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Israel, Lebanon, Palestinian Conflict: an Educational Solution

Public Information Campaigns, conducted in Israel, are vitally needed to educate the Israeli Public to (1) the illusory threat of a free and independent Palestine , and (2) the stain left on the Jewish heritage and soul of Israel by such persistent aggression.

=Israel-Lebanon-Palestinian Conflict: an Educational Solution=

Here is what I firmly believe concerning the best way to deal with Israel, for the sake of the Palestinians, Lebanese, the Israeli people, and all the rest of us living in this increasingly ugly world:

There needs to be public education campaigning conducted in Israel,

(1) door-to-door with leaflets/talking, and

(2) special efforts made in Israeli universities. Educating and politically activating university students is extremely important.

It would be best if Palestinians cooperated withsympathetic Israelis and Israeli Arabs to do the job.

Offhand, there are 3 things I would have the Palestinians/Israeli sympathetisers emphasise to the Israeli Public:

1. That a free and independent and liveable Palestine is not a threat to Israel. Indeed, it would enhance Israeli security and prosperity.
(This needs to be spelled out with facts & reasoned argument.)

2. Israeli violent actions smear & taint the Jewish heritage, and damage the soul of Israel.

3. Perhaps quote appropriate passages from, or make references to the Old Testament. (One might presume this will fall on deaf ears UNLESS (1) and (2) are effectively written.)

An astonishingly close historical analogy exists between the evolution of Israel and that of Classical Athens --- freedom-fighting against the odds, the establishment of democracy, the great years of achievement and high hopes, the corruption by money and power, and aggressive military repression of freedom-fighters from other states (although still maintaining a domestic democracy -- the problem is the corrosion of moral fibre and intellectual acuity due to power and money).

Should anyone find interest (and lessons) in the above, he or she might wish to glance at a particular book, "Socrates, the Martyred Messiah: An Essential History of Classical Athens", by Myron Stagman. See www.MyronStagman.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.MyronStagman.com

Sounds nice 25.Jul.2006 01:04


But the Israeli public are not the ones calling the shots. They're going to war whether they like it or not.

duh 25.Jul.2006 04:16


By admitting that ZIonist occupation of Gaza and the west bank are offensive, they are also admitting that Zionist occupation of ANY palestinian lands is an offense. What, Is the Zionist's murderous theft of SOME Palestinian lands less of an offense than Zionists being murderous thieves of ALL of the Palestinian's land??? The offense is the same, only the extent is differant.