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Boycott Israel Campaign

Why not?
How about the Indymedias get together and start a campaign to boycott Isreali goods until the bombing stops and they are out of all occupied territories? Would need to list Isreali companies, etc. Or perhaps a divestment movement ala South Africa.
Yes do it 26.Jul.2006 20:20


Yes! It is time to take a stand against Israel and for peace. We have to stop this fake anti semitic bull that is being pushed down our throats by the Isreal big bucks lobby. It is right to speak out for human rights, in fact, it's necessary if we want to retain our humanity.

I think you'll find 26.Jul.2006 21:03


that this wonderful idea of boycotting Israeli goods is not that simple. Someone please prove me wrong! This is what I've uncovered from a brief search:

Israeli D.I.Y.manufacturers export their products to almost every continent on the globe, with most sales in the United States and the EU. Worldwide sales are facilitated by strategic alliances between Israeli companies and multinational corporations, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic marketing arrangements, and private label sales of established national and international brands.

Today Israeli manufacturers catering to D.I.Y. markets number over 400 companies with 2001 exports totaling $766 million. A large percentage of these exports are manufactured for private labels. For example, over 50% of the plastic toolboxes exported to North America are under private label for leading D.I.Y.companies such as Black & Decker, Stanley, and Home Depot.

Israeli companies have become prominent players in several sectors of the multifaceted D.I.Y. industry.

Lawn, garden, and outdoor living: camping and picnic supplies; composters; fencing/edging; fertilizers; flower pots and planters;garden tools and supplies; hoses, sprinklers, irrigation equipment; insect, pest and rodent control; landscaping supplies and equipment; lawn and garden decorative items, nursery stock; outdoor furniture, storage, and accessories; spreaders, sprayers; seeds and bulbs; outdoor lighting

Paint and home decorating: adhesives,caulks,putties,and sealants; floor coverings and finishes, ladders/stepstools; paint; painting tools and accessories; strippers, solvents, thinners, varnishes; wall coverings; window coverings

Building products and ceramics: aluminum products, ceiling products, doors and lintels, flooring, household ceramics, kitchens,ceramics, lumber and wood products, masonry products, windows

Bathrooms and accessories: bath fixtures,faucets,and accessories; bathroom accessories; bathrooms; carpets; sprinklers and showerheads; bathroom furniture; cleaning equipment; mirrors; washing accessories, shower units

Automotive, tools, hardware: automotive accessories; automotive maintenance equipment and supplies; door accessories and hardware; fasteners, nails, nuts, bolts, rivets, and screws; hand tools; furniture castors, accessories, and hardware; home hardware; numbers and letters; power tools and accessories; rope, cordage, and twine; tapes and adhesives; toolkits/boxes

Plumbing, heating, and cooling: fans and accessories; pipes, fittings, and accessories; repair parts and accessories; water conditioners, filtration systems, and saving devices

Electrical and lighting: air purifiers; audio, video, and telephone products; electrical distribution equipment; flashlights and batteries; lightbulbs; light fixtures and fittings; switches; wiring and cable; wiring devices; reel storage

Furniture: home furniture; desks, computer tables, chairs, and doors; garden and camping furniture; plastic and wood furniture; office furniture; self-assembly furniture; glass furniture

Home security: folding security bars, fire extinguishing equipment, gates, grids, security doors, security locks, alarm systems

Housewares and kitchen: brooms, brushes, and mops; cleaning supplies, equipment, and chemicals; cookware, cutlery, dinnerware, and accessories; food storage and organizers; home decorating items; home organization, closet accessories,and storage; kitchen accessories; laundry aids; personal care and personal security; pet care products

Israel has free trade agreements with both the EU and the United States.While many European countries have set quotas for certain goods imported from specific countries, Israel is exempt from these restrictions and enjoys a free flow of D.I.Y. merchandise.

For more information:

The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, supported by over 2,600 member firms, private-sector bodies, and the government of Israel, advances business relationships between Israeli exporters and overseas businesses and organizations. By providing a wide range of export-oriented services to Israeli companies and complementary services to the international business community, the Institute helps build successful joint ventures, strategic alliances, and trade partnerships.

Keren Zagury Executive, Hardware & D.I.Y., Office Supplies, Optics 29 Hamered Street Tel Aviv, Israel 68125 Tel: +972-3-514-2982 Fax: +972-3-514-2881 E-mail:  keren@export.gov.il

Website: www.export.gov.il

what does it make 26.Jul.2006 21:41

done that?

what does isreal make that we can bycott.....

Boycott Israeli goods? 26.Jul.2006 22:32


Israel has no Gross National product, they survive off US Money, if it was not for US money, Israel would have gone broke decades ago.

It is against federal law to boycott any Israeli goods.

It is legal in the US to burn a US flag, but it is illegal to burn an Israeli Flag. Don't believe me? Look into the federal laws, you will find it.

ideas 26.Jul.2006 22:38


The Ziv shipping line ships freight into Portland and other ports throughout the world. Successfull blockades of the ships cost 10s of thousands of dollars. Port blockades, flotilla pickets, etc.

Israeli agricultural products arevery common in Europe. Stuff goes bad quickly... Again, consumer boycott, but also workers can refuse to handle it - shipping, placing in sores, etc. This would be very effective in Europe.

My kids have clothing made in Israel. Look on the label!

This "IndyBoycott" should be tied to a withdraw to 1967 borders. Period. Enough is enough. No peace, no dough.

israel UPC Code 26.Jul.2006 22:53

let's do it!

Israel's UPC code is 730.

Anti-Zionist efforts will be disinfo'd as anti-semtism. Expect it.

Hewlett-Packard and israel 26.Jul.2006 22:56


HP just bought a large Israeli high-tech firm. $4B. Boycott HP products?

BTW: "Freedom", it is illegal for US companies to boycott Israel, not consumers.

reply to Let's do it 26.Jul.2006 23:16


Yes, perhaps we'll get disinfo'ed but we take two offensive tactics:

1) We call for something that doesn't mean the dismantlement of Israel, etc. We are not taking a stand on that. They just have to get back to 1967 borders, which means justice for many. Greatly diffusing the problems.

2) We only target economic products, not cultural or academic exchanges, etc. We are not against the folks living in Israel, just the actions of the state. the best way of stopping it's actions is to starve it.

To xyz 26.Jul.2006 23:39


Hence, the same issue of incredibly bent laws that will give Israel any amount of money it needs, including any loss from a simple boycott, along with indictments like the green scare. If we do not try to control our government, then it is all in vain. Starve them? How about cutting foreign aid because of brutal murderous crimes. Yes, that is the hard way but that is what works. But of course, that is excessively too much work now, is it not?

Who is we? 26.Jul.2006 23:41


Who is WE anyways? You certainly do not sound like you should be speaking for a WE.


Auntie Rose

Seems pretty obvious how to boycott Israel: DON'T PAY U.S. TAXES! U.S. supports Israel. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER RACHEL CORRIE? Killed by IDF and the huge Caterpillar outrigged specifically for destroying homes (Palestinian homes)- all paid for the YOUR tax dollars. Not ONE WORD of censure from the U.S. government over the murder of one of this nation's daughters.

more than a boycott 27.Jul.2006 08:17


it is not a question of ceasing to buy some Israeli-made widgets, which would be good on a symbolic level perhaps. let us only buy American-made matzo crackers!

the problem is to disentangle the fascists and their enablers from the ordinary Israeli citizens and to try to stop the former without engaging in collective punishment on the latter. after all, the bombing of ordinary Lebanese and Palestinian civilians is the crime that we want to stop, so we don't want to punish ordinary Israeli citizens, in my opinion.

i would suggest looking for Israeli-owned companies which fit the Bush-Cheney-Carlyle group gangster profile--companies that seek a stranglehold on everyone, that seek to crush you by owning your identity. AMDOCS is a good place to start. Further, a simple boycott overlooks the fact that the cycle of fascist and totalitarian oppression we are being churned inside of is not a "consumer" product. it is an act of piracy and theft on a global scale--total war-profiteering is the problem, a system that siezes the wealth of nations and pays it to black-booted mafia thugs. therefore, i would say that boycotting Israeli goods is not a direct solution, but demanding that NO TAX MONEY be paid to PRIVATIZED SECURITY AND WAR MACHINERY firms is infinitely better.

go after DynCorp, Wackenhut, Blackwater, KellogBrownRoot, Halliburton, and their infinite BCCI - Octopus tentacles. what we need are armies of lawyers and tax accountants to turn over every corrupt warmonger and FOLLOW THE MONEY! starting with Feith, Perle, Krongard, Rumsfeld, Zakheim, Bolton, Abrams, Franklin, Libby, Negroponte, Chertoff, Guliani, wd be a good start. Let us not forget PROMIS and Danny Casalaro! This BLACK OP we are living has DEEP ROOTS!

Boycott Israeli food products 27.Jul.2006 09:15

one reason why

the golan heights water and ben&jerry's 27.Jul.2006 10:19

ice cream?

boycott wild oats.

wild oat's CEO Perry Odak ran Ben and Jerry's until he sold it to Unilever Corporation through Nestle.

Jews for Justice started a boycott against ben and jerry's because mr Odak had made a deal with the governemnt and company named Mei Eden of israel to use stolen water from the golan heights in the famous ice cream.

they were successful in forcing mr Odak and B&J to stop the practice.

today, wild oats markets through third party vendors buys a lot of green house tomatoes and peppers from israel.

there are several labels of Israeli organic tomatoes that are sold in natural food stores during winter, spring and fall.

look on the labels and ask your local produce buyer to pay attention to where his produce comes from.

i have even seen them at people's food coop.