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Protest Lebanon - Gaza Invasions Friday

OK , folks ....lets do this !
Dear friends,

Please consider joining the Palestine Arab-American Association (PAA),
Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights(AUPHR), PPRC and other
local organizations this Friday for an action calling for an end to the
Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza. If your organization would like to
sign on as an endorser for this action, please contact PPRC at
 pprc@riseup.net or call us at (503) 344-5078. Below is appended the
urgent action sent out by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation
last Thursday. Please consider taking the steps suggested in that
urgent action request.


PPRC General Meeting

Peaceful Rally to Protest Ongoing Israeli Violence in Gaza and Lebanon

Friday, July 21, 2006 from 5-7pm

Pioneer courthouse square,Downtown Portland
Finally! 21.Jul.2006 00:36


Com'n Portland, show up en masse and show that Stumptown still has some semblence of pride and international solidarity left.

Protest against the blatant Israeli and US aggression in Lebanon!

Or do we all think that more than 300 dead Lebanese and 500,000 newly created refugees deserve nothing more than a head shake and stare of horror back at the massive murder and war crimes being committed everyday by Israel against populated civilian areas?

Please show up tomorrow at Pioneer Square tomorrow at 5pm, and let's salvage the once proud Little Beirut moniker this town earned a long time ago.

Rise Little Beirut ! 21.Jul.2006 07:14


Everyone who understands real justice needs to show up Friday at 5pm in Pioneer Square to protest the Israeli and US war crimes in Lebanon.

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Americans, Israeli, Lebanese, Arabs, Persians, EVERYONE needs to be there on Friday!

It's just like 1982 when Sharon led the Israeli invasion of Beirut. Except the guy's name is Ehud Olmert, and his enabler is George W. Bush.

We are all Lebanese 21.Jul.2006 08:11

theresa mitchell

If overwhelming force worked for Israel, the country would have been free of violence for decades now. When I speculate as to the causes of Israel's tendency to engage in vast acts of collective punishment—also known as terrorism—I can't ignore the context the country faces. But then, the first thing that comes to mind is my collusion with the Israelis, as a US taxpayer who has failed to stop the wholesale subsidizing of Israel's imperial tendencies. On top of the three billion per year in direct subsidies, the US pays for goodies like, as Shirl McArthur writes, "$1.3 billion for the cancelled Lavi attack fighter project, $628 million for the ongoing Arrow anti-missile project, and $200 million for the completed Merkava tank. The fact that the U.S. military was not interested in the Lavi, the Arrow, or the Merkava for its own use would seem to call into serious question the argument that these are "joint defense projects.""

It seems to me that the United States has taken a chauvinist or perhaps racist policy towards Israel, saying in effect, here's some money, or rather a lot of money, so you lesser people who aren't as close to God can go act like our bullies in the Middle East. You take the fall and the guilt, and we'll keep paying for you to act without consideration of economic ruin. Yeah, Go Israel. Nyah ah ahh...

Of course, that comes in the context of even greater virulence towards Persians and Arabs, whose Abrahamic religion is deemed to be even less holy and valid than that of the Jews. So when we pay to get them killed, I suppose we're pleasing God. All sides, by the way, are pretty darn sure God is plumb tickled with them. This either serves to highlight a certain self-serving hypocrisy in the religious types, or else it reveals God as a real trickster.

It all sounds too ridiculous to be true, but there it is. And we're paying up front for the Israeli violence. So what subsidized devilry are they up to now? Here's an excerpt from an article by Juan Cole, writing in Salon, available at antiwar.com:

Juan Cole/Salon
Jul. 19, 2006 | Haifa and Beirut, both usually bustling Mediterranean seaports whose terraced chalk apartment buildings and hotels rise abruptly from the aquamarine waves, are shadows of their usual selves this week, their streets empty, bars closed and shops locked up. Panicked tourists are fleeing or canceling their reservations, and the sanitation crews have to deal not with shawarma wrappers and beer bottles but with rubble and body parts. Everyone is wondering about the military objectives of the Israeli and Hezbollah leaderships, whose rash and immoral actions have brought their countries to this dangerous pass.
Beirut, of course, has taken the far heavier punishment, with dozens of buildings razed, massive bomb-produced potholes in the streets and frantic rescue crews carting away bloody bodies, mainly of civilians, including families and children. But Haifa is in greater shock, its inhabitants unused to taking direct enemy missile fire. Nor are they accustomed to seeing a bombed-out Israeli warship towed into the bay. The big international companies with offices not far from where the rockets landed include Microsoft, and the danger posed to Israel of capital flight in the billions dwarfs in magnitude the Lebanese losses of $100 million a day, mainly in forfeited tourism.
Haifa and Beirut resemble one another a good deal at the moment, but that could change dramatically. One option being entertained by the Israeli leaders would have the effect of turning the Lebanese capital into a fetid slum, swamped by hundreds of thousands of cowering peasants expelled north by a vast Israeli human engineering project. And if this project produces a civil war between Shiite Lebanese and the central government, as the Israeli high command and the Kadima Party who are considering this plan believe, then all the better.
Cole makes no excuse for Hezbollah's tit-for-tat reprisals and provocations, and neither do I. But if I ask myself which side is controllable from here, the answer is of course Israel. So here's Ron Wyden's phone number. Give him a buzz: 202-224-5244. He' a stand-up guy in a lot of ways, but he has a knee-jerk support-Israel stance and is at least as guilty of throwing gasoline on this atrocity as anyone. He was recently seen joining anti-gay crusader Rick Santorum at the Zionist Organizations of America conference in Washington. There's a thriving, or should I say festering, relationship between Bush's and Santorum's War-for-Jesus-against-queers faction and the pro-Israel-militarism lobby. Today's veto, Bush's first in office, against stem-cell research, is part of the neocon's strategy to throw red meat to the same crowd. But to the point: call 202-224-5244 and tell Wyden to cut off all funding for Israel. That'll get his attention.

I'll be there! 21.Jul.2006 11:52

celticfire redrebel84@softhome.net

So glad Portland is responding to this! I'll be there!

Lal salaam!

Self-Defense for Ethnic Cleaning 21.Jul.2006 13:09

more sickness

Israel plays the ethnic cleansing game 2 ways: murdering civilians in Lebanon, while ignoring its own Arab civilians in Israel. Hitler would be envious!

I guess Israel it asserting its "right" to defend some of itself.

The spirit of Portland is not dead 21.Jul.2006 15:15

But Elvis is

Better fucking believe I'll be there. We all should.