally sent the ship into that area! Next, he personally gave the order to remove the air force wing that was going to protect it. The Generals were aghast. His quote, according to the now retired officers, "I want that god-da**ed ship going to the bottom!"

Then you have George H. W. Bush setting up the Christo-Zionist international policy alliance with his "Team B", where Cheney, Ford, and Bush, and Wolfowitz--the same people, who were called "the crazies" by the loyal CIA--attempting to start WWII in the late 1970s with a run up of a fake war buildup to fight a USSR that didn't have the weapons they thought it did. (However, Alex Jones leaves out HAARP weathercontrol scalar wave technology, which is said to have been started during 1976 from the USSR onto the USA).

The network is still the same. It's still the Bushes and the evil clique of pro-Israeli criminals. For instance, you have Chertoff aiding the FBI's 1993 hit.

You have Chertoff attempting to get Osama bin Laden some nuclear technology in 1999. (Project Diamondback).

You have the strange visit of the head of U.S. national NASA administrator Goldin (appointed by George H. W. Bush back in his evil administratoin, still in NASA in 2001) who actually goes to Israel a few weeks before the 9-11 events that involve NASA directly.

Goldin's NASA had the live feed camera.

Troll buddy, your time is better spent attempting to get some money: Put up and shut up. Contact that millionaire who said he was giving away 1 million dollars for proof that the Bush's story of 9-11 is true. You believe it is totally true.

It's only going to get worse until brave 9-11 souls address the Israeli issue--beyond what Loose Change does.

I wish as well that Terrorstorm had gotten into a second documented Israeli terror hit on the U.S. When this failed to work out it seems that plan #2 was the USS Liberty hit by the US/Israel international criminal warmongers. Israel attempted state teror on Americans in 1954:

Title: Israel Honors Lavon Affair Terrorists Who Attacked U.S. in '54, attempted to blame "Arabs"
Author: astounding, as not seen on TV
Date: 2005.04.03 09:20
Description: This is my summary: In 1954's "Lavon Affair", Israeli Mossad agents, working in Egypt, planted bombs in several civilian buildings targeting particular European/Americans including a United States diplomatic facility. They left 'evidence' to implicate Arabs. It didn't work. Israel was exposed in its 'false flag operation.' The goal was to destabalize U.S, Britsh, and Middle East relations, and to put the U.S. on Israel's side exclusively. It perhaps would have worked though one bomb detonated prematurely. This accident in the Mossad plan let Egyptian law enforcement capture and identify one of the Israeli terrorists, and Egypt rounded up a large spy ring. It's a fact that Israel has a prior history of setting off terrorist bombs in other countries and killing civilians if it suits Israeli foreign policy ideas--with the intent to blame Arabs for them. Recent public awards ceremony in Jerusalem, THE PRESIDENT OF ISRAEL SAID: "Although it is still a sensitive situation, we decided now to express our respect for these heroes." He then presented the three surviving members of the terrorist cell with certificates of appreciation. President Katzav handed letters of thanks to Marcelle Ninio, Robert Dassa and Meir Zafran, three survivors of the group in their seventies, last Wednesday. Letters were also given to families of other deceased militants, some who were sentenced to death in Egypt for the terrorist attack. Egypt expressed astonishment at Israel's honouring of 11 Egyptian Jews who planted these bombs. Cairo on Sunday described them as terrorists... "This is a decision that calls for astonishment," said Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmad Abu al-Ghait. "These individuals can be labelled as terrorists as far as international standards go," he added.

triple entries for Loose Change in the Google 100, and more Bush pinata fun 01.Aug.2006 23:43

Kemal Amin Kasem

If you're just tuning in this evening, Loose Change is hot hot hot. That's right. Three, count them 1, 2, 3 entries in the top 100 this evening. And one day ago, Loose Change has triple entries--triple triple triple--jackpot jackpot jackpot--in the Google 50, with two entries in the top 20 one day ago, with the top three in the top 50.

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911 Cover Up
(4036 ratings) 1 hr 22 min
Loose Change 2nd Edition - Korey Rowe / Dylan Avery / Jason Bermas

Today Yesterday
33 13
Loose Change - 2nd Edition
(1852 ratings) 1 hr 22 min
Submitted by Sennheiser

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Loose Change 2 - deutsche Untertitel - german subtitles - High Quality
small full starsmall full starsmall full starsmall full starsmall half star (515 ratings) 1 hr 22 min
Loose Change 2 mit deutschen Untertiteln in guter Filmqualität.  http://www.loosechange911.com/  http://killtown.911review.org/ 911smokingguns.html  http://www.loosechange911.com/  http://killtown.911review.org/ 911smokingguns.html  link to www.physics911.ca...

And let's remember that Bush is getting singled out for attention once more, with the popular Bush Pilot and Bush's rendition of Sunday Bloody Sunday, or is that

O give me a Bono,
where the Boho Grovers romo,
and U2 is lost in the fray...

where seldom is the herd--
that's more than one sheep, to you perps--
going to stomach Bush lies another day...

Bush, Bush is insane!
Is the entire world's refrain!

as Israel swims
in blood up to its gills,
and Bush is happy all day.

That's just the backward masking that people have exposed themselves to in the 10,000 plus views of Bush's most recent bloody hit--no pun intended there--"Sunday Bloody Sunday". Let us prey.

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George Bush singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
(11430 ratings) 3 min
Thanks to  http://onegoodmove.org and Rx @  http://thepartyparty.com/ Greets to arstechnica!

Sounds like some error in the Bush Pilot.

Today Yesterday
47 65
Bush Pilot (with English subtitles)
(2635 ratings) 3 min
The Bush pilot himself reports about his job and the obstacles involved