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Converging recipes...
we're always ready to cook...
These raw ideas stem from recognizing that we live in an age of
information overload which provides us at the same time with
possibilities for connection over networks formed by shared
discourses beyond territorial and linguistic borders.

However, this raw DATA tends be subjected to Cartesian and systematic
organization through institutionalized systems like arts,
engineering, activism or social theory.

Nonetheless, these flowing identities of raw data overflow any
attempt to format them - producing contradictions even while
acquiring an "institutional" meaning.

Our effort is for all "DATA-processed-discourses" to be perceived as
a chaotic dance of entities, sculpted into symbolic rituals, "cruelty
theater" aesthetics AND REAL PRESENCE of direct action, leading to an
immediate perception of human dimension.

This is the ambition of "cooking" projects.

This feedback and mirroring of data will cause the sensation of
simultaneous presence and the "kitchens" will become places that
transcend geographical borders taking the ingredients from, and
contributing to, a common database for reality constructions.

This will influence direct action and relationships through the
network. The processes caused by the "kitchen" should also be
registered and reprocessed in new rituals and future ideas.

We stimulate the rhythmic use of the "kitchen", spoken words,
musicalization of cooking acts. We ask for the use of different
languages and accents as you cook this data. After the dinner, one
should digest the data and spread the consequent energy through
direct action in the streets.

Estudiolivre, Barcelona, 2006

homepage: homepage: http://www.organismo.art.br/dadoscrudos/ http://www.hangar.org/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=296&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0