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T bone a cop car, kill a cop, 29 years in the slammer

So, the guy who used his car to batter a cop car and kill his pursuer gets twenty nine years in the slammer, BUT, the rookie who killed a Mexican and critically injured two others?
Well, true to form, the ball less grand fuckin jury found no problem with the rookie from Gresham running a stop sign at fifty miles an hour (to get to the scene of-alleged speeders in a neighborhood), slamming a mini van full of tan people, killing one injuring others.

Quite the contrary-I predict that Gresham will keep the rookie, allow him to become permanent, just as Sandy let BERGIN scape, after killing Fouad Kaady (another slightly tan man). Seems that the way to guarantee job security for cops is to terminate a brown person while in trial service.

Grand juries are inefectual, useless, tools of the establishment. TEAR EM DOWN!