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trying to understand what is happening

By Lonevet 07/24/06

When progressives talk about the stupidity of this administration, I remember what Governor Richards once said during the campaign before the 2000 election. She told democrats not to underestimate this guy, he is smarter than he seems. If you believe that Bush and those who control him are stupid then you are foolish. I suggest we start acknowledging the concept of Organized Chaos as the driving force behind this administration. This is not a new concept but one that should get more attention because it is closer to the truth than any others in the market place of ideas. Bush is out to create chaos whenever he can; this is why I write this piece.

There are many very smart people in the Bush administration, they know how to wage war (yet we are losing in Iraq and Afghanistan, why?) They know how to win/steal elections and control the majority of Americans at any given time. Why are we in quicksand in Iraq and Afghanistan? I believe that it is all going as planned, create chaos and the NeoCons make billions. The other things they have/will achieve are:

Most Democrats are terrified to open their mouths except to say "Yes Sir."

The Bill of Rights is a hindrance in fighting terrorism, according to the neocons and their minions.

We now accept the premise that a country can invade another nation only based on "Maybe."

Torture is something that is necessary to keep us safe, according to Bush and Cheney. They just do not call it torture. The rest of the world sees us as the nation of lunatics, who will kill you---and at your funeral will say, "Here is another victim for freedom.

Chaos lets all the lunatics out to roam and kill without any concern they may face war crimes.

Chaos allows this administration to grant wavers to DOD to enlist skin heads, violent criminals, people who given the chance will kill and rape "In-Theater."

Chaos allows the Secret Service to arrest anyone for anything. Most of the time the charges will be dropped--- but the message has been sent.
Chaos allows the republican politicians to "Pontificate" about life while destroying country after country.

Chaos allows Turkey to consider invading the northeast section of Iraq based on our arguments.

Chaos allows the oil companies to make billions while laughing about the military doing their bidding.

Chaos allows our elections to be controlled by private corporations who will not tell us how our votes are counted, just the results.

Chaos allows for the corruption of the entire government under republican

Chaos allows the labeling of any disagreement with our government an act of treason.

Chaos allows the complete commercialization of our press, we now get better news from our comics than CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC.

I started with a warning from Gov. Ann Richards, I will leave you a warning to the Republicans who still have some sense of honor, your party has been high jacked by a group who make the Mafia look like altar boys, they are murderers, thieves and "Un-American." We will lose this great republic if you do not stand up and take your party back. Democrats must find their core values and fight for them. Fear is what's killing this nation, not terrorists! We, the people, must vote in huge numbers to send a message that we will fight for our freedoms.

GW et al are not smart... 24.Jul.2006 09:54

Pravda or Consequences

Einstein is smart, GW and his crew are about enriching themselves and destroying democracy.

Nothing original about that. I know GW is wrong and his inability to communicate shows just how stupid he is.

The only ones dumber than GW are the idiots that voted for him.

remember 24.Jul.2006 14:36


he was NOT elected.

Bush and cartel not lacking in cunning 24.Jul.2006 15:02

it's a ruse

While us plebs are laughing about how he can't talk right, and how dumb he is, he and his handlers are lighting the world on fire, to take advantage of the chaos, wash themselves in what's left of the common weatlh.

Don't misunderestimate the power of Everyman. Thsi is an effective tactic, lulls us to sleep, intoxicates us with the banality of cruelty, as we party on...

I just don't know 25.Jul.2006 08:23



You are correct, I did leave out 9/11 because that was not the beginning of the
Chaos that I was talking about---it was an opportunity for the lunatics who run our country. I have no way of knowing if Bush and the rest of the neocons planned or actually directed the attack on the World Trade buildings. I do know the US is saying that Iran and Syria are using Hezbollah to do their dirty work, and I know that often what Bush says about others is something he is doing himself. Did we use Osama bin Laden to give us a reason to go into Iraq? I just don't know but would not be shocked to find out that Bush was involved. The blueprint for what is now going on in the Meddle East was written out in the PNAC (Project for a New American Century.) The project was pulled together in 1997.

Bush's modus operandi 25.Jul.2006 09:40

Jody Paulson

I wrote this commentary four years ago. Still seems to hold true.

Know Your Enemy
author: Jody Paulson
Observations on the tactical strengths and weaknesses of Bush and friends.


THE BLITZKRIEG (a.k.a. "time's up!")
Historically, this time honored high-pressure sales tactic has been very successful for the Bush clan. The basic idea is this:
1) Manufacture a crisis that forces people to act without thinking because of limited time.
2) Pound your answer to this crisis into their heads, keeping up the pressure until they finally see things your way.

This tactic was used to brilliant effect during the 2000 presidential election. "The president must be confirmed and inaugurated at such-and-such a time!" the press screamed. "Our national stability is at stake! Gore needs to be a man and concede for the sake of our country!" Since when do we subjugate democracy to fit a schedule?

Then of course, we were served the Patriot Act, the war in Afghanistan, and now the Homeland Security "Department" in the exact same manner. Next course: the Invasion of Iraq.

What bothers me is that these see-thru tactics appear to have worked on the American people. When will they realize there is no worse crisis than the one they have been embroiled in for months?

Oh, is there a terrorist who's going to blow me up? Fine. My life has been in the shitter for nearly a year now. I'd rather go out with a bang than continue to slowly suffocate on poverty, despair, and the threat of fascism. Bring it on.

The idea here is to corner the market on some product and then create a demand for it. Enron exploited this trick to the hilt during the California energy crisis. Some Bush family favorites: oil, vaccine, arms, and drugs. If you're an oil man, what greater gift than for people to stop flying? How about some smack for your pain and despair, scumbag? Daisy-cutters, anyone?

KEEPING 'EM IN THE DARK (a.k.a. "cutting off communications")
Is it any revelation that this has been progressing systematically for months? First, Carnivore is set quietly into place, filtering our e-mail automatically so we can't express any dangerous thoughts through our mailing list. I don't know about you, but I've definitely had problems sending and receiving e-mail since 9-11.

Then there are the anthrax attacks. How convenient for the Bush administration that we can no longer send mail to Congress or the Press without a very long wait subject to "filtering."

Speaking of long waits and "filtering" let's talk about the airlines for a minute, shall we? Now American travelers can look forward to being detained at the airport if their name is on some list and there's a protest in the city they're going to. How far do you think these powers extend? Now we have government screeners and air marshals controlling our every move by air. Watch out for these powers invading land, sea and rail travel.

Yep. I've got to hand it to the Bush team - those guys sure had a good plan for cutting us off from each other. I don't think they anticipated the Internet, though. I do believe this little miscalculation will ultimately be their undoing.


I'm not an economist, but I know blood when I smell it. The empire is bleeding like a stuck pig. Observe the situation in Argentina, Brazil, and Columbia ... now ask yourself if the IMF isn't sweating bullets right now.

The "Co-opt" is one of the most powerful weapons the Establishment has for keeping us in line. You know what I mean - the "Disneyfication" of popular culture, the "Respectable Left" squashing any truly radical dissent. I call this the "catching flies with a drop of honey instead of a gallon of gall" trick.

George W. and his clan have no clear grasp of how to put this idea to work. They are the iron fist without the velvet glove. Their clumsiness in this regard has made them tons of enemies in low places.

Bill Clinton, on the other hand, was a master of the Co-opt. I dare say that if Clinton were still president I'd be sipping down a Starbucks at a 60K-a-year job, shaking my head at the newspaper and saying to myself, "Things will come around. Just give it time."

Fortunately for my soul, my life is in shambles. I have no home, no job, and no plan. Janis Joplin once said, "Freedom is just another word for nothin' left to lose." In this sense, George W. has been the great Emancipator for thousands of Americans like myself.

Who am I? You might ask. I'm a highly intelligent person whose conscience outweighs her ambition. I and others like me are the biggest threat the Bush Cabal will ever know. This is because a small, determined group of people can change the world, and we are growing day by day, hour by hour.

Final Score: People 1, Bush 0.

Wake Up and smell the Chaos in your coffee America! 25.Jul.2006 13:08

Joe Anybody

Thank you Lonevet
The Chaos Theory is exactly the truth that needs to be told
As Truthwolf points out in the discussion tab below ...The 911 Attack "was the pretext" ...A very Important Point!

Its enough to make the average joe American sick when they realize the truth and see they have been duped.

The neocons, the wars, the vanishing constitution all media fixed-spoon-fed to the world as 'stopping terrorism'

And nice point about the anthrax scare....I read somewhere that the Congressmen who got the anthrax were ones questioning the Patriot Act and Homeland Security abuse of power......

Thank You for your post ...I am going to borrow it and post it up on my website as well


what about...? 24.Jul.2006 11:44


Lonevet, left the most critical part out (not surprisingly): the fact that 9/11 was used as the pretext for ALL of the chaos that's taken place in the last 5 years. That would make anyone with an ounce of common sense question whether the actual attacks that happened on 9/11/01 were fully planned and orchestrated by the very forces that benefitted from them, the U.S. government.
Let's stop sidestepping the most vital part of the story, shall we?

Focus 26.Jul.2006 19:50

lost plot

All focus on HOW and WHY Bush and his neocons are 'successful' are counter-productive! The KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) must apply at all times when confronting an enemy. THE FOCUS SHOULD always BE ON REMOVAL AND STRATEGIES DESIGNED TO ELIMINATE THE PROBLEM.

Concentrate on methods of elimination not success stories! You don't see it but you are playing into the hands of the opposition.

What's new anyway? ALL criminals instinctively use choas and terror principles!

I will tell you something that we did (successfully)and you are loath to do -- THAT IS MARCH ON THE CAPTIAL AND SUSTAIN THE PROTEST UNTIL THE OBJECTIVE IS ACHIEVED, REMOVAL OF THE ADMINISTRATION!! (Remember Vietnam and Nixon?)

Does that make better sense? But that requires a commitment. AN APATHETIC TIMID PUBLIC IS A DREAM FOR REGIMES LIKE THE NEOCONS.

At this stage -- wars and all -- the world deserves what it gets. If you took responsibility for your own lives, Bush annd his neocons would be in court pending life sentences.

You know it but you won't DO IT!