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Veterans Ride for Peace and Sustainable Living

The "Veterans' Peace and Sustainable Living Ride" will arrive in town this weekend, and Portland cyclists are invited to join Veterans for Peace chapter 72 to welcome them to our fair city with a bicycle rally from Oaks Park to the Peace Park, where there will be a sustainable living event to inform and entertain.

July 25, 2006

Contact: Sean T Lewis, President, Veterans for Peace, Ch. 72
email:  info@vfpchapter72.org

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The "Veterans' Peace and Sustainable Living Ride" will arrive in town this weekend, and Portland cyclists are invited to join Veterans for Peace chapter 72 to welcome them to our fair city.

WHAT: Bicycle rally in support of the Veterans' Ride for Peace and Sustainable Living

WHERE: Springwater Corridor trailhead near Oaks Park, 1 SE Spokane, by the Sellwood Bridge

DESTINATION: Peace Memorial Park at the north end of the Vera Katz Esplanade, NE Oregon & Interstate.

ROUTE: Springwater Corridor to Vera Katz Esplanade to Peace Memorial Park (approximately 4.5 miles)

WHEN: Saturday July 29th, 10:00 AM

A group of 15 military veterans from around the country, many of them disabled, left Eugene, Oregon this morning on the "Veterans' Peace and Sustainable Living Ride". Their destination is the Veterans for Peace National Convention (August 10 - 13) in Seattle. The riders are expected to arrive in Seattle on August 8, making more than a dozen stops along the way to raise awareness of the need for sustainable living and the relationship between global scarcity of resources and global security.

The ride was initiated by Brian Willson and Lane Anderson, both disabled Vietnam veteran activists from California. Willson, a double-amputee, is riding a three-wheeled handcycle. Anderson, who has arthritic knees, is riding a specially outfitted "excycle" which provides extra bursts of hand-genrerated power. The ride will be accompanied by alternative-fuel support vehicles, including the famous "White Rose", a VFP biodiesel bus from Mendocino.

Sean Lewis, President of Chapter of Veterans for Peace, chapter 72, plans to ride in Portland's welcoming bicycle rally on Saturday. A disabled veteran of the Persian Gulf War, Lewis stated, "I have a neck injury and chronic joint problems from my service. If I can make this ride to show my support for these vets, certainly Portland's able-bodied can do their part, too."

Bob Goss of Vancouver, Washington, a member of Veterans for Peace chapter 72 who served as a medic during the Vietnam War, is joining the bicyclists for the first week of the ride from Eugene to Portland. "I decided to participate in [the ride] to help my fellow vets, and especially Brian Willson, to call attention to the crisis in sustainable living, specifically renewable energy," said Goss. "Regarding oil consumption, the sooner our nation weans itself from the Middle East oil cartel, the more secure and independent we will be. War is not an Energy Policy!"

In Portland, a bicycle rally will be held in support of the veterans from Oaks Park to Peace Memorial Park. When the cyclists arrive at Peace Memorial Park, the rally will continue with speakers, exhibits and music to promote taking responsibility for reducing our dependence on oil, an addiction that is a major cause of current wars. In the words of Vietnam veteran Brian Willson, "A revolution of consciousness is needed, enabling us to recognize the sacred interconnectedness of all life. Once that is internalized, we naturally make different choices based on mutual respect."

Other veterans are expected to join in as the Veterans' Ride progresses north through Longview/Kelso, Olympia, and Tacoma on the way to Seattle.


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