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Judge Denies Government's Motion to Dismiss AT&T Case

"If the government's public disclosures have been truthful, revealing whether AT&T has received a certification to assist in monitoring communication content should not reveal any new information that would assist a terrorist and adversely affect national security. And if the government has not been truthful, the state secrets privilege should not server as a shield for its false public statements. In short, the government has opened the door for judicial inquiry by publicly confirming and denying material information about its monitoring of communication content." -- Judge Vaughn R. Walker
July 20, 2006

EFF's Spying Case Moves Forward - Judge Denies Government's Motion to Dismiss AT&T Case

San Francisco - A federal judge today denied the government's motion to dismiss the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF's) case against AT&T for collaborating with the NSA in illegal spying of millions of ordinary Americans. This allows the case to go forward in the courts.

EFF Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston, EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn, and Robert Fram of Heller Ehrman LLP will analyze the ruling and answer questions in a conference call at 1:30pm.

EFF filed the class-action suit against AT&T in January, alleging that the telecommunications company has given the National Security Agency (NSA) secret, direct access to the phone calls and emails going over its network and has been handing over communications logs detailing the activities of millions of ordinary Americans.

For the judge's decision:
 link to www.eff.org

For more on the AT&T lawsuit:


Rebecca Jeschke
Media Coordinator
Electronic Frontier Foundation

John J. Buchanan
Director of Communications
Heller Ehrman LLP
Posted at 12:36 PM



The court deferred to the government on one matter: the judge ordered that EFF can't compel AT&T to disclose whether or not the telecom participated in a separate program, first reported by USA Today, in which the NSA allegedly examines Americans' phone records without a warrant.

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