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AUDIO FILE: From Pioneer Square Pro Israel Rally

Audio files from the speakers on the stage at the Pro Israeli Rally which took place in Pioneer Square today, July 26, 2006. Also included is a 16 minute interview with a Palestinian woman who was on hand to protest the actions of Israel in invading Lebanon.
There were no surprises coming from the speakers supporting Israeli actions in Lebanon. Most of the audio file are remarks from the Oregon Delegation to Washington D.C. Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Darlen Hooley, and David Wu sent their support of Israel, as did Governor Kulingowski, and Senators Wyden and Smith.
All decried the actions of Hezbollah and condemned terrorism, calling for the successful defeat of both. Nothing was mentioned of state terrorism. Nothing was mentioned of the western terrorist creating machine recently placed in Iraq and now in Lebanon. There was a large amount of flag waving, often Israeli flags backed with the U.S. flag; little flags, big flags, waved by adults and children.
Almost to a person all remarks sympathized with the innocent dead, the collateral damage, yet, many also said that the invasion must continue to root out the evil terrorists and make the world safe for the only "real" Democracy in the Middle East region.
Perhaps a little surprising, at least to me, was the large turn out and the vehemence, even belligerence, of those who support Israel.
A handful of people showed up protesting Israeli activities in Lebanon, carrying pictures of Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people, and standing, for the most part, as silent reminder that there are two sides to every story.
The rally ended with the National Anthem of Israel.

Following the rally I interviewed a Palestinian woman who stood defiantly close to the stage throughout the presentations. She spoke bravely, compassionately and with a large amount of knowledge of the issue
She did not stand alone, and these few brave souls received a small amount of heckling at various times from those around them. Some of this comes through in the first audio file towards the end.
This is an 18 minute audio file
Israel, RealPlayer

Israel, MP3

This file is 16 minutes in length. Palestine, RealPlayer
Palestine, MP3

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Slight Error 26.Jul.2006 18:08


The second of the two audio files, of the Palestinian woman, is actually 7 1/2 minutes in length, not 16. Well worth the listen!!!

Baseball bats and inane rhetoric 26.Jul.2006 18:29

Jesse, just visiting Portland

Did anyone get a picture of the idiot with an israeli flag tied to a baseball bat threatening Palistinean counter protestors? The cops FINALLY came over and were quite gentle with him. Although I am not that familier with Portland, I think if I were to do something like that last friday or this Sunday I would be on the ground with a boot on my head in about 6 seconds.

Also the inane rhetoric about the causes of all the lebanese civilian and children casualties being because hezbollah was hiding rockets with civilians and children and the lebanese by allowing this were responsible for terrorizing themselves with Israeli bombs. This ridiculous idea was a recurring theme, seemingly being repeated for effect.

We will see if the TV cameras and the corporate news Barbie and Ken Dolls come out on Sunday like they did today. Let's see If the facilities of Pioneer Square are as open. Like I say, I am new to Portland.

So depressing 26.Jul.2006 18:47

WHERE is the peace movement on this?

We should be out there with counter-information.
The lies are so thick.

Even I actually had not known, though, (until reading this post) that the entire Oregon delegation supports Israel's right to bomb children and flatten an entire region and country.

Anyone ready for a little (polite) visit to a few Congressional offices tomorrow?

BatBoy 26.Jul.2006 21:57


Grabbed a couple freeze frames from video of the fellow with Israeli flag attached to a black baseball bat, as requested above by Jesse. Here ya go.

A Poster Boy 27.Jul.2006 01:24

Ben Waiting

Pictures Speak for a Thousand Words
And this speaks typical of the whole attitude

Bats, Bombs, and Solving Problems with Violence

i can't listen 27.Jul.2006 20:45

my gosh

i got about ten seconds into that and the "resolution" the guy read was too much.

is that the official policy of the state of israel? holy shit!

and oregon's entire delegation of elected officials publicly AGREES with this policy?

we are in worse shape than i thought...

we are doomed.

(does not listening to the rest of this audio mean i am a close-minded "moonbat"?)