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0728 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Friday, July 28th, 2006
1. Run for your life, Deschutes County! Here come the wildfires!
2. A citizen review panel says Oregon's government ethics agency should get other than the Legislature (Magic beans?) Panel Chairman Kerry Tymchuk says the current arrangement is like the foxes providing the budget for guarding the henhouse.
3. Warren Buffet's new toy, PacificCorp has bought a wind farm in the Columbia Gorge from Portland-based PPM Energy. PPM is one of the largest developers of wind farms in the country - it just doesn't own PacifiCorp any longer.
4. In Seattle it's good news for the bicyclist who was charged with a felony because, when he saw two guys wrestle his friend to the ground he rushed to assist only to find out that the two guys were plainclothes police officers. (Wait a minute... .what are under cover cops doing at a Critical Mass ride?). The felony charges have been dropped.
5. It Timbuktu it's good news. But in Seattle it might be bad news for 18 people charged with khat violations. Khat is a mildly stimulating leaf people chew in social situations all over East Africa. One expert's opinion, "Khat is not a problem in Seattle." (Now, the depleted uranium in Puget Sound... .)
6. Californians say that illegal immigration is "a very serious problem". But it's okay with them if the immigrants stay - especially that guy at the place around the corner who makes the best burritos in town... .
7. Interior Department investigators have found that the Bureau of Indian Affairs was at fault in the death-by-alcohol poisoning of Cindy Gilbert So-Happy.
8. Patients following a vegan diet lost weight and were able to control diabetes. (But the cool haircuts and expensive used clothing make the treatment out of reach for many... )
9. The ACLU says that law enforcement and intelligence agency have been covertly spying on anti-war and activist groups in California. (No!... ..y'think?)
10. A House report concludes that the nation's intelligence system after 9/11 has been less than adequate. More like ridiculous if you believe that it is supposed to keep people safe from attacks and other emergencies - that you could see coming from a mile away. If you don't believe the hype, then you know that this is just another way to market The Big Fear.
11. What do we need? Arabic linguists in the military! When do we need them? September 2001! And it's a shame too, because the Army has dismissed 800 foreign language specialists for being gay.
12. Eduardo Delanderos Tierre and other KBOO staff and volunteers are in Weeskaaansin at the Grassroots Radio Conference.
13. An explosion at a chemical plant in Eastern China has killed at least 12 people.
14. It looks like we are going to have to send more troops to Iraq. (Where we will no doubt move all of them into Syria and abandon Iraq to the chaos and carnage of "free people doing bad things."
15. Tony Blair has been pulling on his leash lately. He wants the UN to pass a resolution to solve the crisis in Lebanon (About as easy as passing a kidney stone and about as effective in the Middle East as the same... )
16. After murdering everything in their path, persecuted Israeli troops pulled out of Northern Gaza.
17. Persecuted Israeli police used stun grenades to disperse hundreds of Arab youths who were trying to get into the al-Aqsa Mosque for Friday prayers.
18. In Southern Lebanon, persecuted Israeli bombardment is preventing aid groups from getting food and medical supplies to refugees in villages around the (former) city of Tyre.
19. Condoleeza Rice tickled the ivories for the ASEAN Summit leaders and then said that, Gosh, she would just love to go back to the Middle East - could hardly wait! - but she thinks maybe she left the bath running at home... .(Piano-playing? Back rubs? This is America's idea of diplomacy? Sounds more like kindergarten (no disrespect to kindergarteners)
20. Thousands of protestors gathered in Kuala Lumpur to express their disgust at US foreign policy (And the crappy piano-playing... )
21. It Can Happen To Anybody: Malaysia's former Prime Minister got pepper sprayed at the airport in what he described as an attempt to silence his criticism of the government. Mohamed Mahathir, welcome to Portland!
22. Somalia's Minister for Constitutional and Federal Affairs was shot and killed. He was one of the 18 key Ministers who resigned yesterday. A day late and a dollar short, as the saying goes... .
23. Poland is reluctant to give the US oversight of a proposed missile site. (And how!)
24. An enormous forest fire is raging in Brazil's Atlantic Forest.
25. Fossils of what might be the Loch Ness monster turned up in Australia. (Not so surprising really. I've found Fosters cans in Scotland... )

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