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Peace Gathering tonight 7:30 in Alberta Park

Join us on Wednesday evening, July 26, 7:30pm in Alberta Park for a public, interfaith peace gathering!
We are a group of spiritual communities and churches from NE Portland, who come tonight to stand for peace. We stand against the war in Iraq, against all forms of torture, and against the atrocities that war breeds. We stand with the shattered and dying people of Afghanistan and Iraq. We stand with the people of Lebanon and Israel who are caught in the cross fires of hostility. We stand for a better way, a non-violent way, to solve conflicts. WE STAND FOR PEACE. We know that our actions, however small, make a difference, especially when they are joined with all the other seemingly small actions of those throughout the world. Participating Members: Metanoia Peace Community, Circle of the Living Earth, St. Charles Catholic Church, Enterbeing, Redeemer Lutheran Church