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Israeli Corpses Litter Battle Field

Violent confrontations at the heart of Massoud hill, corpses of enemy soldiers are still lying on the battlefield

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
"Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): "I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers" Koran 8:12
God the exalted and the great told us what was true

Since the early hours of this morning, violent clashes between the heroes of the Islamic resistance and the Zionist enemy forces at the heart of Massoud hill.

The combatants, with the help of God, managed to destroy several military vehicles of the enemy as well as inflicted several casualties within its lines including deaths which remain on the battlefield; the enemy keeps trying uselessly to evacuate the bodies from the battlefield.
Victory comes from no one but Allah the Almighty.

The Islamic Resistance (Hezbollah)

Source:Special. July 26, 2006 14:57. Date: 26/07/2006 Time 15:58
dumb and dummer 26.Jul.2006 09:02


god is the ultimate WMD

why are we incapable of evolving beyond this kind of thinking?

Nasrallah: "We will enter phase beyond Haifa" 26.Jul.2006 09:09

Hezbolllah Special

Sayyed Nasrallah: We will enter the phase of "beyond Haifa"; decisive days lie ahead; no incursion will prevent us from targeting Israeli cities
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said: "we will enter the phase of "beyond Haifa", adding that the Israeli enemy has "imposed a new phase on us in this conflict." In a televised speech on the Manar TV channel Wednesday at 1:00am local time, Sayyed Naasrallah also said that developments will decide whether there should be a shift to the phase pf "beyond, beyond Haifa". "Decisive days lie ahead and they need more internal ...


Islamic Resistance destroy two tanks in Maroun el-Ras, Bint Jbeil region; crews killed and injured

Lebanon Military
The Islamic Resistance is still engaged in heroic confrontations in the Maroun el-Ras, Bint Jbeil and Aytaroun region for the sixth consecutive day, inflicting heavy losses among Israeli soldiers, armored vehicles, Merkava tanks and Apache helicopters. The Islamic Resistance said in a statement that Hezbollah fighters destroyed two Israeli tanks in the area between Maroun el-Ras and Bint Jbeil, killing and injuring their crews. Israeli Yadeot ...

Photo: Nasrallah 7/26 26.Jul.2006 09:17


Today on Al-Manar
Nasrallah Al-Manar Television July 26
Nasrallah Al-Manar Television July 26

Nasrallah: Full Text of Televised Speech 7/ 26 26.Jul.2006 09:26

Hezbollah Special

Sayyed Nasrallah: We will enter the phase of "beyond Haifa"; decisive days lie ahead; no incursion will prevent us from targeting Israeli cities

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said: "we will enter the phase of "beyond Haifa", adding that the Israeli enemy has "imposed a new phase on us in this conflict." In a televised speech on the Manar TV channel Wednesday at 1:00am local time, Sayyed Naasrallah also said that developments will decide whether there should be a shift to the phase pf "beyond, beyond Haifa".

"Decisive days lie ahead and they need more internal solidarity and steadfastness", he added. In his speech Sayyed Nasrallah said: "After two weeks of barbaric Israeli aggression, confrontation and the miraculous steadfastness of this proud people and this courageous resistance, I would like to say the following, because there are things that need to be commented on and decided on in order to know how we are going to move on in the coming days.

On the political level, we have to realize the truth about the war and the background of the aggression. Things have become much clearer after two weeks, and lots of facts positions and overt statements, whether by US administration officials or the Zionist enemy or even those allied to them, as well as lots of analyses and facts which lead to one clear conclusion: If we knew what war we are engaged in now, we will know how to continue the confrontation.

Following the position of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about a new Middle East, which means a new Israeli American Middle East, does anyone believe that this very big project saw light one day or two days after the capture of the two Israeli soldiers by the resistance? Every data confirms that preparations to launch this project date back to at least one year. The Americans estimate that there are obstacles ahead of a new Middle East. A new Middle East means that the American administration would control the region and unilaterally administer its affairs, resources and riches, with Israel its primary partner.

There would be no place for any resistance movement in the new Middle East; it will be required to work on removing all obstacles which are resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine, as well as Syria and Iran. It all started in Palestine. It was required to end the resistance movements in Palestine. However the resistance scored a victory in elections and embarrassed the Americans and the Israelis. They struck the Palestinian people, starved it and besieged it. They also banned aids from reaching this people. They were pushing things in Palestine to move towards internal conflict. The danger facing the Palestinian people is the internal conflict.

Then came the capture of the Israeli soldier in Gaza. The importance of this operation is that it pushed the danger of internal conflict away from the Palestinians, and brought them back to the real and primary battle. In Lebanon, and during a whole year, there had been direct and indirect American efforts and follow up to the internal situation, in a clear and detailed manner. They had their bargains and they failed on the internal level. They did not find anyone to work on eliminating the resistance in Lebanon. They were surprised at the magnitude of the popular support to the resistance, so they shifted to another option.

They studied for a whole year the situation of the Lebanese army, and we know that many military delegations came to Lebanon and posed so many questions about it. They were also surprised that this army cannot set out to such a battle because it is a national and patriotic army. The dogma of this army refuses to engage in such a conspiracy and the army's leadership had played a wise role when Lebanon was passing in a difficult internal situation. They bargained that by letting Hezbollah take part in the government and preoccupy the party with posts and projects, it would retreat from its responsibilities on the level of the armed struggle, and this did not happen.

Therefore, internal indications pointed that there was no way to bargain on this. They waited for the outcome of the national dialogue and they closely followed it up. They came to the conclusion that this objective cannot be reached through national dialogue. So the American concluded that they cannot bargain on any internal way to eliminate the resistance and its existence. On the regional level, they bargained on our friends in Iran and Syria and found that neither Iran nor Syria are ready to eliminate the resistance in Lebanon or in Palestine. The only thing left for them to do to crush the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, and later isolate Syria and Iran, was the Israeli war. Based on this, the Americans took the option of the Israeli war against Lebanon.

The information we had, was that all the Israeli military drills that took place during the past few months, particularly in northern and southern occupied Palestine, were a preface of the aggression against Lebanon which was set for late September or early October. They also needed information or intelligence to complete their plan for war. The plan was to conduct a strong ground operation, all at once, to control the region that lies south of the Litani river to prevent the launch of Katyusha missiles, with an international support and cover from more than one place in the world. At the same time, the Israeli air force would strike the homes of Hezbollah officials and establishments as well as its infrastructure, in order to paralyze the resistance and the country and instigate the Lebanese street against the resistance, which would have lost the initiative, and therefore crush once and for all.

This scenario would have been put into effect even if we did not capture the soldiers, and I am being clear and transparent, there had been questions on whether we were expecting such retaliation or not. When the capture took place, the resistance, and without knowing it, foiled the more dangerous plan and the worst scenario for the war on Lebanon, the people and the resistance. The Israeli enemy found himself humiliated after the capture operation and could not bare this strike, so he hastened the war he had planned. The importance of this rush is that the enemy has lost the element of surprise. He supposed that we would not be on alert, and that he would at least occupy the region south of the Litani river, bomb our housed and our institutions, to prevent us from communicating and moving and therefore crush the resistance once and for all, with minimum losses.

The first scenario failed and the element of surprise fell, knowing that it is the most important element for the Israelis as they were depending on it. Moreover, the enemy had to launch it war prematurely and before necessary information and preparations were complete. Dear people of Lebanon, and peoples of the world who's hearts are with us, we began to realize the background and objectives of this war. The enemy would have launched this war anyway and what the resistance did was under God's grace. Today, the plot was to bring back Lebanon under the American Israeli hegemony, which means something much worse that the 1982 invasion and the May 17 agreement.

It is required that Lebanon be detached from its history, commitments, culture and real identity, so as to become helplessly American and Israeli. Our destiny with all honest nationals is to confront this sinister plot and to foil the objectives of this war, to engage in the battle to liberate what is left of our land and detainees and to fight the battle of real sovereignty and independence, and this is what we stressed on in the past few days. Diplomatic and political initiatives have started and gave the enemy the opportunities he needs and will give him more chances. Before Rice, many delegations came to Lebanon and they were all holding American and Zionist dictations. They did not present settlements and solutions to the current crisis and the ongoing conflict. I will not go through proposals or conditions, because this is something that we prefer to keep for discussions in closed sessions, particularly that this file is being followed up by trusted channels, which we bargain on.

But I would like to make a quick comment an clarify to you and to the whole world that we will never accept any condition that humiliates our country, people or resistance, or any form of solution on the expense of national interests, sovereignty and independence, especially that after all the sacrifices and no matter how long the confrontation would take, our main slogan is dignity. Homes have been destructed and they will be rebuilt God willing. The infrastructure was destroyed and it will be rebuilt God willing. But we cannot let anyone harm our dignity. We cannot accept any humiliating conditions. We are open to political discussion and solutions, and we are dealing responsibly and with flexibility, but there is a red line.

After Rice came to Lebanon and left to occupied Palestine and gave the enemy an additional chance. As the Israelis are saying, the next week or ten days are decisive and during this time, more steadfastness, patience and internal solidarity are needed. They made their bargain and the battle ends with the first to scream. We will continue to confront the Israeli aggression and I would like here to move to the situation on the ground and announce that after all this time and all this persistence in the Israeli aggression and after we had shifted to the "phase of Haifa", I announce that we are going to enter the phase of "beyond Haifa", and consequently the Israelis have imposed on us a new level of the confrontation and conflict. Yes, there will be no limits for our rocket fire against Haifa no matter what the enemy's reactions were. We will move to the phase of "beyond Haifa" and if things develop will then choose the time in which we will move the phase of "beyond, beyond Haifa". On the ground, Islamic Resistance fighters have made major accomplishments and inflicted heavy losses in the lives of Israeli officers, soldiers, tanks and planes.

Today were are fighting in Bint Jbeil like we fought in Maroun el-Ras and as we will fight in every village, town and post. As I said a few days ago, we are not a classical army and we do not represent a classical defense line. We are fighting guerrilla style. Everyone knows that kind of fighting. The most important thing in the ground battle is the losses we inflict in the Israeli enemy forces. And I tell you that any incursion that the Israeli enemy can accomplish with his large forces, will not make the enemy realize its objective, that is to stop rocket attacks against settlements in northern occupied Palestine. This bombing will continue regardless of the incursion and the new occupation. The occupation of any centimeter of our land will represent an additional drive to continue the resistance. Israeli soldiers on our land will further enable us to defeat them and this will give us a bigger chance to directly engage with them and exhaust them, instead of fighting them in fortified posts behind the border line, while depending on their air force to bomb our villages and kill our children, women and civilians.

The initiative will be ours in any ground confrontation and the criterion in this confrontation will be the losses which we will inflict in this enemy and not the land that we will still have or the land that we will lose, because we are not fighting in a regular way. We will gain back any land the enemy will occupy, of course, after the losses which we will inflict in this army. Therefore, we are ready for ground battles and we trust in Almighty Allah and the strong hands, the faithful hearts, the minds and the souls that are seeking to meet Almighty Allah, those who have sold this earthly life and now are bravely engaged in this confrontation. I would like to say that in ground confrontations, we as resistance and people, should pay attention to the nature of the psychological war practiced by the Israeli enemy. If any of our commanders or cadres is killed we will proudly announce it. If a large number of martyrs fell in the battlefield we will proudly announce that. We will not deny casualties or prisoners of war.

This is our way of dealing with this. When the fighting was taking place in Maroun el-Ras, we said that there is fighting taking place there. And when were got out of the town, we said that Maroun el-Ras fell. You have to listen to us and not to the psychological war of the Israeli enemy. This enemy said that its forces are controlling the city of Bint Jbeil, and unfortunately local and Arab media outlets are propagating this. They are not in control of the city which is still in the hands of our resistance fighters until this very moment. The enemy is talking about hundreds of Hezbollah martyrs. Where are these hundreds of martyrs? They are talking about 20 prisoners. Where are these 20 prisoners? A couple of days ago, they said that they captured two Islamic Resistance fighters in Maroun el-Ras, and they were later released because they were civilians and not fighters.

So the enemy will talk about occupying towns and villages, about killing mass numbers of fighters in order to frustrate the people and the fighters. I tell you that you should not believe these lies. Listen to us. When we will have martyrs we will announce them. When we leave a village after bravely fighting in it, we will announce this. We are not lying on our people, but the enemy is lying on its people. It is the enemy who is imposing a blackout on the media and it is the enemy who is not telling the truth to its people and to the world. This is evidence to its weakness, whereas our transparency and clarity is an evidence to our strength and will. Anyway, when we chose this road, we knew that will be a road of thorns and martyrdom which realizes victory.

We are determined to stand up to the aggression and be steadfast so as to preserve our dignity, freedom and the freedom of our country. What is required is patience and more patience and things will change. God willing, we are promised with victory and we will triumph just like we triumphed in previous battles. The enemy will not have much time, regardless of the US administration's cover. In the end, this pure blood shed by the oppressed children, women and civilians as well as the blood of martyrs, whether Islamic resistance martyrs or Lebanese army martyrs, or any martyr in the line of sacrifice, this blood will eventually overcome the sword. This is the promise of Allah. Peace be upon you