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9.11 investigation

Dont believe the lies

a letter to a relative

I have never lied to you. I am not conned easily. And this information I have been trying to get you to view is not Conspiracy theories. Instead, it will show you irrefutable proof that the official story is a lie.

Why not view what the government does not want you to look at? Make your own judgement of the material. Don't let them get away with this crime.

Only people with high speed computers are getting this information and we are trying to spread the word the best we can. We are not conspiracy theorist, but instead Government Story Correctors.

Flight 77 , a 757 did not fly into the pentagon on Sept 11, 2001.

WTC building had explosives in them and came down by controlled demolition. Explosives could not have been placed in the buildings without the security company's knowlege. Explosives only could have thrown debris clear to New Jersey.

We need to have everyone demand that the 9/11 crime be truely investigated and those responsible be held accountable.

I have written congressman, news media, churches, judicial watch and many others.

Please take the blinders off and use some critical thinking.

Bring Peace to the world.

 link to www.youtube.com

I'd me more inclined to fight what they're doing right now 25.Jul.2006 15:39


rather than what they've done.