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0724 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Monday July 24th, 2006.
1. Three more people plead guilty to acts of eco-sabotage. That makes six thus far. In exchange with "cooperating with the government", they will be given lighter sentences. Smells a little but hey, it beats being the subject of Alberto Gonzales's perverted justice fantasy world... Why give FOX the opportunity to bray the war cry "eco-terrorist" next Sunday?
2. A Sikh temple in Salem was vandalized (specifically, the imbeciles burned the temple's flag pole - imagine that! From flag burning to flag pole burning - in just one month. It sends a message... guess. And the message is: "I am an idiot.").
3. A State board in Bend has ruled against a Wal-Mart store proposed for the north side of town.
4. Springfield Oregon City Councilor Dave Ralston is afraid. Ralston is afraid that dusky natives from South of The Border, Down Mexico Way are "invading" (Gawd, I wish they actually would... ) the United States and destroying his Merkin Way of Life (Yes, I do know what the word 'merkin' refers to... but thanks for asking... ).
5. Local iconoclast - pure entertainment value- Geoff Thompson is stalking his dream through the convoluted corridors of the Gorge Commission. (Normally, I would not like the idea of building in the Gorge, but the building is already there, It's historic and it isn't as if thousands of people from Orange County want to build MacMansions right under Multnomah Falls... )
6. The Army Corps of Engineers wants to massively redesign the jetty at the Columbia River bar near Astoria. The Corps just can't seem to get enough of that town. ('I love the smell of Liquefied Natural Gas in the mornin'... ..It smells like... ..Victory!)
7. Now that we have full-scale regional war roaring down the tracks out of the Middle East, what better time to make John 'Mad Dog' Bolton the official US ambassador to the UN. (Recall that last summer Bush bypassed the Senate to give 'Mad Dog' the job through a 'recess appointment'. Since it was apparent even to Republicans that he man doe just not have the diplomatic flair. Flare, yes; flair, no.)
8. Senate Democrats picked Nevada as the centerfold for their reenergize the minority vote campaign.
9. Grassroots activists are geared up to fight yet another FCC attempt to facilitate a media consolidation - otherwise known as a cluster fuck.
10. It's too hot everywhere. (So turn off the AC and stop driving around in the ole SUV... )
11. New York Governor George Pataki is feeling the heat. Political leaders from NYC want him to declare certain parts - theirs, specifically - of the City disaster areas.
12. Some one in Indiana is off his/her meds - seriously far off. The sniper has been shooting at trucks on the highways.
13. When Pagans Go Bad: Just kidding... they don't. But if you lock up a whole lot of people for lengthy periods of time, they go very crazy. How crazy? Well, the white ones become followers of 'Astratu' (All Hail Astratu!) and worship ancient Norse gods in the hope that their faith (and those knives they made out toothbrushes) will keep them safe from The Dark-Skinned Ones).
14. The mother of an Iraq War veteran who returned home and promptly topped himself is flying her Merkin flag upside down these days. Neither patriotic entreaties no threats of vandalism, (not straight-up vandalism, for that matter, stops Jason Cooper's Mom from expressing herself. She said "Jason wasn't the same when he got back from Iraq."
15. It's About Time Dept.: As Israeli tanks roll into southern Lebanon, even Britain has turned her back on America.
16. Israel has all these bombs and so forth on back order from the US. The Israeli Army called that 800 number on a fragment of an old mortar casing. But they just kept getting that "You call is very important to us" crap. (Or worse: Press one if you are interested in bunker-busters. Press two if you are interested in landmines. Press three to inquire about tactical nukes. Press... )
17. Not much dissent coming out of Israel, despite what we wish to believe here in the US.
18. All around the world there are demonstrations against the Israeli's devastating aggression against Lebanon. There is probably one going on somewhere right now... .
19. The UN is playing it safe and being appalled from a distance.
20. Saudi Arabia is asking Bush to intervene to stop the carnage in Lebanon.
21. Middle east diplomats are even pressing Syria to stop backing Hezbollah (lest Syria attract the wrath of the Mighty Merkins...
22. In Gaza, gunmen stormed the home of a senior Palestinian security officer.
23. Human Rights watch says that prisoner abuse was "routine" in Iraqi prisons. (As opposed to the totally random torture that Iraqi citizens endure on a daily basis... .?)
24. There are demonstrations going on in Oaxaca over the election results.
25. In China the yuan has reached its highest level against the US dollar since revaluation exactly one year ago.
26. A nuclear power plant in Japan was forced to lower the output of its reactors after enormous jellyfish attacked its filter.

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