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It's been a year: Joan Norman

I still think about her. I think about what she said. I sit in the heat and wonder if there is anyway to stop the war upon the earth and it's creatures. I wonder in the heat.
July 23, 2005 Joan Norman was killed in Southern Oregon in a car accident. I was lucky enough to meet her and talk to her. I was inspired by what she had to say. I miss her. She made me feel like I was part of a community again. We shared a passion for the wild places. I would go there in a minute except I know that that is not what I am to do now. I have to stay with the human community, what's left of if and try to teach peace and resistance.

I would not matter if I went to the forest...the loggers and others would come there and cut it down around me. The warming of the earth from man's pollution will start fires that will come to my place under the trees. My heart would break. It's better to stand in the middle of the war of man and resist. And, help others the best I can.

No, I have to try in my own way to save what is left. Here in the heat, I remember Joan Norman. I hope I am as brave in my lifetime.

"Joan: I know when it is time. I just know when we are supposed to stand up, you know have a backbone. We can't let these people who have no social consciousness rule the world. Their appetite for war and greed are insatiable. If we let them take our peace, our air, our water, the sky, the trees, the plants, we will be lost. We cannot live without these gifts to us. These things are our true national, no not national, planetary treasures. They belong to all living things on the planet. "