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The sudden collapse of the Amazon Rain Forest

Rapid, sudden climate change has always been the historical norm
Amazon 'Rain' Forest
Amazon 'Rain' Forest
Rain pulled from Amazon to Eastern United States
Rain pulled from Amazon to Eastern United States
The Amazon Rain Forest is enduring another year of record breaking drought. A rain forest is a very diverse yet fragile eco-system, with very thin soils, and therefore experiments have indicated that the Amazon can only endure two consecutive years of severe drought and then the destruction of the rain forest eco-system begins as the environment collapses and the forest dies. For this reason there are stories appearing on the net with titles such as, 'We have one year to save the Amazon,' which would be a fine example of how when people are in desperate situations, they are found clutching at straws, for the truth is that there is nothing that will be done before the end of this year that will save the Amazon. Therefore it would be better to be saying, 'we have lost the Amazon rain forest,' and just never mind clutching at a straw by pretending that something can be done now, because it is already to late.

One story on the net with a title that is more reasonable is A disaster to take everyone's breath away. The drought is causing the water to drain out of the Amazon basin like water drains out of a bath tub when someone has pulled the plug. Day by day the water levels can be seen to be dropping, as record breaking fires rage through the drying rain forest. Just over the last month water levels have plummeted 15 feet in some areas. It is typical for the waters in the Amazon to rise and fall between the wet and dry seasons, but given the worst drought in history the waters just continue to fall and drain away.

There is a direct link between the eco-system of the Amazon and terrible hurricane seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. The reason for this is that the Amazon normally pulls water vapor upward like smoke rises in a chimney, and this causes warm Atlantic water to become more saline, and thus heavier, and as the warm water sinks it cools the Atlantic, and a cooler Atlantic creates less violent storms, while a warmer Atlantic causes more ferocious hurricanes. There was also a link with flooding in the United States and the break down of the Amazon 'chimney effect', in that a kind of low pressure conveyer belt pulled moisture off the Amazon last year and then dumped it onto the Atlantic ocean and onto the Eastern United States, as you can see from the satellite Image from last year.

A sudden and ruinous collapse of the Amazon would be one more indication that the climate is a dynamic system where little change occurs below certain thresholds, after which there is a rapid and sudden change. " Past climates changed abruptly, suggesting that abrupt changes in the future will also occur, according to a Penn State geoscientist, Dr. Richard B. Alley, the Evan Pugh professor of geosciences at Penn State. Current models all tend to change smoothly and do not capture abruptness ... The Penn State geoscientist suggests that climate change includes a process of approaching and crossing a series of thresholds." Smooth climate change models would have predicted a destruction of the Amazon sometime around the year 2050.

Climate Change 2001:
Working Group II: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
Chapter One Thresholds

"In many environmental fields, there are thought to be thresholds below which only minor effects occur...and are incorporated into some models as "tolerable" levels that must be exceeded before significant impacts occur...Below the threshold, there may be some impacts, but they will be smoothly varying with the change in climate. Some positive effects might even be observed in some regions or sectors for a small global warming, giving the impression that there is little impact. Above the threshold, however, potentially damaging events may occur...Although such threshold events remain somewhat speculative, their impacts clearly would be more severe than smoothly varying (and thus more adaptable) events...By definition, it is difficult to give examples of the surprises that might be created under a changed climate. Such surprises, however, can make even the most careful calculation of impacts extremely inaccurate, as noted previously...Strongly nonlinear responses are characterized by thresholds?which, if exceeded by a stimulus, result in substantially greater sensitivity to further stimulus or dramatic change, explosive growth, or collapse. Complex responses involve interactions of many intricate elements that yield outcomes that are not easily predicted...Advances in our understanding of these types of responses are largely qualitative, but they are important in understanding the character of dangers posed by climate change. Omission of potential nonlinear and complex responses from climate change impact assessments is expected (well-established, but incomplete) to yield underestimates of impacts."

Rapid climate change has always been the historical norm. "Past climates changed abruptly, suggesting that abrupt changes in the future will also occur, according to a Penn State geoscientist. "When we look at records of the past, climate often changed abruptly rather than smoothly," says Dr. Richard B. Alley, the Evan Pugh professor of geosciences at Penn State. "This is true wherever and whenever you look."

Among other notable climate events taking place around the planet, are a massive die off of coral reefs, a forest die back in America, the arctic ice sheet reaching record lows, melting glaciers around the world, which would then lead to a water crisis since glaciers feed rivers and lakes.


There exists a direct link between systems of ruthless oppression and the destruction of the environment. For one thing, all power and thus all decision making is concentrated in high places, leaving the rest of the population little choice but to 'obey the boss'.

Since the time that systems of domination first appeared on the earth, we have also found the rise of 'sexual moralism', for it turns out that systems of domination require 'family values' if they are to survive. The reason for this is that the natural human relationship is the tribal group, which is typical of primates. Since it turns out that oppressors only oppress others because they know they can get away with it, various strategies must be developed and then employed in order to be able to get away with it, and the destruction of the tribal community and the atomization of the individual have always been one of the key strategies of the oppressor. For this reason, when you go back into ancient history, you will find the same chattering about 'family values' as you hear today. 'Family values' is an attack on the tribal unit, intended to replace the solidarity of the tribe with atomized, isolated 'nuclear family units', and to accomplish this psychological attack, 'family values' are falsely peddled as being an issue of 'sexuality morality' in that 'God wants monogamy'. If God wanted monogamy, then God should have created monogamy, for as everyone knows, human beings are primates, and they are polygamous, and it is because they are polygamous by nature that they must be threatened with a red hot waffle iron by menacing religious superstitions, since no one is monogamous, and therefore force and psychological attacks must be employed. The doctrine of 'evil flesh' and 'evil corrupt nature' must also be invented by religion, for religion attacks human nature and needs to come up with a good excuse for having done so. The purpose of all these vicious attacks is not to make people moral, but rather to destroy the tribe, and thus make people into slaves to systems of oppression. As preachers often say, and how truly they speak, 'family values' are the bedrock foundation of our current system of domination and oppression.

The purpose of such 'family values' is to create generations of people who have deeply internalized systems of oppression, in such a way as to normalize participation in their own oppression. This is done by creating an artificial 'monogamous family unit' wherein small babies will then be cage trained from birth, and thus think it is normal to be living in a box out in suburbia. Typically at about the age of four, children will then be sent off to pre-school, to do a little light wheel spinning for a few hours everyday, to get them to internalize the idea that everyday you leave your cage and go into a another box where you spin wheels for hours. The purpose then of family values is to destroy the natural tribal and polygamous human nature by attempting to box and wheel train human beings from the day of their birth, with mom and dad being the chief brainwashers, having already deeply taken into themselves the same training and thus having already deeply internalized their own oppression and exploitation. They then proceed to pass this onto their children so that little Johnny can get 'the best start in life.' The whole system of oppression has become so normalized that you often hear people asking little Johnny what wheel he would like to spin when he becomes a big hamster, and no sooner does Johnny become a big hamster than he starts looking for his own box to live in, since living in a cage is quite normal, and not to purchase a box would be weird..

One of the toxic side effects of 'family values' is that this hypocritical charade which poses as 'sexual morality' destroys the human personality in order to create those cage trained wheel spinning hamsters the system requires is oppression is to survive. Recent polls indicated that most Americans have 'no close friends at all' or perhaps just one. They have been ruined, the tribal bonds have been shattered by isolated box living, and atomized individuals are easy prey for any passing predator since they no longer have any defenses. They can be isolated, and then picked off one by one. Since oppressors only oppress when they can get away with it, therefore it is always best to create systems of internalized oppression, where such oppression is normalized, which is what 'family values' is all about. The most human like of the primates, the bonobo, use sexuality as a bonding tool for the tribe, and this explains why human beings must be attacked if they are not monogamous, for if they are not constantly attacked, their true human nature will surface, which then explains why 'family values' is a never ending ongoing battle with 'evil nature' and the 'sinful flesh', superstitions that were introduced by that pillar of oppression and that tool of the oppressor, religion.

It turns out that 'family values' also results in the destruction of the environment that we see building up to catastrophic proportions today. For if people lived in tribes, instead of living in monogamous cages, they would need one garden tractor for the entire tribe. Since capitalism requires the endless spinning of wheels, combined with the endless pushing of levers dispensing pellets, capitalism would not survive the consumption patterns of tribe and instead requires 'family values'. The notion of 'private property' not only fuels excessive consumption, wherein most garden tractors sit idle in some garage, but is also required to protect the vast accumulations of property that are the real goal of systems of oppression, and always have been.

System of hierarchy are destructive of the environment in that it can be seen that such systems organize all economic activity in such a way as to create the mechanisms that divert profits to the oppressor. For example, oil is a hierarchal energy source. There is an alternative. We have all seen those glow in the dark toys, which are natural solar batteries that also incorporate a solar collector. Nature has already provided us with a natural solar system that could have been developed, but since this technology is egalitarian, and thus would result in loss of profits to energy conglomerates, we find that this natural solar technology has not been developed, and we also find cartels buying up patents and then sitting on them, to keep the oil spigots pumping out hierarchical profits. The worst part of all this is that by burning up oil we are burning up carbon which we now know can be used to formulate very strong building materials, so once again we see long term thinking replaced by the short term profits, typical of systems of oppression where the needs of the few dominate the needs of the many, and short term gain leads to long term pain.

I thought it worth discussing these things, since it is obvious that without revolutionary change in human society the planet will continue its slide down into the pit of destruction. And a revolution must give birth to a giant and not give birth to an ELF. When a revolution gives birth to an ELF, because it is an ELF and not a giant, and because its perspective is flawed and it thinks it is an ELF up against an almighty T-Rex, the next thing you know the ELF is off a rampage of futile arson, torching a half constructed house or bull dozer. Next the ELF will become a martyr for the cause in the hopes of tugging at the heart strings of all those originally sinful pigs who then hopefully will be deeply moved by religious type martyrdom and reform their sinfully piggish ways.

Religion, we can see, and its doctrine of 'originally sinful pigs', is also a deeply internalized system of oppression. It is the task of religion to teach the human race that they are all a bunch of pigs. This ideology then protects systems of oppression, because you see they are systems, but it would be best if we didn't know that these were systems. Religion also protects all powerful oppressors, who even though they rule the world, having set up authoritarians systems of dominance, never have to take responsibility for misrule since religion trains everyone to believe that they are the pigs, and thus are responsible themselves. All activism then gets sucked down into some sewer hole of 'moral reformism', which turns out to be ridiculous, since you cannot morally reform sinfully corrupt systems of oppression. You cannot end poverty by appeals to 'morally reform' when your system deliberately creates and requires the creation of poverty (as just one example, and one of my favorite examples, often repeated, because it is just do damned obvious).

We know that a ruthless oppressor has very few children on this planet. If the planet was full of sinful pigs, then a ruthless oppressor would have many children, and we would not see all that watch swinging and wand waving going on up in those high places. Watches must be swung and wands must be waved only because the pigs are badly outnumbered on this planet, and since you cannot do evil without getting permission, it is required to cast magic spells so as to make evil look good, so that oppressors can get away with being evil. Other sneaky methods can be cooked up to make oppression doable, such as that family values cage training trick. Every time you see a watch swinging and a wand waving and all that brainwashing going on, you should pause to reflect for a moment on just what a devious perverted thing is religion and its Orwellian doctrines.

Since we know there are not very many original pigs on this planet, and that oppressors must therefore swing watches and wave wands, it therefore follows that no true revolutionary will ever be found pursuing the religious agenda of 'moral reformism' but rather a true revolutionary carries around a vial of those powerful smelling salts, which when held under the nose, awaken those who have been hypnotized by the swinging watch. Watch swinging and wand waving are brainwashing tricks, and therefore the true revolution is a propaganda war, and the final intention is to create no an ELF, but rather a GIANT, for you see it is the sinful pig who is the small watch swinging hamster on this planet, and it is the GIANT who actually has some morals. If people sin it is because they are trapped in sinful systems, and the only escape is to destroy the sinful systems, changing blind sinners into knowing sinners, who then, because they have morals, will feel guilty and perhaps after a tantrum or two or some futile attempts to make excuses for themselves, will eventually repent and turn against those destructive systems of oppression which not only crush and grind human lives, but also crush and grind entire planets.

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