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imperialism & war

Isael support of murder in Portland

Pioneer Square right now
These people are calling to an end of terrorism by supporting Israeli's terrorism and murder. Please come down and help the truth
so this is a Lars Larson sponsored event 26.Jul.2006 13:47


not as big a turn out as had when Portland's PEACE activist gather. What's up?

Stand against terrorism, stand with Israel 26.Jul.2006 17:23

ho ho ho

That's a complete oxymoron.

Who's supporting terrorism? 26.Jul.2006 18:43

Jody Paulson

Video - Ambulances are hit by Israeli forces in Lebanon
target practice?
target practice?

This guy said it all 26.Jul.2006 19:36


He tied his Israeli flag to a baseball bat, and then began to harass counter demonstrators. I reported him told the police and they kept a close eye on him. An Israeli flag tied to a baseball bat, say's it all. FOOL! Especially a Palestinian women. When anyone of them found out that someone was Arab or of Arab decent, they would instantly start yelling orders at them, I stepped between and yelled back "This is not Israel, they can say what they want! Don't you dare fuck with them!" It worked.

Sane Friends 26.Jul.2006 19:40


This Lady rocked, she is the one that the idiot with the Israeli flag tied to it tried to harass and push around.

I saw ther idiot 27.Jul.2006 09:20


I saw this guy too, thanks for the shot.