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Protest Lebanon - Gaza Invasions Friday

Dear friends,

Please consider joining the Palestine Arab-American Association (PAA), Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights(AUPHR), PPRC and other local organizations this Friday for an action calling for an end to the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza. If your organization would like to sign on as an endorser for this action, please contact PPRC at pprc@riseup.net or call us at (503) 344-5078. Below is appended the urgent action sent out by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation last Thursday. Please consider taking the steps suggested in that urgent action request.

WHAT: Peaceful Rally to Protest Ongoing Israeli Violence in Gaza and Lebanon

WHEN: Friday, July 21, 2006 from 5-7pm

WHERE: Pioneer courthouse square,Downtown Portland

Rally for Peace and to Protest Israeli Military Action in Lebanon and Gaza 1pm Pioneer Square Sunday July 30 at 1 pm in Portland Oregon | email from Lebanon - Defazio, Wyden, where are you? | Kucinich cease-fire resolution

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