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9.11 investigation

911 for the less corrupt

Bush and Cheney are middlemen. Organized crime network as invisible goverment carried out 911.
Our Government Lie?
Our Government Lie?
"Bush and Cheney are
expendable middlemen who will be sacrificed
for damage control, once the cover story starts
to unravel."

The bogus Cheney-MIHOP thesis cannot be tolerated by the legitimate 9/11 truth movement any longer. This is the anti-limited hangout 9/11 truth flier touching on various taboo perspectives on "invisible government" MIHOP.
whoa, whoa 28.Jul.2006 11:56


One step at a time...you're pushing too fast. The Cheney MIHOP idea is hard enough on middle America. Once THAT unravels, then we can get to the darker stuff. Shouldn't be much longer now...
One step at a time.