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Max and Stacy are Karmabanque/Karmabank Radio; where the tired and oppressed can hear some "jolly good rants" and extremely metaphorical financial entertainment about the neo-feudal corporate occupation and the suicide consumers they inspire.
This episode is not work safe.

Interview with Max and Stacy of Karmabanque.

We discuss global warming; the format of Karmabanque Radio, The Truth About markets; the invasion of Lebanon by Israel; how Karmabanque began; the Hollywood Stock Exchange; Resonance 104.4 FM; their upcoming projects; how they celebrated the four year anniversary of Karmabanque; emerging neofeudalism; smart boycotts and how they work; Coca-Cola and Exxon; the overuse of the word "terrorism"; how their relationship with Resonance 104.4 FM began; how they met Yeast Radio's Madge Weinstein; Vloggercon; Air America and Democracy Now; does Karmabanque Radio and Yeast Radio represent a backlash to the Limbaughs and O'Reillys of the world; how living in Europe has changed their perspective on things; why they both moved to Paris; radicalism and arbitrage; Warren Buffett; what their respectives roles are in Karmabanque; their problems with Bono and Bob Geldoff; Euro Pacific Capital's Peter Schiff; bankruptcy in America and global warming; who they would vote for president in 2008; Senator Ned Lamont leading against the poles against Senator Joe Lieberman; third party candidates; Fox News; what they do to relax.

Featured song is "Across The Blue" by Tiger Tiger.


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