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A word in defense of the eco-prisoners

it just rubs me the wrong way
Some of your eco=prisoners have cracked under the grinding wheels of a ruthless system of oppression and in return for a shred of mercy from that ruthless prick system, instead of going into the hole for the rest of their lives, have decided to cooperate, while everyone else condemns them to a life time of rattery.

Let's make something clear. First of all 'Earth First' is not a revolutionary strategy, and neither is protecting one last grove of trees, all the other trees having been lost already, thus proving what a worthless damn strategy that was all along. If you save a grove of trees you will just be back in a year or two to protect that grove one more time.

If you tear each other to pieces, that will spare that system of ruthless oppression the task of tearing you to pieces, since you made the bad mistake of tearing each other to pieces instead of tearing that damn thing to pieces.

It is asking a bit much of someone who doesn't know what they are doing, and never did, to sit in a hole and play the role of a martyr. Forgive and you will be forgiven. Condemn and you will be condemned.

If someone who does not destroy the system of ruthless oppression damns the victims who are crushed under its wheels, such a person will wind up being crushed under the same wheel. You see you left the wheel, and the wheel is for crushing. That was a mistake.

The SUV burning strategy or the tree protecting strategy are worthless and not worth a fuck. Get that idea through your heads. Do the right thing. Don't tear at helpless victims who caved in and refused to play their assigned role as glorious martyrs. If you don't think something is being done right, then do it yourself. Don't tear each to pieces. Do the right thing. Tear that system to pieces and then your prisoners will soon be set free, and forgive the helpless victims.

You see, if you are a helpless victim, called upon to surrender your entire life to do a fucking life sentence for doing something as trivial as burning a fucking SUV, useless as that dumb idea might be, and you are surrounded by fuck ups who can't save you, you might crawl on your hands knees before utterly ruthless pricks. If you don't want them crawling and if it pisses you off when they do crawl then do something for them to save the poor bastards instead of hypocritcally judging them and damning them to hell for life instead of damning that system of ruthless oppression to hell. Show some common sense. Do the right thing. Open your eyes. Give people hope, and then maybe they might be heroes instead of crawling on their hands and knees while fuck ups condemn them for crawling.
right on 21.Jul.2006 09:00

anyone who posts on here obviously hasn't done shit anyway

and has no room to judge.

Evryone is going to take a deal in the end anyway, as we have seen so far, except for maybe someone facing only 5 or ten years.

Agree 21.Jul.2006 09:54

Yes Man

Snitching is not cool. However it is even less cool to bitch about snitching while sitting on your ass and not doing anything yourself. You should honor the snitchers (even if you hate it) 'cause they did more than you. Their cause is more important than their honor.

I can't believe what comes over the wire these days 21.Jul.2006 11:33

in the know

what a bullshit piece of tripe. Darren Thurston and Zachary Jenson were not "helpless victims," and were supported by the community at large (and not just the environmental or west coast communities), but by other codefendants. For them to turn their backs on their supposed friends for the hope of leniency is, well, not something you do, especially if you are like Darren Thurston (who has served time for arson already) and have been through this all before. As for the comment that everyone is going to take a deal, so far pleas have only been offered for cooperation. Eric McDavid and Daniel McGowan aren't cooperating, so what are the chances they'll get a plea?

If you really want to "destroy the system of ruthless oppression," it takes solidarity, not shit-talking a movement describing their actions as fruitless. If the radical environmental and animal rights movements were truly were so ineffective, would they be so prominent on the feds radar? Let's stick together and defend those who are not cooperating.

animal rights 21.Jul.2006 12:57


Generally the animal rights community has had very few snitches. Look at the Shac 7. Only one person snitched in that case and he was compleatly shunned by the activist community in New Jersey.

[ 21.Jul.2006 13:57


Take all the people who should stick together, who comment on this site and other places, who condemn those who have given in under state pressure, and put them all in the same circumstances, the same 90% would also crack.

In otherwords, 90% of the people who condemn those who cracked, would themselves crack. Do with this as you will.