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Mobilization for peace in the middle east

Description: Event: Local human rights groups, members
of Lebanese families, faith
organizations call for cease fire, humanitarian aid
for Lebanon and Gaza.
Mobiliziation for Peace in the Middle East
Description: Event: Local human rights groups, members
of Lebanese families, faith
organizations call for cease fire, humanitarian aid
for Lebanon and Gaza.

Quarter Page Flyer:

Date: Sunday, July 30, 2006
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Place: Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW Broadway & SW
Yamhill, downtown

Mazen Malik, PAAA
(503) 267-0876
AUPHR - (503) 287-1885
PPRC - (503) 344-5078

Local human rights groups, members of Lebanese
families, faith organizations call for cease fire,
humanitarian aid for Lebanon and Gaza, announce plans
for Sunday July 30th mobilization for peace in the
Middle East.

A recently convened alliance of local human rights
groups, faith
organizations and individuals with family ties to the
regions of Lebanon and Gaza now under attack by
Israeli military forces is calling on the US
government to demand an immediate cease fire, and to
provide humanitarian aid to those suffering from the
violence and blockades. This event hopes to bring
attention to the people of the region suffering in
this latest war, and to pressure elected officials in
Washington, DC, to support an immediate
cease fire and deliver humanitarian aid to the regions
affected by the conflicts.

The organizations coming out for the rally this
Friday, July 21st, and promoting the gathering later
this month, include Americans United for Palestinian
Human Rights (AUPHR), Palestinian Arab American
Alliance (PAAA), Friends of Sabeel, Portland Peaceful
Response Coalition (PPRC), the Islamic Center of
Portland, Living Earth and Salem Palestine Solidarity
Group for Peace & Justice. For more information
regarding this afternoon's gathering
at Pioneer Courthouse Square, or regarding the protest
planned for Sunday, July 30th, please contact Mazen
Malik at (503) 267-0876.

"The ferocious attacks against Lebanon's civilians and
infrastructure are clearly disproportionate and
constitute the worst forms of illegal and prohibited
collective punishment, as outlined in the Geneva
Conventions, explained Mazen Malik, director of the
Palestinian Arab American Association. However the
complicity and unconditional support that the Bush
administration is willing to extend to those crimes is
astonishing, said Malik. This latest episode of
violence and its public relation spin leaves the
uncomfortable feeling that it is a continuation of the
Iraq war
and an extension of "changing the Middle East" by the
power of the gun.

Hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed in
Lebanon since the Israeli military began operations
last week. Israeli civilians have been injured and
killed by Hezbollah fighters rocket attacks. The
latest escalation of violence is commonly traced to
the recent Hezbollah attack on Israeli soldiers which
killed six and resulted in the capture of two
soldiers. However, tensions on the border between
Israel and Lebanon have existed for decades. The
absence of a regional peace formula through a
negotiated and just resolution of the outstanding
issues, chief in which is the Palestinian
issue, will likely continue to fuel this cycle of
violence, said Malik.

Jill Severson of AUPHR emphasized the concern for the
conflict continuing in Gaza. Since the bombing of
Lebanon the world has ignored the escalating
humanitarian crisis in Gaza now into its fourth week,
said Severson. The Palestinian death toll stands at
100, including 16 children, and continues to grow
since the Israel Defense Forces launched military
operations inside the Gaza Strip on the 28th of June.
Severson recalled the recent killings of civilians in
Gaza prior to the capture of the Israeli soldier by
Hamas militants. Many in the West did not hear of the
Gaza beach blast on June 9th which killed the family
of 12 year old Huda Ghaliya, said Severson. Her
entire family was killed while enjoying an afternoon
picnic on the beach. Severson emphasized the urgent
call for an immediate stop to the killing of innocent
civilians in Lebanon and in Gaza.

Those organizing the gathering set for Sunday, July
30th, strongly advocate a peaceful and a just
resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, through
negotiations based on international law and
legitimacy. They also protest what they describe as a
grossly disproportionate military response which has
led to the death of hundreds of innocent civilians,
the displacement of tens of thousands, and the
destruction of significant parts of civilian
infrastructure in Lebanon. "There are clearly
alternatives open to Israel for dealing with the
military threat posed by Hezbollah, for bringing about
the release of the captured Israeli soldiers, without
the mass killings and injuring of hundreds of
civilians," said William Seaman, a volunteer with
PPRC. "This latest escalation of violence destabilizes
the entire region, brings a terrible suffering to tens
of thousands of innocent people, and only serves to
make all peoples of the region less safe, less secure,
including the citizens of Israel, both Arabs and Jews
Date: Sunday, July 30, 2006
Time: 1:00pm
Priority: Medium
Access: Public
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Updated: Saturday, July 22, 2006 2:34pm
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