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Stop Fascism's March in Middle East or It Will Soon March Into Oregon. Please contact Oregon congressional delagation to demand end to illegal use of American supplied bombs in this offensive campaign!
Dear friends and neighbors,

I can hardly find the words to describe the situation in Lebanon today,
so I will simply forward a message someone else wrote and that I believe sums it all.

"Dear all,

Many thanks to all of you who asked about us and showed their support. We really appreciate your support to stop the mass massacre in Lebanon as a result of the Israeli attacks that have been non-stop for 8 days.

LEBANON is under attack with a level of aggression BEYOND IMAGINATION. Barbaric acts against civilians, with no attention paid to the difference between children, women, elderly, and the handicapped on
one hand, and fighters on the other.
Everybody is a target for the bombs that are falling like black rain, like fire balls, from military
planes that have not left our air since Wednesday July 12th, 2006. Their horrific noises have deafened the ears. Children's cries of horror are not heard by the international community that may help to broker a cease fire.
They did not care. All they care about are their regional interests. Israelis did not stop the bombs! Did not stop deaths!
Continued their mass destruction without any hope for an end.

The aggression is not only against people, but against infrastructure. All
the bridges, tunnels, roads, electricity plants, fuel tanks, IT networks,
water dams, and every other aspect of infrastructure has been or is being
destroyed. Thousands of people have been displaced. We are currently helping
people to settle in schools and other public facilities, and trying to supply them with minimum survival amenities. The entire relief effort is through personal initiatives since there is not yet an aid organization helping with the crisis.

It all started 6 days ago, when Hezbollah took two Israeli soldiers as hostages.
We as Lebanese citizens condemned this act. We were surprised by this military operation.
We did not want war, but they did not ask us. We Lebanese people are tired of war, we want peace. Too many loved ones have died over 20 years of wars.
I was born in war, grew up in war, lived throughwars, through Israeli occupation, through assassinations, through horror,
through displacements, and I had enough, we had enough, Lebanese people had enough, Lebanon had enough! Enough Destruction..enough!

Unfortunately, two Israeli hostages were taken and three were killed, an operation which I am deeply sorry that we could not stop. But does this justify a barbaric attack that has up until now killed at least 200 people,
injured hundreds, displaced thousands, and ruined an entire country? Israel bombed yesterday a bus with 21 women and children fleeing from their village.
Innocent people, running for their lives, not terrorists, not military people but women and children were burnt.
Today Israel bombed three such buses! The international community remains silent.

This summer was our summer. We were happy to show our beautiful small country to the entire world after we have been rebuilding it for 15 years.
We invited friends, family, business people and promised them a lovely time.
We were so proud of what we accomplished. In four days Israel shattered our dreams in an unbalanced, crazy, sad, barbaric act of aggression; high-tech military planes high in the air bombing unarmed and defenseless people on
the ground. In 6 days, Israel destroyed our country, killed our people.
Blind Unjustified Aggression!

We are under siege! We are under attack from the air, from the water, and from land. We are cut off from the entire world, without any form of aid or support. Medical and food supplies are limited. Hunger is already creeping
into those villages that have been isolated from the rest of the country.
Injured people are stuck under ruins. Lebanon is officially facing a humanitarian crisis. Please help us in spreading the word.

I and all Lebanese people need your support.

Thank you very much for your help!"end of msg.
Dont Wait For Wyden 21.Jul.2006 14:22

Vic vic_pittman@hotmail.com

You arent going to hear shit from Mr AIPAC , Ron Wyden. He has consistently been among the top ten recipients of AIPAC member $$$. I reiterate...AIPAC MEMBER....Wydens office will tell you that he does not receive AIPAC money...the reason for this is that there are NO che3cks issued with "AIPAC" on them.....it is the members of AIPAC that send the money. Wyden is at the top of their Sweetheart list. So dont look for fairness or evenhandedness from Ronnie Wyden. His loyalty is with Israel , not us stupid hick Oregonians. As for Gordon Smith....his qoute of August 20 , 2005 at the Jordanian summit meeting sums up his stance...." Israel comes first " I called his offices to get an idea of what he meant by that...both the Washington and the Portland office3s acknowledged him making that remark , but could not elaborate. I say all traitors should be kicked out so they can go live in Israel or wherever their true allegiance lies. Gordon Smith's office told me he supports Israel because of his religious beliefs...now that the Israelis are killing Christians in Lebanon ....I wonder how he can justify that... maybe brown Christians dont count to him....Geez

DEMOCRATS???? 22.Jul.2006 10:48


dont look for help from any democrats in the fight against imperialism, they are the ones keeping the system functioning, however creaky the wheels seem to be turning now-a-days.