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(Boycott Called OFF) Mosier Community Statement Concerning Metapoisis

Earlier we posted some pictures and a rough idea of what happened out in Mosier at the Metapoisis site. I'm not going to repeat it all(look for the post). Here is a statement by many of the concerned Mosier residence including myself.
We want to say to all of you who have taken note of this issue, who have followed this discussion and taken a step back to question what is really going on and what their participation in the process of this event is, thank you. It is in all of you that we are able to see an integrity of heart. After our meeting with volunteers, event producers, and staff, we would like to commend City Repair/Oracle for listening to us, for seeing clearly the situation on site, and for pulling in staff and consultants who really do walk their talk in connection to the source and their hearts. We would like to thank all those involved, including ourselves, for learning from this process.

From our meeting we were able to see the red flags that occurred along the way and were missed, thus creating a disconnect between land and people, between urban and rural community, between all of us who really are basically on the same side. Those involved, and the stewards who live here, have walked the land together and learned from one another. The damage has been done, but at least the
misrepresentation of the work that has been done has been clarified. Now that Oracle is fully aware of site conditions they have the tools to re-evaluate it
and allow the vision to evolve appropriately. The community here will be available as a resource in a multitude of ways for the healing of the land and we are thankful to finally have a connection and bridge built between us- thank you for empowering our community by not letting our voices fall on deaf ears.

We have reached an agreement with City Repair/Oracle as far as the event its self is concerned. Oracle/City Repair has taken initiative to reduce the impact to the land by reducing the number of tickets sold. They have also committed their time and energy towards the restoration of the event site. We, the community of Dry Creek Canyon/Wasco Butte, still feel that the projected number is still more than twice the sustainable limit for the site, but due to the integrity of those involved, and their dedication to the land and to sense of community over the bottom line, we are willing to repeal the boycott that we have called. We have discovered that "boycott" is a very strong word when it is heard by conscious ears and can have a lasting affect on one's reputation.

We feel the need to express to the public the integrity of City Repair/Oracle. They listened when they did not have to, and not only listened, but heard the message of the land and the people who call this very special place home. This line of communication would not have been possible if not for the strong minded individuals within Oracle who chose to stand down from their activities until an understanding was reached. We would like to convey our greatest gratitude and respect for these individuals who feel and act from their hearts, and their dedication to finding common ground, and evolving. We ask the public to please, do not hold prejudice or reservations towards Oracle for
what has occurred here. Their commitment to the restoration of the site is proof enough that their hearts are in the right place.

We ask all of those who attend this event to come with the upmost respect and sense of responsibility for the land and the people who live within it. It is now up to you, the public, to insure that this event has the lowest impact possible at this point. We ask you to feel empowered by this responsibility of stewardship and allow that to amplify your ability to learn, connect, and celebrate this amazing, beautiful, and fragile place that we, the people who call this place home, are humbled by each and every day.

Kristin and Drew (aka jewelweed) and the community of
Dry Creek Canyon/Wasco Butte.
Oracle Gatherings Pulls Out! 28.Jul.2006 17:41


First official statement from the Oracle Gathetrings

Greetings Beautiful Beings,

Many of you may or may not be aware that there have been some issues surrounding the development of the land intended for The Gift within Metapoiesis festival August 3rd - 7th in Mosier, Oregon. We have personally met with the local neighbors/stewards and they have shown us what our well intended gathering may be doing. They feel that an event of this magnitude creates more damage than the land can realistically recover from. The Oracle Gatherings has come together as an organization to stand beside the neighbors and stewards. We have made the hard decision to not participate in Metapoiesis but instead bring our event back home to Seattle. This may be troublesome for some, but in the end we hope all will see that this decision was essential for us to maintain our integrity and commitment to ecologically sound practices and community.

The Gift is now planned for August 4 and 5 in Seattle.

You will hear from us in the next 48 hours with details around the Seattle event and how we can proceed to support both The Gift and Metapoiesis. Thank you for your patience as we put the finishing touches on the new plan, and you will hear from us again soon.

~ The Oracle Gatherings
The Gift - August 4-5, Seattle