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Hezbollah has forced retreats of Iraeli forces daily

You won't hear about this on the news.
On a nightly basis now Israeli terrorist have tried to enter Lebanon, and every time have been engaged by Hezbollah and forced to retreat. The Lebanese Army is going to join Hezbollah in protecting Lebanon from an almost daily attempt of an invasion. Here is a spin that will not spin, US media has been trying to separate Hezbollah from Lebanon, that they are not wanted there by the Lebanese, and that is so untrue, the Lebanese people have been rallying behind Hezbollah.

Israel is making it seem as though an invasion is not off the table, but the truth is that they are not able to. They have the six day war stuck in their heads, but that was the American military who made that possible, and the last thing Americans are going to do after Iraq is send their children to fight for the rouge state of Israel.

If Israel will go to war for two captured solders, then why do they feel that holding thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian Political prisoners and prisoners of war for years and some decades OK? Remember how long Americans chased the idea of Vietnam prisoners still being held in secret camps? It is important.

sources 21.Jul.2006 01:49

you may be right but

When one makes a statement that is so contrary to the media, it is always nice to provide sources. Some readers may be industrious enough to go looking, but many not.

yes 21.Jul.2006 02:07


I have family in Lebanon who are orthodox Christians whom I talk daily to.

There is currently a strict censorship in place 21.Jul.2006 06:22


The censorship policy currently in place is mentioned in the above article, and it controls all media coming out regarding Israeli military activities. This statement has been sent to all press allowed to make news in Israel/Palestine, and this statement has been leaked from the controlled press there to the independent press here - it can be found at:


and it states:

Israeli Military Censor Issues Censorship Order to all Media in Israel/Palestine
author: gpo

This is a document that was issued to all media in Israel/Palestine, issued by the Military Censor's office and distributed through the Government Press Office (the office with which all foreign and national media are expected to register before reporting on the Palestine/Israel conflict).

Date: 16.7.06

Censorship Policy Regarding Fighting in the North

1.As of now, over 1,200 rockets have been fired at Israel; it is expected that this will continue.
2.Therefore, following are the Military Censor's relevant guidelines:

a.The Military Censor will not approve reports regarding visits of Israeli Government and IDF officials in the north of Israel until the visits are over due to the clear connection between officials' visits and missile attacks on the area in question.
b.The Military Censor will not approve reports on missile hits at IDF bases and/or strategic facilities.
c.The Military Censor will not approve reports on missiles that fall in the Mediterranean Sea.
d.The Military Censor will not approve reports on time periods when citizens are permitted to leave their shelters. Warnings of such times are utilized by the enemy for timing attacks.
e.Reporting on locations in which there are public defense and organizational difficulties should be avoided as much as possible.

3.Real-time reporting on the exact location of rocket hits must be strictly avoided!


Col. Sima Vaknin-Gil
Chief Military Censor

So, it would be illegal currently for the press to report on the assaults on the Israeli military.

Sites that folks can go to for independent reporting about the situation in Lebanon in Palestine are at:  http://www.electroniclebanon.net and  http://www.imemc.org, specifically for info on the situation in lebanon, there is a page set up at:

and here's one about clashes with the Israeli military:

 link to www.imemc.org

some of the most powerful posted in the last day from Beirut are at:


and of course, the "story" of the day yesterday, summing it up pretty clearly...

I saw the same on al jazeera 21.Jul.2006 08:02


I saw the ame storis on al jazeera, its avaliable on dish network.

THANK-YOU for this newswire item and footnote/comments 21.Jul.2006 12:05


The original newswire item is so simple and clear that even I can finally understand (or think I can) the balance of forces, loyalties AND culpabilities.

We are so accustomed to thinking of Six Day War INVINCIBLE ISRAEL. But even big bad daddy Atrocity America dares not lend further military assets to Israel.

Reasons include widespread condemnation of US military behaviour, the impossibility of stretching US military agression further at this time for fear of (at last!) internal rebellion/mutiny, and a near universl assumption of Israeli invincibility even without the'Nucleur Option'.

Anyone for a bumper sticker reading VISUALIZE MUTINY ?

ah 21.Jul.2006 16:57

you may be right but

Best wishes to you and your family. Israel is apparently massing at the border now.

As far as censorship goes (comment addressed to "listening", Israeli censorship doesn't muzzle Lebanese press. Though the US press might respect that, so your comment explains the American papers, but not Arab, Asian, and some European papers.

more links backing up the truth of this post 21.Jul.2006 17:10

connecting the dots

body of israeli soldier found inside lebanon (tonight one...four killed yeasterday):

interview with former israeli general about the difficulties israel is having in its
operations in southern lebanon:

lebanese support for hezbollah:

israeli helicopters collide:

hit on UNIFIL post (head of the post says it was an israeli hit, but israel says it
was hezbollah):
 link to www.jpost.com
info on UNIFIL:  http://www.un.org/Depts/DPKO/Missions/unifil.htm

so many civilians killed in southern lebanon:
 link to news.yahoo.com

the lebanese prime minister says if israel carries out ground invasion, the lebanese
army will stand against them, and with hezbollah:

nasrallah's speech last night:

israeli takeover of palestinian radio station:

after being criticized by international federation of journalists, israel quits the
organization rather than respond:

hezbollah-owned television station al-manar shows israeli equipment seized during

here's an article from hamas official website (they are generally pretty accurate,
but with cheerleading for the resistance mixed in with their articles....not
straight reporting):

check this site: a site made by soldiers in the UNIFIL (united nations interim force
in lebanon - they've been there since 78, on the israel-lebanon border)

Israel suspends its membership in the International Federation of Journalists 21.Jul.2006 18:40


Israel suspends its membership in the International Federation of Journalists
Date: 21 / 07 / 2006 Time: 20:47
تكبير الخط تصغير الخط
Ma'an- The General-Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists, Aidan White, announced that the federation condemned Israel after Israeli soldiers shot at the Al-Jazeera staff in Nablus, injuring a technician. As a result, the Israelis suspended their membership in the federation.

He added that the federation contacted the Israeli Defense Minister and Commander in Chief demanding explanations for the Israeli offensive on Lebanese Al-Manar satellite station and called for punishment of the soldiers who were responsible.

^The Hezbollah Martyrs (thus far) number less than 10. 22.Jul.2006 14:26

Ytzhak montfu65@homail.com

^The Hezbollah Martyrs (thus far) number less than 10.

Today, the Islamic Resistance announced the martyrdom of Mujahid Waseem Talib Najdi (known as Zakariya). And it said in a statement that the martyr was born in Sreefa in 1978, was married, and joined the ranks of the Islamic Resistance in 1998. Zakariya undertook several military training rounds with Hezbollah, and obtained the commendation of his eminence the Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

Your History 26.Jul.2006 11:53

Is Faulty

The Israelis fought the six day war in 1967 without any assistance. Same in the Yom Kippur war in 1973.

History Faulty? 26.Jul.2006 19:21


This writer has obscured his perception of occurrences and "his history" with a Zionist like dream.

How can one say that The US did not assist Israel in the 6-day war? Not only is that statement untruthful, but also shows a complete unappreciation to The US.

What would "his history" say about the attack on the US Liberty, which killed many US service members?

Also, The Yom Kippur war of 1973, there were thousands of both Syrian and Israeli deaths, It was in October during that war that my grandfather went into Syria from the US as a US citizen and got my mother, three brothers and I at the age of 3 out of the region and brought us to the US. Israel did not win that war; there was a cease-fire. My history is a history of my knowing and experience. Israel needs to know that times have changed. Israel does not have such a military superiority as it once did from US aid. All Israel can do is bomb and kill civilians. Israeli solders who serve 2 years in the military stand no chance against Hezbollah guerilla fighters who train every day and are experts on fierce attacks from unknown sites that surround Israeli troops, then are able to quickly "disappear" into the landscape with no trace. Hezbollah are called terrorist but have never once attacked civilians. 2 days of Israeli rockets being fired onto civilian children, women, and men left Hezbollah with no choice but to also launch rockets. How can Hezbollah be called terrorists when until the gross firing of rockets onto civilians, never once did they attack anyone but Israeli solders? Where they terrorizing occupying Israeli solders? BOO HOO

To state once more, to try to brush aside the US role in achieving the victory for Israel is to be completely unappreciative of the US assistance. Nice stance, perfect example of an unworthy, unappreciative, self indulged ZIONIST. I feel sorry for you.

Another thing that has been told to me by family still alive in Lebanon, Hezbollah has not even used a fraction of the artillery and rockets yet. I hope that they will not have to, Hezbollah fighters and most Lebanese do not like the idea of firing rockets onto civilians, but they feel they have no choice.

Still more the media has not told about, hundreds of thousands of Lebanese have taken refuge in Syria where they are being taken into peoples holmes and are being taken care of.