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Damascus bussines owner almost Tazered by Clackamas Sherrif over parking AT HIS BUSSTNES!

Tazor man to the rescue!
Dean and his wife Tara ran the breakfast house on 114th Halsey for years before selling and choosing Damascus as a place to live, run their business and raise their family. Dean's restaurant in Damascus is a restaurant like no other. The food is real food, unlike any other. However, that is not all, it has been a place of friends. The locals are always there, everyone is known by name. The waitresses are like out of a movie, so friendly, not just friendly but real friends to everyone. If you want to know anything about Damascus, you go there in the morning and you will learn everything. My four year old now sits at the counter with the local adults and has discussions with them instead of having to be seated at a table with his younger brother and I.

Two days ago, Dean pulled up to his business to the only entry in the building to unload supplies, now this entry is right off of highway 212. While unloading his perishable foods, a Clackamas County officer drove by, stopped in the center lane, and proceeded to tell him to move his truck. Dean then waived him over as to explain that it is a loading space for the kitchen, but the officer recklessly raced through the highway and almost jumped his car on the curb. He then came out of his car demanding that the truck be moved NOW and told Dean he was getting a ticket. Dean made the mistake of actually trying to talk to a Clackamas County Police Officer. The officer began screaming, pulled out his amazing mighty super duper tazor gun, and pointed it at Dean. Dean never once even approached this officer. The officer then called for back up, and Dean went inside of his restaurant out of fear. I would be speculating on the officer's name so I will not, but these people are so disattached from the community it is terrible. I do know it was not Officer King who also patrols the area. Officer King is an exceptional officer who you can really call a friend and is PART of the community. Perhaps he should be used to teach other officers how to behave. With the establishment of Damascus many things are changing, and for the worse. The now City of Damascus plans to contract with the Clackamas County Sheriff's office to be the police agency in Damascus instead of having our own. With incidents like this, many locals are going to go to the new Damascus City Council, and not ask, but demand that it not be so. We will be meeting at Dean's restaurant to organize. Last time I helped organize the locals was to inquire and object to plans to take holmes and land for an extension of Sunnyside Road. Metro expected and was ready to address around 20 people, 174 showed up.

This IS going to stop 21.Jul.2006 20:29

Damascus resident

Clackamas County Sheriffs are not going to invade Damascus! There is no reason that a Damascus Police Department cannot be established, My 11 year old son was terrorized for driving his Quad down the street, I could not comprehend what that officer was thinking of when he dared to harass my boy like that, a minor too. I am not even going to lead any way to our identity because I do not want to see him murdered like that kid in Sandy after he was burned. Not my boy, no fucking way. My boy and I are lucky that I was home even though I almost was arrested, I will do allot more than get arrested to protect my son. BACK OFF!

His name was Fouad Kaady 21.Jul.2006 20:30


I hear you and agree

interview 22.Jul.2006 12:08

alex ansary alex_ansary@hotmail.com

Id like to interview this guy for tv and the web if someone has the contact info. thanks

Why doyou people live in that county? 22.Jul.2006 12:12


Why do you people live in that county if you always have to be afraid for your lives?

I own a bussines in Multnomah and refuse to get an alrm permit because I do not want someone to die for a breakin or theft.