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illegal DOG AUCTION die in crates held 100+degree day,

I am very involved in puppy mill rescue and commercial breeder issues. The USDA forbids auctions when the outside temperature is over 80 degrees or under 40 degrees, so usually dog auctions are only held in Spring and fall. Tis past year there has been a dramatic rise in GREEDY auctionhouses staying opened all year round. The follow is a description from just one rescue. Over 450 dogs were listed so no doubt many other dogs died this day. Though a USDA representative was present for the entire auction, I am only guessing he knows the rules. Under the watchful eye of the USDA the auction was not stopped when the temp went above the legal high. Not only that but no attempt was made to get the dogs out of the sun, cool the area with a hose or give them clean drinking water.

The auction House in this instance was Southwest Auction Service, MO owned by Bob Hughes. This is the greediest and most underhanded outfits in the whole black hearted scum sucking lot
Rocky Comfort
7 Kerries Rescued, 3 Dead, 5 Lost
by Janet Joers

Today (7/22/06) we rescued 7 Kerries from a suffocatingly hot and humid puppy mill in the muggy Missouri town of Rocky Comfort. No comfort existed for our Kerries there. Three of the Kerries up for auction died before we could save them. They were left to bake in 100-degree temperatures in unprotected pens. One died from the heat, and two died during the night from an attack by "something" (a bobcat or wolf?), and their mangled bodies were found the next day. Among the dead was Faith's 5.5-year-old sister (Faith was #2 from the April Surprise Rescue), and the other two were 1-year-old males. The remaining 5 Kerries were sold to another mill to be bred for profit, in conditions no better than where they were today.

The Kerries at today's auction sweltered in their cages, some in overgrown, matted coats, with nothing but slimy green water in their pails. One by one, our 7 were rescued for the lowest prices we've ever seen for our breed. One young female is missing a foot. We got her for $10. The average price we paid was less than a hundred dollars.

As I write this, our 7 Kerries are safely on their way in an air-conditioned van to Kansas City. There, our friends at the Good Shepherd Pet Motel are waiting to receive them, with food, water, a comfy bed, and an air-conditioned facility. In the coming days, they will be bathed, groomed, and vetted, then transported to their foster or adoptive homes. These dogs stand at the threshold of a whole new life. They have been saved.

The 3 Kerries that died--all of them AKC-registered--suffered a terrible death. There was no one to help them or protect them, or alleviate their agony. None of the hundreds of USDA regulations nor any of the AKC's touted inspections could save them. Two of these dogs, and possibly all three, were sold at the Seymour auction last March 18th, the same day the Foundation was rescuing 34 more Kerries up at Shelbina. We had asked the USKBTC for help, but no one came. Today it is too late.

I would like to ask each of you to dig deep in your heart, and ask yourself if could take just one Kerry, only temporarily, to save it from such as fate as these three. If we do not have the foster homes we need, we have no recourse but to leave them in the mills, alone and unloved, to suffer and die. If we do not have the volunteers needed to organize these rescues, more Kerries will be left behind. If we do not have the donations to continue our work, more Kerries will die in pain and misery. The time to volunteer is now. The 3 dead Kerries could have been saved. They came heartbreakingly close to having a loving home, like the 7 we rescued. Our prayers and sorrow go to them, and our resolve stiffens to save those still in the mills.

Jan in Santa Ynez, CA
Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, Rescue Director

reply to illegal dog auction article 10.Nov.2006 04:56

Jeff White nmissouri2003@yahoo.com

1st off Bob Hughes auctions are in Wheaton not Rocky Comfort. 2nd, we have been purchasing dogs from him for several years and never had a problem (now I can tell you some bad ones). We are a breeder (not a puppy mill as you are fond of saying) we don't keep our dogs in cages or kennel buildings and every dog we have is loved as a family member not a source of income. 3rd, dogs at Bob Hughes are kept inside not out in the sun as you stated and I was at the auction you refer to and there is a USDA and APRI rep at his auctions also. 4th, in all the time we have been going there we have never seen green slimy water and the minimum amount of attendents I have seen was 5 and that was for a small auction. 5th, the overgrown matted coats is from the owners who dropped off the dogs not Bob Hughes and not all are breeders. 6th, the auction was not illegal as you stated. You try to make it sound like you are the perfect angel and all dog breeders are evil. we are currently caring for 16 unwanted dogs at our home, do you do that and out of your own pocket? you donot know very much about dogs the way you pick them up, straight to kansas City (to a motel) and then to vet, groom, find home, etc... all that bouncing around and different people without a few weeks stabilization does more damage to a dog then the people you are complaining about. It is so obvious you hate dog breeders and the entire industry but please try to give unbiased info and facts not your own opinions and made up info based on your hatred. Now that all said and done if you ever need anyone in this area of missouri to pick up a dog or dogs and hold them to stabilize them i would be more then happy to help out your organization and you can reach me at my email  inmissouri2003@yahoo.com and i'll give you my phone number to call when needed.

IGNORANCE 11.Jul.2007 14:06

Kellee Davis

It isn't about hating dog breeders. It's about breeding and selling lives for profit, not betterment of the breed. It's about zero genetic health testing and zero conscientious for the big picture. The "general" mistreatment of animals at the majority of these auctions is not a myth. They have earned this poor reputation themselves. There are always exceptions to every rule, but it is no coincidence that dogs at "most" auctions are mentally and physically abused.

Ask yourself this? If you were a dog what life would you want to live? Would you want to spend one waking moment living at a puppy mill or auction?

Your dog would give it's life for you. You owe it to him to be worthy of that devotion. Anything less is just...... unfortunate.