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PacNW Congressional Delegation Reeks, Part II

Again, Jim McDermott (WA) is the sole exception.
Last week, every Washington & Oregon senator & representative, except Rep McDermott, voted to support israeli atrocities against Lebanon. And this week, no Washington or Oregon representative has yet to co-sponsor Rep Kucinich's HConRes 450, for cease-fire, again except for McDermott, & no PacNW senator has offered similar res in the senate. This is staggering viciousness & despicable bias on the part of these repulsive politicians. We should bring their crimes to their attention during their August recess. How does Jim McDermott stand being near them. The stench must be overwhelming.
Right on 25.Jul.2006 21:28


Our representatives must be accountable to us. We want them to sign on as co-sponsors and they have not. Consequently, we do NOT vote for them. I don't care if they say the opposition stinks worse. Stink is stink.

DeFazio Has Signed 26.Jul.2006 15:43

Den Mark, Vancouver

Peter DeFazio has signed HConRes 450. Good! Please pressure the others to join him & McDermott.