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1967 stealing of Palestinian lands

So many seemingly brave people who will not face the truth
Afraid to say that Israel has NO right to exist? The procuring cause here is the stealing by the Zionist of Palestinian land and Holmes, even if the UN made a resolution for the existence of Israel, IT WAS WRONG. To say that a good lasting peace is anything short than the FULL reinstatement of Palestine is wrong and will not work, although writers here make that happening all warm and fuzzy. That is what needs to be looked at, for by today's standard it would never happen.

How can the Country of Israel use a UN resolution to satisfy the cause and legality of Israel, when the same Country is in violation of so many UN resolutions that they simply ignore? Do not speak for Arabs and Palestinians because you know not what you say, even though I have read posts from people who think they know more about what is going on more than Arab posters. As Hezbollah told other Arab governments who have tried to condemn them, "WE DON'T NEED YOU". Well we do not. There is absolutely nothing any of you can do. Why did nobody care about Lebanon in 1982? This was all set, that is why people from the west infiltrated Lebanon and started telling Syria to leave, which they did very quickly. It left Lebanon wide open for exactly this.
Thank You 28.Jul.2006 00:20


I talk to my family in the region almost daily and have discussions with elders about what is really happening on the ground, and people dismiss it. Just like you said, people think they know more about the problem in the Mid East better than people who have come from there an talk to eye witnesses. I guess they would rather have censored news on FOX. I still keep up daily with what is happening on the ground from eyewitnesses, but I quit wasting my time and stopped posting. Hooray for Trolls undermining Independent Media.

You said it right 28.Jul.2006 09:16


I was born in hat region, have family in Lebanon and Syria which I keep contact with. I was posting every day events on the ground by eyewitnesses there and posting them here. But I guess people would rather learn what is going on by watching FOX. I quit posting the daily occurrences.


I totally undersatnd you 28.Jul.2006 19:14


i totally undersatned you, these people kave no idea what they say