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Roadless T-shirts and National Day of Action

ROADLESS IS PRICELESS! The Bush Administration and the US Forest Service are moving forward with the first Roadless timber sale in the nation since the repeal of the Roadless Conservation Rule. Nearly 59 million acres of pristine public lands across the nation are at stake. It's up to us to draw the line and let the world know that "Roadless is Priceless!"
t-shirts for sale at-cost
t-shirts for sale at-cost
The Mike's Gulch timber sale near the Wild & Scenic Illinois River in the Siskiyou National Forest has been awarded to a timber company and log trucks could be rolling in early August. Stay tuned for calls to action in the Siskiyou and order your Roadless is Priceless T-shirt now for the national day of action Auguest 8th.

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