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9.11 investigation | election fraud

911 for Cynthia McKinney!

Cynthia McKinney is in a runoff election against Diebold. How many whistleblowers can we contact before August 8?
I found this on Wayne Madsen Reports ----www.waynemadsenreport.com :

July 24, 2006 -- The phony Democrats and Fifth Columnists at Daily Kos are conducting a campaign against Georgia progressive Rep. Cynthia McKinney. The truth is that Daily Kos finds McKinney way too progressive, which is a standard reaction for a group that is supported by special interest money. Over here at WMR, we're not afraid to hide our progressive politics. Please find some way to help McKinney beat back a special interests-funded challenge being waged from within the Democratic Party. The Hank Johnsons (McKinney's out-of-state funded opponent) and DailyKoses are what are really wrong with the Democratic Party. It's time for a good old-fashioned political party purge! Even if you don't live in Cynthia McKinney's district, you can help! If you live in the Georgia 4th District or neighboring districts in the Atlanta area you can help McKinney with your time in helping to get out the vote!


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