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Supporters of Israel Suggest: To End Terrorism, Support Terrorism

A large rally occurred today at Pioneer Courthouse Square peopled by folks who apparently support an end to terrorism by engaging in terrorism.
I went to the rally at Pioneer Square today with questions in my mind.

Who would actually support the indiscriminate bombing of civilian targets in the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict?

Who in their right mind would support the targeting of hospitals, ambulances, and UN outposts?

Who would stand up and affirm the right of a well-funded and well-armed nation to knowingly participate in the mass slaughter of innocent Lebonese people. Of their children?

Lots of people, that's who.

I counted at least 400-500 supporters present at the Israel solidarity rally today at noon. Many were waving Israeli flags, wearing the Israel logo on their heads or holding up signs demanding support for Israel. There was a sense of overwhelming support for the Jewish nation amongst those present, and the crowd was fairly diverse. To be fair, there were a few counterdemonstrators holding up signs with pictures of blown-up people on them with slogans like "End ALL Terrorism" and such, but they were far outnumbered by Team Israel, to the extent that a few pro-Israel men felt comfortable physically harrassing and intimidating one pro-civilian sign-carrying womyn (the cops were notified but of course did nothing).

It's unfortunate that so many people can get it so wrong. Yes, it sucks that Hezbollah is firing rockets into Israel. Yes, it sucks that there was a skirmish on the border that left a few dead and two Israeli troops captured. But what about the fact that Israel's immediate response to that was to begin bombing civilians? Doesn't that suck, too? What about the fact that they still continue to bomb civilians today, and have now upgraded their atrocities to targeting UN installations?

It's clear that Israel's intention in this bombing campaign is to decrease support for Hezbollah by making life miserable for Lebanese people. Sort of like a teacher punishing an entire classroom for something one anonymous student did in the hopes that some kid will be like "fuck this" and tell her who did it. Only this isn't a classroom, and killing civilians isn't justifiable by any means. Not to mention the fact that Israel, whose hands are covered in blood, shouldn't have shit to say when it comes to teaching anyone unless it's how to kill.

There was a lot of talk by the pro-Israelis today about "uprooting terrorism," but when one group targets civilians for attack in an attempt to influence a populace, that's pretty much the definition of terrorism, and that's exactly what Israel is doing. Getting them to own up to it is another matter. They also said today that "Israel has a right to defend itself." Sure, but from armed combatants, not helpless children and hospital workers. Finally, it was mentioned today that a cease fire would be premature. This sort of cemented it for me, I mean, who in the hell would speak out against a cease fire in any conflict? Someone who puts politics ahead of human life, that's who. There were quite a few people today who seemed upset and even disgusted by the pictures of missile victims on the counterdemonstrators' signage. If they are so upset over the images, one wonders why they seem so intent on supporting the war crimes that the images depict.

A pro-civilian said today that there can be no communication in this conflict without a cease fire. I would like to take that a step further and say that there can be no end to terrorism in sight when nations such as Israel continue to use it as a tactic. If Israel truly wants safety and security, they need to act in good faith with their neighbors and refrain from ruining the lives of millions of people in order to carry out their policies. Let them be the example of the peace for which they so disingenuously claim to advocate, and let us hold them to that expectation and refuse to stand with them when they butcher their neighbors.

Excellent report and analysis 27.Jul.2006 17:04



Cry for Lebanon 27.Jul.2006 19:12


Portland proudly stands with Lebanon, now & forever!

Down with fascists in Israel and the US. They are war criminals, pure & simple.


(photo taken today on SE 82nd Avenue near Eastport Plaza.)

Beloved Lebanon ! 27.Jul.2006 23:33


Southeast Portland came out today with a great display of support for the people of Lebanon against

the US-backed Israeli aggressions and war crimes.

"Cry for Lebanon" banner appeared on SE 82nd Street at Eastport Plaza (Holgate) early afternoon Thursday and remained up into the evening.

Beloved Lebanon. Portland will never forsake or forget you!

Please attend the Peace rally at 1pm this Sunday at Pioneer Square.

Portland Forever Stands with Lebanon!

Cry for Lebanon ! 28.Jul.2006 03:16


Portland, Oregon shows how it still stands by Lebanon with a display of sincere lament for its people.

A large banner "Cry for Lebanon" went up around 4PM Thursday on SE 82nd Street at Eastport Plaza (Holgate). It was still up late into the night!


Please attend the next PORTLAND PEACE RALLY for Lebanon AT 1PM THIS SUNDAY in PIONEER SQUARE !
"Cry for Lebanon" display in SE Portland July 27

Well Done! 28.Jul.2006 20:37


Bravo on an excellent article! You succintly and thoughtfully captured my sentiments exactly! The insanity right now is just overwhelming and stiffling. It was a such a comfort to read your words and know that I am not alone in my disgust and outrage over the terrorist behavior of Israel and the blatant political posturing of the unending US support. Israel is simply an 'off shore account' aka : country of the US and I, for one, am SICK of it.


Calling ALL Comrades 28.Jul.2006 22:00

Lady Celticfire

This is an OPEN call to ALL Comrades out there. Come out Sunday, Show WHO we support, the people of Lebanon and Palestine, NOT the Terrorists of Israel and the United States Government.

They think THEY had a big rally, lets SHOW them a Rally!!!

Free Palestine!!!
Free Lebanon!!!
Viva La Revolution!!!