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Work to Live

Interview with Joe Robinson, author of Work to Live about how to beat the unwritten rules of work life, the stuff no one ever talks about that drives overwork, missed vacations, and you to wits end.
Work to Live
Work to Live
This episode is work safe.

Interview with Joe Robinson, author of Work to Live: The Guide to Getting a Life.

We discuss the phrase "arbeit macht frei" ("work makes one free"); why American works so much; productivity paranoia; the industrial revolution; The Jetsons; the 20 hour work week predicted in the 30's; why Europe is more productive than the U.S. but work less; what we need to change in the way we perceive what is important in life; fear of losing our jobs if we were to work less; office commandments; G.E. CEO Jack Welch; setting boundaries; work related deaths and injuries; the Take Back Your Time organization; Bob Black's essay, The Abolition of Work; designing your own life.

Featured song is "Saturday" by Drew.


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