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9.11 investigation

CSPAN to broadcast 9/11 Truth Conference!!

Looks like A.D.D. is a problem for many here. Posts about 9/11 truth on Portland IMC have gotten extremely scarce as of late, which is odd considering how enormous the 9/11 truth movement is becoming. Let's get back to what actually matters, k? We have enough coverage on the Middle East crisis in the corporate media and most of the alternative media already, in fact so much so that it's inducing nausea from over-kill.
Cspan's schedule now confirms that the L.A. panel discussion on 9/11 will be broadcast Saturday night at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST. (5 and 8 pacific time) This is the main CSpan channel, not book tv or another, less-viewed, channel (even David Ray Griffin's talk wasn't broadcast on the main CSpan channel).

Webster Tarpley has this message to the 9/11 truth movement (via email):

Dear Friends --

The Sunday panel discussion from the Alex Jones Los Angeles conference will reportedly be telecast on C-SPAN this coming Saturday evening at 8pm and 11pm eastern time.

This discussion includes Alex Jones, Professor Steven Jones, Col. Robert Bowman, Professor James Fetrzer, and myself.

The mere fact that it has been scheduled pays tribute to the growing strength of our 9/11 truth movement.

I urge you to build the maximum audience for this important event, which represents our best opportunity of counteracting the escalation of the Middle East and North Korean crises towards thermonuclear World War III, by means a strong dose of 9/11 truth.

I call upon each of you to put aside other considerations for the next 48 hours and to mobilize all available forces to make this a turning point in world history. Let it be seen by 100,000,000 Americans, and we can turn the world back from the brink of the abyss.

Webster G. Tarpley"

Let's rally behind Webster's call to maximize viewership.

t. v.less 28.Jul.2006 13:15

in Eugene

Public veiwings of this event would be dandy,anyone in Eugene want to host one so I and other t.v.less saps could watch it?????

911 truth movement 28.Jul.2006 14:29

jailbush osamabinbush@peoplepc.org

For any one who has done the research and wants to translate some of that into activism, there is a local group-- pdx911truth that meets every wednesday at laughing horse books. meetings are at 7pm and if you want to be put on the mailing list, send an email to  osamabinbush@peoplepc.org. We have done seminars around town, brought Morgan Reynolds here, created information blitzes, designed and disseminated flyers, freeway blogged, etc. Every little bit helps so please visit a meeting and see what you can do to help bring the killers down.

This conferms it I suppose 28.Jul.2006 17:16


more info here 28.Jul.2006 20:56

Mr. Met

I made a post on the portland mercury politics forum, its getting alot of views considering how long its been on. So give it a quick look leave a comment. If you find it helpful, send the link to a friend or enemy.

 link to forums.portlandmercury.com

In the post there are informative info with pics and animated pics enhancing the points, as well as links to informative websites and free torrent downloads for Loose Change 2nd edition.

For anyone interested or anyone with questions about 9/11 truth please show up at Laughing Horse Books at NE10th and Burnside wednesdays from 7-9pm.

We usually have free copies of "Loose Change", "TerrorStorm" the brand New DVD by Alex Jones, Why We Fight, and now a new DVD called "The World According To Bush"

All of the DVDs we have for FREE!! are sure to make you aware of the awful truth of it all. youre welcome ;)

 link to forums.portlandmercury.com

boom boom boom the floors just pop out and its duct before it hits the ground
boom boom boom the floors just pop out and its duct before it hits the ground
Ever wednesday Laughing Horse Books 7-9pm NE 10th & Burnside FREE DVDS!!!!
Ever wednesday Laughing Horse Books 7-9pm NE 10th & Burnside FREE DVDS!!!!
Another example of state sponsored terrorism:
Another example of state sponsored terrorism: "The Reischtag"

Palestinian Jokes vs. Israeli Joy and Mockery on 911 29.Jul.2006 13:24

the things that matter

Let's get back to what actually matters, k?
We have enough coverage on the Middle East crisis in the corporate media and most of the alternative media already

With all due respect to the pusuit of truth about 911, the coverage of the Middle East in the mainstream media and most of the "alternative" media has been woeful and stopping the perpetual war against Arabs is something that "actually matters."
More Palestinian Jokes
More Palestinian Jokes

The Thermite Question About 9/11 Must Be Answered 29.Jul.2006 21:58


Great show twice today and maybe it will percolate to mainstream media! God bless the C-Span folk!!

Let's hope a slew of engineering students saw it and get fascinated enough to really grill their profs all this next year on Building No. 3 and that key set of evidence—thermite and sulphur—the presentation focus of panelist Steven Jones (the BYU physics prof). Most mechanical/structural engineering profs probably had little interest in 9/11 or what the sources in the 9/11 videos have said about a controlled demolition. Or the few articles now seeping into the journals. That should be a wake-up call to get them outraged and then involved (and the students, too) because their testimony before any grand jury or any House subcommittee or new 9/11 commission will be essential.

One major problem on thermite, however, that has to be solved first.

In talking to a metallurgy expert tonight (who'd never heard anything about this "mystery," but suddenly got super interested enough to google up LC), he said the biggest problem with thermite is its bulk. In use with work on cutting railroad ties, a 5-footer requires about 50 pounds of this fluffy stuff, the equivalent of two bags of cement.

Now, it's one thing to cart hundreds of those bags into Building No. 3 whose tenants were largely feds and ordered to ignore all that grunt-and-groan work up to 9/11 (and clear out that morning). But think of how many bags would have to be carted into those 2 towers even in the dead of night without detection by some late-working tenants. Indeed, it might be fascinating to ask engineering pals/students/profs to figure out:
1)how much thermite it would take to bring down each building; 2) how the Bushies might sneak it in without deliveries being detected and the stuff placed around the key internal structures; and 3) because it's trademarked (Thermite), the non-engineering next question is which vendor(s) sold a lot of this stuff to any fed department (Pentagon????) around the summer of 2001).

Any and all such questions keep the 9/11 fraud at stage center for the public. Any one want to become a Thermit-ian expert for a grand-jury trial (grand juries can impeach, btw)?

Thank you CSPAN! and more 30.Jul.2006 09:00


Yes, CSPAN needs to be commended. Let's also let them know that we would also like to see the panel with William Rodriguez as heard on Guns and Butter.  http://kpfa.org/archives/index.php?show=13

Also, yesterday's event will be aired again today at 2:15 est in case you missed it.