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Geek Fair 2006!

listen to an hour's worth of interviews from Free Geek's 2006 Geek Fair held on Saturday July 15. This audio is available in both streaming (pls) and download (MP3) formats and features interviews with folks from Free Geek, Shift to Bikes, Wibiki, Backspace, Redwing, and "Nature" with music by the Eclectic Bastards and an excerpt from "Geek Arena!"
printer smashing
printer smashing
Geek Arena
Geek Arena
Geek Prom King - fronting the Eclectic Bastards
Geek Prom King - fronting the Eclectic Bastards

For your listening pleasure...

streaming audio:

download the MP3 "podcast"

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The link below is our new MP3 host and player on Odeo.com - enjoy!

homepage: homepage: http://www.odeo.com/audio/1581667/view

omg! omg! omg! 01.Aug.2006 15:06


and then, in Geek Arena, Jeff-eh totally crushed the 5 time reigning Geek Arena champion, Matchew the Glowing Fish Harris. What an upset.