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ELF Alive and Fighting in Ontario - Recent String of Actions Causes Millions in Damage

Anti-'Development' actions are on the rise in Ontario, with four separate actions in three different cities in the past week. These actions, along with the revolutionary land reclamation in Six Nations, and the standoff in Grassy Narrows, among many other things, shows that resistance is alive and strong in the belly of the beast.
For all those who have been following events of the Green Scare, here is something to inspire. Particularly in the wake of so many guilty pleas and agreements to inform on others, it is important to know that we truly are everywhere. Despite Chelsea Gerlach saying that "it is better to act from love than from anger, better to create than destroy and better to plant gardens than to burn down buildings," many people are proving that Love Does Not Imply Pacifism, and maybe our planet loves it when we plant gardens AND burn down buildings.

In Guelph, Ontario, on the weekend of the 25th of June, people acting under the name The Anarchist Fire Brigade claimed responsibility for sabotaging three pieces of construction machinery at a new suburban sprawl site. The communique read,

"There is no excuse for suburbs. Development must stop.

You can go to Senate hearings
Wait til they call your name
My hat is off to anyone
With the will to play that game
But if you want to know the truth
What warms my aching heart
Is to see the masked avengers
Come to tear the road apart

There are so many things of beauty
In this world to see
A wild, running river
Or an old-growth redwood tree
But in such an ugly situation
So sinister and dire
There's nothing quite so lovely
As a development on fire


The Anarchist Fire Brigade"

On Tuesday June 27th, also in Guelph, saboteurs burned down one of the first new homes in a new suburb in another part of the city. This land, which had once flourished with ecological diversity and medicinal plants, is now bulldozed and awaiting numerous houses, on streets with names such as Summit Ridge. The ELF claimed responsibility for the blaze, which caused $200,000 damage.

On Friday July 14, in Toronto, saboteurs acting under the ELF banner damaged a dozen construction vehicles working on a series of new condominiums. Damage was estimated by the site supervisor at $2 Million.

On Monday July 17 in Brantford, another city in Southwestern Ontario, saboteurs hit two different sites of suburban sprawl, damaging construction equipment. The communique read,

"The day to day lives most of us live are killing our sweet mother earth, that which we all need to survive. We must stand up together and halt the process of development before it gets too far out of hand. Together we can still make a difference, it is not too late. But Together starts with each one of us as individuals making the responsible decisions we need to. Let us RISE UP and fight the machines that destroy the planet. We do not need to fight each other. Working as one we can live lives of LOVE and HARMONY for all humans, animals, plants and the planet. -The ELF"

In Guelph again, on July 18, another nearly-finished home in another new suburb was set ablaze, causing $80,000 damage. The communique sent to media outlets read,

"Resistance is self defense. The G8 agenda promotes petroleum-
dependent "Energy Security" that pollutes our land and atmosphere,
exploits communities everywhere, and scorches the Earth's climate.
Their recipe for catastrophe must be met with our global resistance!
On 18 July, 2006, 6 litres of gas were put to use.

We are everywhere!"

Following that on Wednesday July 19, three more construction sites in Brantford were hit, in actions claimed by the ELF. The extent of the damage is unknown.

You are not alone....

Lame to claim 25.Jul.2006 13:53


Why do you have to claim any affiliation with any group or supposed movement?
Learn from the mistakes of others.
Don't become a target and risk others while trying to be machismo?
No response needed.