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A Handful of Neocons Are Instigating a Wider War

As of the morning of July 19, Israeli bombardments of Lebanese civilian residential districts and public infrastructure have murdered 300 Lebanese, wounded 1,000, and displaced 500,000. The Lebanese prime minister said that Israel's attack has caused "unimaginable losses" and that his government will seek compensation from Israel.

In Gaza, Israel has murdered scores of Palestinian civilians in the past few days.

In Iraq, the civilian daily death toll has risen above 100.
A Handful of Neocons Are Instigating a Wider War
Will Americans join Iraqis, Lebanese, and Palestinians as neocon victims?

by Paul Craig Roberts

What explains the indifference of the Bush administration to the slaughter of civilians in Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza?

As of the morning of July 19, Israeli bombardments of Lebanese civilian residential districts and public infrastructure have murdered 300 Lebanese, wounded 1,000, and displaced 500,000. The Lebanese prime minister said that Israel's attack has caused "unimaginable losses" and that his government will seek compensation from Israel.

In Gaza, Israel has murdered scores of Palestinian civilians in the past few days.

In Iraq, the civilian daily death toll has risen above 100.

These dead are not Hezbollah militia. They are not Hamas militia. They are not al-Qaeda or Sunni insurgents. They are civilians.

Frustrated by Hezbollah, Israel is lashing out at hapless civilians, knowing that the U.S. will protect Israel from UN Security Council condemnation.

Frustrated by Sunni insurgents, the U.S. has instigated sectarian strife.

Bush has stonewalled the UN, our European allies, and the Lebanese prime minister, all of whom are calling and pleading for Bush to pressure the Israelis to stop their cowardly slaughter from the air of Lebanese civilians.

The Guardian reports that Bush gave Israel the green light to attack Lebanon and has given Olmert another week to pound Lebanon.

U.S. Secretary of State Condi Rice has announced that she will go to the Middle East to resolve "the crisis" when it is appropriate. Apparently, the appropriate time is not when people are dying and a country, which had only just recovered from the last Israeli invasion, is again being bombed into rubble.

How many more war crimes must Israel commit before Bush and Condi Rice put aside their indifference?

On July 19, the Israelis turned their air attack on the Christian area of Beirut. The Lebanese Christians can thank the American evangelical Rev. John Hagee, who has thrown his 18,000 member Texas church behind Israeli aggression.

Bush cannot claim public support for his indifference.

As of noon July 19, 800,000 people had participated in CNN's Quick Vote, with the result that 55 percent oppose Israel's attack on Lebanon. This result is despite the fact that U.S. television reporting explains the news from the Israeli perspective.

Similarly, in Israel a survey published by Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth showed 53 percent of Israelis polled said Israel should hold negotiations to secure the release of the Israeli soldier captured in Gaza, while 43 percent backed a military operation.

A poll taken by the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reports that 28 percent of Israelis believe Israel should immediately stop bombing Lebanon, compared to 7 percent who believe that the bombing should continue until the captured soldiers are freed, and 14 percent who believe bombing should continue until Lebanon agrees to disarm Hezbollah - a task that Israel's invasion has made more impossible than ever.

If these polls are reliable, one can conclude that the U.S. and Israeli populations are more moral, and more concerned with human life, than are the leaders of the two countries.

Neither can Bush claim that he is supporting Israel because he is Israel's friend. If Bush were Israel's friend, he would not have given a green light to Israel's aggression, which will create more hatred of Israel.

As a number of Israeli writers have pointed out, Israel has shown tooth and claw to its Arab neighbors for decades to no avail.

Writing in Ha'aretz, Yitzhak Laor notes that Israel's problems are not the result of insufficient bombing and destruction of Arab populations. Yet, once again Israeli militants are "enlarging the circle of hostilities, including harming civilians. What Israel's 'strategists' have to offer is the destruction of yet another country."

Laor says the Americans can do this in Iraq with less consequence for themselves, because "the Americans do not intend to live in this region." Israelis cannot afford to show only tooth and claw to their neighbors, because "we do live here."

It sometimes seems Bush goes beyond indifference to contentment with the slaughter of Muslim civilians. Bush has even come across as gleeful as if he is on a dove hunt in a baited Texas field where joy resides in the killing of countless birds.

Many Muslims believe that Bush and Israel see them as animals to be slain. On July 17, neocon John Bolton, Bush's unconfirmed ambassador to the UN, gave credence to this Muslim belief when he announced that Israelis killed by terrorists were more important than the Lebanese civilians killed by Israel. Bolton said that there is no "moral equivalence" between Lebanese civilians killed by Israel and Israeli civilians killed by Muslim terrorists: "It's simply not the same thing to say that it's the same act to deliberately target innocent civilians, to desire their deaths, to fire rockets and use explosive devices or kidnapping versus the sad and highly unfortunate consequences of self-defense."

In Bolton's sick mind, Lebanese civilians are not experiencing terrorism when Israel deliberately targets them and drops high explosives on their apartment buildings, streets, bridges, and power plants, and bombs the Beirut International Airport. This, says Bolton, is Israel acting in self-defense.

If Israel grabs Palestinian or Lebanese land and murders civilians, that is "self-defense," but if someone responds to Israeli aggression with a rocket, that is "Muslim terrorism."

The world is sick of this double-standard. Unfortunately, not enough Americans and Israelis are.

Consequently, conflict will continue and escalate. Laor writes that "the director of the American Jewish Committee's Israel/Middle East Office, Eran Lerman, is already recommending going to war against Syria."

And so are the American neoconservatives who control the Bush administration, Washington think tanks, and media positions once held by true American conservatives.

Isolated in their evil, the neoconservatives are frantically and shrilly demanding that Bush join Israel in military attacks on Syria and Iran in order to "build democracy" and to clear the Middle East of any opposition to Israel's unbridled self-interest. The crazed David Horowitz writes that "Israel is doing the work of the rest of the civilized world."

Neoconservatives believe that the U.S. and Israel can extirpate Islam with fire and sword and that the present opportunity to escalate the current conflict into generalized war in the Middle East must not be missed.

Neocon warmongers have stolen the conservative name, the Republican Party, and a portion of the evangelical movement.

Are Americans too inattentive and too brainwashed to prevent their moronic president and his neocon government from initiating a dangerous war?

KALKI GAUR diplomatkalkigaur@yahoo.com

Neo-Con Foreign Policy
Author: Kalki Gaur, "Manifesto of Neo-Conservatism" (2006, $30). © Copyrights 2006. Page 14. Chapter 1. 1(3)
(3) (1) Neo-Cons Rejects Kissinger-type Realism
One. The eleventh and final conviction that imparted a distinctive twist to the views of second-generation Neo-Conservatives was their hostility toward Kissinger-type realism, whether manifesting itself as a deficit of democratic ideals and surfeit of hidden iconoclast patriarchal agenda as in the case of Henry Kissinger or an excess of caution as in the case of Colin Powell. As long as the Cold War had persisted, Neo-Conservatives and Kissnger-type realists had maintained an uneasy alliance, based on their common antipathy for the Soviet Union. But once the Cold War ended, so too did end any basis for cooperation between the two groups, namely morally "right" Neo-Conservatives and morally "wrong" Kissinger-type realists with hidden patriarchal agenda. From the Neo-Conservative perspective, amoral Kissinger-type realism constituted a problem. Kissinger's Realism was about defending American national interests, by balancing adversaries, not transforming the global order or to promote American hegemony. Kissinger-type amoral Realists had a marked aversion to India, and crusades for democracy and a marked respect for limits of American power and declared propensity to use covert operations to bring down democratically elected governments in the Non-Aligned World. Neo-Conservatives resented the hidden iconoclast patriarchal agenda of Secretaries Kissinger, Brzezinski and Albright.
Two. In the Neo-Conservative lexicon, the very notion of "limits" was anathema. Neo-Cons believed that to the extent that realists after the Cold War retained influence in White House foreign policy circles, they were likely to obstruct Neo-Conservative ambitions. So second-generation Neo-cons trained their gun-sights on Kissinger-type amoral realism and shot to kill. The problem with Kissinger-type amoral realists was that they were professional pessimists and were on the payroll of Communist China. In that regard there had always been "something about realism that runs directly counter to the fundamental principles of American society, democratic secular traditions, which gave Kissinger's America a nick-name of "Butcher of Democracy," in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, South Korea and South Vietnam. The essential issue for Neo-Cons is this: "if the United States is founded on universal principles, how can Americans practice amoral indifference when those principles are under siege around the world? And if they do profess indifference, how can they manage to avoid the implication that their principles are not universal?" To Neo-Conservatives the answer is self-evident: indifference to the violation of American ideals abroad is not simply wrong; it is un-American. Worse, such indifference pointed inevitably down a slippery slope leading back toward the 1960s or even the 1930s. An authentically American foreign policy must reject amorality and pessimism; it must refuse altogether to accept the notion of limits or constraints, in crusades for democracy.
Three. Neo-Conservative Jews directing Secretary Rice's Neo-Conservative foreign policy agenda pay the price of purging the Neo-Conservatism of Judeo iconoclast patriarchy. America is a multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multi-religion idea because the only alternative is plain luck, or Divine Providence. Neo-Cons believe that Americans are a historically unique and chosen people, just as Jews believe that they are unique people. Hardly any Neo-Conservative is not a Jew, but then again, hardly any Jew is a conservative. Neo-Conservative Jews are above all critics of other Jews: they cannot be explained by their Jewishness unless it is Jewishness rightly understood by a very few. The American idea is democracy, a form of government that permits a man, to say that he is a Jew or an Indian before affirming he is an American. Most Jews are liberals, because they think that the secular humanism of liberals will guarantee Jews against anti-Semitism and make America their home. But the price exacted by liberalism is to transform Judaism into secular humanism, is the price is prohibitively high for Jews and for liberals as well, since a Jewish man is essentially a religious or "theotropic" man. Neo-Conservatism, when purged of its Judeo particularity becomes a universal philosophy, also relevant for democratic India. The department of State led by black woman Secretary Condoleezza Rice thinking politically purged the Kissinger-style realism, purged the hidden anti-democracy and anti-pagan agenda of iconoclast patriarchal Judeo-Christian religious right conspiracy, and in the process unshackled the Neo-Conservatism and transformed it into a vibrant world-philosophy that filled the vacuum created by the demise of Communism in the Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, and transformed America into a revolutionary democratic power that seeks to usher in democratic revolution worldwide. Purging American State Department of Kissinger-Brzezinski-Albright style amoral "wrong" realism is a turning point in world history that shall define United States foreign policy in decades to come. Though Jews dominate the Department of Defense and the White House, they do not dominate the US Department of State during the second Bush administration.
Four. Black women Secretary Condoleezza Rice and President Bush's foreign policy in the second Bush Administration, after Bush charmed Indians with nuclear deal is distinctly Neo-Conservative policy and has ejected the hidden patriarchal iconoclast agenda of Kissinger-type amoral realism. In the Bush administration Protestant Neo-Conservatives formulate American foreign policy. The Neocons accomplished this, by selling their idealist ideology to a strong-willed president who does not belong to fundamentalist Christian religious right conspiracy, unlike President Ford, President Carter and President Clinton. Yet, the authors of essay "The Neo-Conservative Convergence,' argued that none of the president's most influential foreign policy counselors--not Dick Cheney, not Donald Rumsfeld, not Condoleezza Rice--was considered a Neo-Conservative prior to 9/11. Secretary Rice, in fact, is the protégé of Brent Scowcroft, a leading proponent of the opposing foreign policy school known as Rooseveltian Realism." Dick Cheney, too, had been associated with that Rooseveltian Realism School through his key role in the "realist" administration of the first President George H.W. Bush. However, none of the member of the present ruling elite- Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld - was considered a member of the Kissinger-type amoral realism, with hidden iconoclast patriarchal agenda. The argument that the strong-willed Cheney and Rumsfeld and Rice were brainwashed by Neo-Conservatives in lower levels of the current administration is too implausible to entertain. Thus, one or both of two things must be true: either they switched to the Neo-Conservative approach in response to the events of 9/11 "mugged by reality," or the second Bush administration's approach is un-first administration and distinctively anti-Kissinger-type amoral realist and distinctly Neo-Conservative.
Five. Anti-Kissingerism is the principal contribution of Neo-Conservatism to American foreign policy. Neo-Conservatives scored their first important triumph challenging Nixon and Kissinger's realism. The Nixon-Kissinger strategy was aimed at drawing the Soviet Union into a new "structure of peace" through the balance of power with China and exchanging trade for diplomatic and military cooperation. The Kissinger had a secret religious right conspiracy agenda that he implemented without the consent of anti-Semite President Richard Nixon. Neo-Conservative foreign policy rested on illusions about the imminent Soviet threat and the window of vulnerability that would open if the United States did not rapidly accelerate its strategic weapons development. Neo-Conservatives also played a role in postponing rather than accelerating the end of the Cold War, which is not to be confused with the end of the Soviet Union itself. Neo-Conservatives focused on their opposition to Senator George McGovern and President Jimmy Carter and opposed the amoral iconoclast policies of Secretary Kissinger, Secretary Brzezinski and secretary Madeleing Albright, which was very important to their development as a vital Republican political force and their impact on American foreign policy.
Six. Neo-Conservatives were against Kissinger-style realism, balance of power and détente that Secretary Kissinger designed to bring about the orderly decline of the United States after its dismal defeat in the Vietnam. In 1973 Neo-Conservatives began a campaign to link trade concessions to the Soviet Union to explicit Soviet concessions on Jewish emigration. Neo-Conservatives were concerned about Jewish emigration, but they were equally, if not more, determined to derail détente, which they thought was based on a false picture of the world and the Soviet Union. Neo-Conservatives rejected Kissinger's realism in the same spirit that Trotskyists had earlier rejected Stalin's nationalism. Neo-Conservatives insisted on passing Jackson-Vanik, and the Soviets then balked at complying with its terms, and détente, from that moment, was dead. Then onwards the United States could seek agreements with the Soviet Union based on mutual interest, but it could not pursue a general strategy aimed at ending the Cold War. Neo-Conservatives argued that the Soviet Union had used détente as a cover for its imperial aims. The Watergate scandal may have made it impossible for Nixon, Kissinger, and Gerald Ford to carry out their end of a détente strategy. By killing détente, the Neo-Conservatives encouraged the Soviet Union to undertake the military buildup and expansion of its influence overseas that the Neo-Conservatives later used as proof of their theories. Neo-Conservatism was a self-fulfilling prophecy, as it helped precipitate the crisis in U.S.-Soviet relations that it then claimed to uncover the Soviet military build-up and response to the end of detente. Nixon-Ford detente with the Soviet Union shortly after American defeat in the Vietnam was a total sell out of American national interests by Secretary Kissinger. Neo-Conservatives should be complimented for their bold initiatives that derailed the Kissinger-led sell out of American national interests.
Seven. Neo-Conservatives have unadulterated contempt and hatred for Ashkenazi Jewish Kissinger-Brzezinski-Albright Nexus that misused the White House to promote a hidden extra-constitutional iconoclast patriarchal agenda. The neocons have contempt for dialogue and negotiation - for the minutiae of politics. Henry Kissinger came in for special reproach. Kissinger believed that the United States should ally with anyone if it enhanced the power of the United States after defeat in the Vietnam. Secretary Kissinger harnessed the commonality of Judeo-Communism and iconoclast patriarchy of Judeo-Christianity to bring about the first Sino-US joint venture that resulted in installing Catholic Pol Pot regime in Buddhist Cambodia and caused the genocide of 2 million Buddhists to great delight of those that wanted to Christianize Laos, Cambodia and the Vietnam. Republican Neo-Conservatives hated Secretary Kissinger's role in the demise of democracy in Chile and Argentina and the subsequent loss of many thousands lives. Democratic Neo-Conservatives were aghast at Evangelical President Jimmy Carter's ugly role in the overthrowing secular modern Pahlevi Monarchy as well as the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Shahpur Bakhtiar in Iran and replacing it by ultra-conservative regime of Ayatollah Khomeini. Such Kissinger-Brzezinski-Albright type amoral realism with hidden iconoclast patriarchal agenda is anathema to the Neoconservatives. The Neo-Conservative foreign policy agenda is to enhance America's military power with lliance with major democratic powers such as India to meet the challenge of Communist China and to use America's military power to reshape the world in the image of capitalist democracy and to establish liberal democratic governments in the Islamic Middle East to permanently destroy the breeding grounds of barbarian extremist fundamentalist militant Islamic terrorism.
(2) Neo-Cons War on Islamic Terrorrism
One. Conventional War against global Islamic terrorism no longer a practical option by great powers as conventional war on the Islamic world shall not be a plausible way of achieving American national goals, as the cost conventional of war against elusive Islamic terrorists, even for the victor may exceed the benefits of victory. One of the first and foremost pieces of the "old world" and "old thinking" to be tossed on the trash heap of history by Neo-Conservatives is the idealist view of human institution of war. Conventional War as an instrument of foreign policy in the idealistic view was a proper instrument for achieving national interest goals, but not any more in the global war on Islamic terror. Former President Woodrow Wilson was the founder of idealism or Wilsonian Idealist approach to foreign policy. Idealism is also marked by the prominent role played by international law and international organizations in its conception of policy formation.
Two. Neo-Conservatism stands for a global war against Islamic terrorism. Whatever alternatives are proposed to replace the neo-conservative paradigm must effectively address the gritty reality of fighting Wahhabi terrorism on a global scale. All proposed alternatives to Neo-conservative agenda must pass a fundamental litmus test, they must offer a viable plan to solve the Middle East's Wahhabi problem of religious fundamentalism, extremism and solve it in a permanent fashion, so that never again the barbarians of the Arabia invade and attempt to destroy civilizations. The Middle Eastern problem is quite simply that, the region exports radical Islamic terrorism and religious extremism and fundamentalism that directly threaten the safety of the United States and India. In the post-Cold War world in India and in the post-September 11th world in the United States, the Wahhabi terrorist threat constitutes the single greatest danger to Indian and American national security and to world civilization itself. The prospect of a Saudi Arabian or Iran financed Islamic terrorist nuclear weapon being detonated in an American city is horrifying but it is also not far fetched.
Three. Whereas the Soviet nuclear threat during the Cold War could be effectively contained and deterred through concepts such as "Massive Retaliation" and "Mutual Assured Destruction," the terrorist threat cannot. Men who view suicide bombing as a path to martyrdom are not persuaded through a rational cost-benefit calculus analyzing the destructive power of our arsenals versus their own. Unlike the Soviets, the Islamic terrorists themselves have little to lose. International terrorists provide few targets, other than themselves and the hidden infrastructure that supports them. In the mind of Neo-Conservatives the September 11 attacks made abundantly clear that American must undertake preemptive attacks on homelands of Islamic terrorism to vanquish them and followed by proactive democratic nation-building and society-building of the homelands of the Islamic terrorism in the Middle East that enforced western liberal traditions and equality of women. Successfully engaging and ultimately defeating such terrorists is a multi-faceted long-term endeavor, necessitating full mobilization of resources of democratic civilizations.
Four. The conviction animating Neo-Conservatives after the Cold War that by implication, Neo-Conservatives were no longer inclined to employ force only after having exhausted all other alternatives. The Neo-Conservatives of the 1990s did not qualify as warmongers, but once having gotten a whiff of gunpowder during the Persian Gulf War of 1990-91, Afghan War of 2002 and Iraq War of 2003, Neo-Cons developed a hankering to repeat the experience. In the 1970s and 1980s, the proximate threat posed by the Soviet Union had obliged the United States to exercise a certain self-restraint. Now, with the absence of any counterweight to American power, the need for self-restraint fell away. Indeed, far from being a scourge for humankind, war itself even, or perhaps especially, preventive war became in Neo-Conservative eyes an efficacious means to serve democratic idealistic ends and morally "right" tasks. The problem with Bill Clinton in the 1990s was not that he was reluctant to use force but that he was insufficiently bloody-minded and that Secretary Madeleine Albright had a hidden anti-pagan, anti-democracy iconoclast patriarchal agenda. In Haiti, in Somalia, and elsewhere" where the United States intervened, President Clinton had the stomach only to be halfway imperialists, and when the heat was on, they Clinton to look for the exits. Such half-heartedness suggested a defective appreciation of what power could accomplish. Neo-Conservatives knew better. "Military conquest has often proved to be an effective means of implanting democracy. The best democracy program ever invented is the U.S. Army." "Peace in this world only follows victory in war."
Five. The Neo-Conservative complaint about Operation Desert Storm (1990-91) was that President George H. W. Bush and his commanders had failed to press the attack. In Neo-Cons' eyes, the Persian Gulf War demonstrated that the Pentagon was a superb military instrument wielded by excessively timid officers, of whom General Colin Powell was the ultimate embodiment. "One of the Gulf war's important lessons is that America's military leadership is far too cautious. Indeed, promoting the assertive use of American military power became central to the imperial self-definition devised by second-generation Neo-Conservatives.
Six. The tenth conviction animating second-generation Neo-Conservatives was a commitment to sustaining and even enhancing American military supremacy. Using American force to advance the prospects of peace and democracy implied that the United States ought to possess military power to spare. Neo-Con historians even charged that the United States was repeating the folly of Great Britain in the period between the world wars by engaging in de facto unilateral disarmament. With the Cold War now history, it seemed, the world was becoming even more dangerous, and the United States therefore needed more military power than ever before. Whether or not a proximate threat existed, it was incumbent upon the Pentagon to maintain the capability "to intervene decisively in every critical region" of the world. To Neo-Cons, the prospect of conflict without end beckoned, because of the global threat of Islamic terrorism. Surveying the world, Neo-cons concluded in 1999, "America must be able to fight Iraq and North Korea, and also be able to fight genocide in the Balkans and elsewhere without compromising its ability to fight two major regional conflicts. America must be able to contemplate war with China or Russia some considerable (but not infinite) time from now. The peace that followed victory is to be a long time coming.
Seven. As the 1990s unfolded, Neo-Conservatives pressed their case for "an American policy of military strength and moral clarity," emphasizing the use of armed force to promulgate American values and perpetuate American primacy. Most persistently Neo-Conservatives throughout the Clinton years lobbied for decisive American action to rid the world of Saddam Hussein. From a Neo-Conservative perspective, the Iraqi dictator's survival after Desert Storm exposed as nothing else the cynicism and shortsightedness of the realists who had dominated the administration of George H. W. Bush and who had prevented the American army from completing its proper mission, pursuing the defeated Iraqi army all the way to Baghdad. Topping the agenda of the second-generation Neo-Conservatives was a determination to correct that error, preferably by mobilizing America's armed might to destroy the Baathist regime. "Bombing Iraq Isn't Enough." It was time for the gloves to come off, and that means using air power and ground forces, and finishing the job left undone in 1991." Neocons yearned to liberate Iraq, as an end in itself but also as a means to an eminently larger end. "A successful intervention in Iraq would revolutionize the strategic situation in the Middle East, in ways both tangible and intangible, and all to the benefit of American interests." A march on Baghdad was certain to have a huge demonstration effect. Iraq War puts dictators around the world, including Iran's Ayatollahs on notice either to mend their ways or share Saddam's fate. Neo-Cons should silence doubters who questioned America's ability to export its values, its Creed via crusades for democracy.
Eight. With American power now fully refurbished and vindicated by the outcome of the Cold War, the demise of Communism in the Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union and the capitalist inroads into Communist China, the second generation Neo-Cons went a step further, promulgating the notion that the Neo-Conservative moment was now ripe for the United States to use that power, especially military power, to achieve the final triumph of American ideals and creed, especially the Wilsonian Idealism to promote and propagate democracy worldwide. In this sense, the Neo-Conservatives who gravitated to the Weekly Standard showed themselves to be the most perceptive of all of Woodrow Wilson's disciples. For the real Wilson (in contrast to either the idealized or the demonized Wilson) had also seen military power as an instrument for transforming the international system and cementing American primacy.
Nine. Efforts to promote "a neo-Reaganite foreign policy of military supremacy and moral confidence" found expression in five convictions that together form the foundation of second-generation Neo-Conservative thinking about American statecraft. The first conviction animating Neo-Conservatives after the Cold War is the certainty that American global dominion is, in fact, benign and that other nations necessarily see it as such. Thus, America is not just any hegemon. America runs a uniquely benign imperium. This is not mere self-congratulation by Neo-cons; it is a fact manifest in the way other nations welcome American power, so long it is used to promote or nurture democracy rather than install military dictators and tyrants. The baby-boomer neocons believe that other nations actually yearn for the United States to lead and to sustain its position as sole superpower. Other nations see American dominance as both compatible with their own national interests and preferable to any remotely plausible alternative such as the Chinese dominance or Islamic dominance.
Ten. The second conviction animating Neo-Conservatives after the Cold War that any failure on the part of the United States to sustain American Imperium or Pax-Americana or Petro-Imperialism would inevitably result in global disorder and New Global Dark Age may descend on the earth, due to growing nexux of Islamic terrorism fundamentalism and global drug trade. Despite "all bleating about hegemony, no nation really wants genuine multipolarity." "Not only do countries such as France and Russia shy away from the expense of creating and preserving a multipolar world; they rightly fear the geopolitical consequences of destroying American hegemony." The cold hard reality of U.S. supremacy was sure to have "a calming effect on the international environment, inducing other powers to focus their energies and resources elsewhere." Rather than eliciting resistance, American dominance could be counted on to "have a soothing effect on the rest of the world." With the passing of the Cold War, "an ideologically pacified North seeks security and order by aligning its foreign policy behind that of the United States. This is the shape of things to come." Failure on the part of the United States to sustain its imperium or Pax-Americana or Petro-imperialism would inevitably result in global disorder, bloody, bitter, and protracted.
Eleven. The third conviction animating Neo-Conservatives after the Cold War that as a result, proposals for organizing the world around anything other than American power elicited derision for being woolly-headed and fatuous. Nothing, therefore, could be allowed to inhibit the United States in the use of that power. "The United Nations is guarantor of nothing. Except in a formal sense, it can hardly be said to exist." As a result, "when serious threats arise to American national interests unilateralism is the only alternative to retreat." Or more extreme still, "The alternative to unipolarity is chaos." The incontrovertible fact of unipolarity demanded that the United States face up to its obligations, "unashamedly laying down the rules of world order and being prepared to enforce them."
Twelve. The fourth conviction animating Neo-Conservatives after the Cold War that on the one hand loomed the prospect of "a decline in U.S. power, a rise in world chaos, and a dangerous twenty-first century"; on the other hand was the promise of safety, achieved through "a reassertion of American power and moral leadership." To the Neo-Cons there existed "no middle ground," either you are with us or with them, either you are with America or against the America.
Thirteen. The seventh conviction animating second-generation Neo-Conservatives related to military power and its uses. In a nutshell, they concluded that nothing works like force. Europeans, might imagine themselves that with the new constitution of the 25-member European Union, the Europe "entering a post-historical paradise of peace and relative prosperity, the realization of Kant's 'Perpetual Peace.'" American Neo-Conservatives know better, and in Neo-Con's judgment, the United States remained "mired in history, exercising power in the anarchic Hobbesian world where international laws are unreliable and where true security and the defense and promotion of a liberal order still depend on the possession and use of military might." In the mind of the Neo-Cons employing America's military might with sufficient wisdom and determination could bring within reach peace, prosperity, democracy, respect for human rights, and American global primacy in partnership with democratic allies like India, extending to the end of the 21st Century. The operative principle was not to husband power but to put it to work to take a proactive approach. "Military strength alone will not avail," if America does not use it actively to maintain a world order which both supports and rests upon American hegemony."
Fourteen. The conviction animating Neo-Conservatives after the Cold War that for Neo-Conservatives, the purpose of the Defense Department is no longer to defend the United States or to deter would-be aggressors but to transform the international order by transforming its constituent parts. The Neo-Cons and the liberal architects of the Iraq war and Afghan war should be "only too willing to tell other countries exactly how to organize their political and economic institutions," for the good of target country's society and nation. For the younger generation of Neo-Conservatives, instructing other nations as to how to organize their countries, even by employing coercion if need be, is not evidence of arrogant stupidity; it was America's job or America's Manifest Destiny in the 21st Century.
Fifteen. Neo-Cons should discredit skeptics who claimed to see lurking behind Neo-Conservative schemes the temptations of empire, the dangers of militarism, and the prospect of exhaustion and overstretch, by openly advocating the benefits Arab society especially Arab women would get under colonial Western legal system. By forcibly overthrowing Saddam Hussein affirmed the irresistibility of American military might. As such, the armed liberation of Iraq transformed American foreign policy, by not preserving the status quo but promoting revolutionary democratic change, which thereafter defined the main purpose of American statecraft. The United States was "the most revolutionary force on earth," its "inescapable mission to fight for the spread of democracy," and the operative word is fight. Mao was precisely correct in stating that revolution springs "from the barrel of a gun." The successful ouster of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, during first Bush administration opened up whole new vistas of revolutionary opportunity in the second Bush administration in Iran and Sudan.
Hegelian philosopher Kalki Gaur belonging to the school of German Idealism is the patron Saint and philosophical Father to the political ideology and philosophy Neoconservatism. Hegelian Neocoservatism is the Revolutionary Ideology of the 21st Century and shall reign throughout 2000 years of the Aquarius Age. There are three political world philosophies in the world, namely, Neoconservatism, Communism and Fascism. Karl Marx was a prostitute philosopher and he produced shit-philosophy of Marxism and Communism, which his tribesmen over 100 years coated the shit Marxism in gold-plated and sugar coated capsules. Neoconservative political parties shall take control of the political power in over 100 countries of the world before 2050 AD. Neoconservatives should join forces to elect a Republican Neoconservative as the President of the United States in elections 2008 and also in India, Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany and Japan.
Author: Kalki Gaur, "Manifesto of Neo-Conservatism" (2006, $30). © Copyrights 2006; Email:  Dilomatkalkigaur@yahoo.com; Weblog: //360.yahoo.com/NeoconservativeManifesto/


KALKI GAUR diplomatkalkigaur@yahoo.com

Manifesto of Neo-Conservatism
Author: Kalki Gaur, "Manifesto of Neo-Conservatism" (2006, $30). © Copyrights 2006, Email:  Dilomatkalkigaur@yahoo.com; Weblog: //360.yahoo.com/NeoconservativeManifesto/
(1) (1) Page 1, Chapter 1. 1(1) Abstract: Global political parties based on the common principles of democracy, capitalism, freedom and neo-conservatism would contest elections worldwide and compete with Islamic fundamentalist parties, Catholic fundamentalist parties and Communist parties worldwide. Neo-Conservatism is dominant ideology of the 21st Century. The philosophy of Neo-Conservatism gives to America the hallowed space as the agency of History, and Neo-Conservative Republican Party represents the elitist antecedents of the Theory of the party as a key part it shall play as an agency of History, to mould the world in the image of American-type inclusive democracies.
One. President Bush, in his January 2005, second inaugural address, sounded like Revolutionary determined to export Democratic Utopia worldwide. President Bush's crusades for democracy with the support of India, is a turning point in world history and a radical approach to foreign affairs. "By our efforts USA has lit a fire as well, a fire in the minds of men. It warms those who feel its power; it burns those who fight its progress. And one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world," declared Bush. A Neo-Conservative revolutionary "fire in the mind" a radical approach to American foreign affairs, and after Bush's India Pact is a turning point in world history. President George Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice are true revolutionaries, the revolutionaries for establishing "Democratic Utopia" by making United States and India the agency of history.
Two. Neo-Conservatism is a revolutionary ideology and an armed ideology that seeks to use the unique position of democratic sole super power America as the hegemon as an agency of History, to export pro-diversity polytheist Democratic Utopia worldwide. Neo-Conservative Republican Party is a revolutionary political party with a manifest destiny to enforce global regime change of extremist fundamentalist tyrannical terrorist regimes. All revolutionary agency of history of the 20th century were armed ideologues.
Three. Revolutionary armed ideologues and agency of History, convinced that they were the vessels of righteousness, the spirit of History emblazoned on their banners, they used overwhelming force and beating their chests, proclaiming their virtuous "idealism" to all who would listen. And millions more followed them unthinkingly, convinced that they were embarking on a holy crusade to save the world, when in reality they were engaged in a cultural and spiritual clash of civilizations.
Four. The 21st Century is the historical battleground for the Clash of Civilizations where on one side Religions of sword and iconoclast patriarchal Murderous Ideologies are at war against revolutionary inclusive pro-diversity Democratic Utopia and Religions of Swords.
Five. Political Ideology is a brand name and requires branding and national economies are too small to bear the cost of full scale branding of political ideologies. India and the United States should develop, promote and market the Neo-Conservatism political brand and establish worldwide political party organizations and undertake mentoring of young potential political leaders and provide funding and assistance in fund raising.
Six. Hegelian philosopher Kalki Gaur belonging to the school of German Idealism is the patron Saint and philosophical Father to the political ideology and philosophy Neoconservatism. Hegelian Neocoservatism is the Revolutionary Ideology of the 21st Century and shall reign throughout 2000 years of the Aquarius Age. There are three political world philosophies in the world, namely, Neoconservatism, Communism and Fascism. Karl Marx was a prostitute philosopher and he produced shit-philosophy of Marxism and Communism, which his tribesmen over 100 years coated the shit Marxism in gold-plated and sugar coated capsules. Neoconservative political parties shall take control of the political power in over 100 countries of the world before 2050 AD. Neoconservatives should join forces to elect a Republican Neoconservative as the President of the United States in elections 2008 and also in India, Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany and Japan.
(2) Global Democratic Capitalist Parties
The concept of international democratic capitalist political parties is an idea whose time has come. In the age of global media and the rising cost of election campaigns the global network of neo-conservative political parties with a support base of global media and global election campaign organizations shall make a great political impact worldwide and foil the Mecca-Vatican-Beijing axis of political intolerance exclusion and murderous ideologies.
The ideology of Neo-conservatism provides the template for political party ideologies and the global support network of internet-based virtual election campaigns and political call centers shall catapult neo-cons into corridors of power worldwide. Global Neoconservative political parties are an effective instrument of foreign policy for United States and India.
Outsourcing political campaigns and election campaigns to global outsourcing campaign services providers makes great economic sense, as a national political party needs the full force of the campaign organization not more than a few months every election year. Smaller national economies cannot afford savvy political campaign organizations and they are better off by hiring international campaign organizations.
These are the arguments the author makes in this chapter.
1(1) Talking Points- 21(2) Neo-Conservatism Ideology
(2) Anti-Marxism Neo-Conservatism
MARXISM IS A SHIT-PHILOSOPHY: One. Karl Marx was a shit-philosopher and a prostitute-philosopher hired by the Papacy to discredit dialectic idealism of philosopher Friedrich Hegel. Hegel became the philosophical founder of Protestantism by demanding that philosopher should interpret Scripture rather than the Church or the priests, which Papacy saw as a threat to undermine the foundation of Papacy. Papacy hired minions of hired thinkers and writers to camouflage the Marxist-shit by gold-plating and savvy marketing. The philosophies or ideologies of Marxism, Communism and Socialism that we find today is the product of combined labors of the Jewish that pooled its resources to gold-plate the stinking shit of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. When the stink of Communism, Marxism and Bolshevism became unbearable, all those that earlier gold-plated the Marxist-shit including Trotsky as well as his followers in the United States started the movement that culminated in the political phenomenon of American neo-conservatism, which sought to use the power of the United States for universal propagation of American creed and democracy. Leon Trotsky was not less a Prostitute philosopher and peddler of shit Dialectical Materialism than Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Mao Tse Tung. With the demise of shit-Communism, the Divine Philosophy of Neo-Conservatism revealed itself to America and to the world as a harbinger of pro-Freedom pro-liberty inclusive Capitalist Democratic Utopia, with America and India as the Agency of History in the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism is Revolutionary Ideology and pro-Democracy America and pro-Democracy India are revolutionary nations and Agency of Revolutionary History in the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism has transformed the WASP Conservatism and President Bush has replaced hidden Judeo-Christian patriarchal agenda of certain Neo-Cons with the declared WASP and Petro-Imperialism agendas. Neo-Conservatism, purged of its local agenda transformed India of its socialistic shackles and created India-USA agency of History to export Democratic Utopia worldwide, to unleash Democratic Revolution in the world.
Two. After the demise of shit-philosophy, shit-polity, shit-utopia and shit-economy of Marxism and Communism, the fall of Berlin Wall, fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and the demise of the Soviet Union, the world-class philosophy and ideology of "Neo-Conservatism" emerged as the reigning philosophy and ideology of Neo-Conservatism, shall determine the world history, politics, religions and economy of the United States, India, Israel and rest of the world, including China, the last bastion of shit-Communism, steadily falling into the redeeming fire of Capitalism. The 21st Century is the Century of Neo-Conservatism. The Thesis of Hegel resulted in the Antithesis of Marxism and culminated in the Synthesis of Neo-Conservatism. Hegelian dialectics is at work in America, which is taking the history forward through the instrumentality of Neo-Conservatism. Neo-Conservatism turns the Dialectical Materialism on its head and unleashed the creative regenerative power of Hegelian Dialectical Idealism, to transform American foreign policy from the Kissinger-style Butchers of Democracy to Bush/Rice-style Crusades for Democracy. America allied with India became a new agency of History in the 21st Century to leverage the political economic and military might of sole super power Hegemon to export Democratic Utopia worldwide, including oil-rich Islamic world, so that the Petro-Imperialism could succeed in averting the looming Papal Catholic versus Wahhabi Sunni Islamic Armageddon. History is on the move after President Bush signed the civilian nuclear deal with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in March 2006.
Three. The ideology of Fascism as well as Communism was antithesis to Hegelian Idealism, and Neo-Conservatism is the third more evolved stage of Synthesis. Hegelian dialectic is at work in the United States. American Neo-Conservative "Utopia of Democracy" is a very viable utopia if Neo-Conservative America mobilizes its political, economic and military resources to export Democracy worldwide including oil-rich Middle East and the third world. Neo-Conservatism echoes the revolutionary dynamism and the historicist Messianic zeal, equally common to totalitarian world philosophies that dominated the 20th century, namely, fascism and communism. The "creative destruction" of extremism, fundamentalism, terrorism, and Kissinger-Albright-type amoral realism with hidden iconoclast patriarchal agenda is Neo-Conservative America's eternal mission, both at home and abroad. America's enemies hate President Bush, because they fear that America will succeed in its crusades for democracy once India joins America in exporting democracy worldwide. The reason Neo-conservative America's "enemies" hate America is that tyrannical regimes cannot feel secure so long as America exists, because America's very existence not America's policies threatens their legitimacy and continued rule. The extremist fundamentalist Wahhabi terrorists must attack America in order to survive, like the historical barbarians invasions of civilizations, similarly it is a moral imperative for Neo-Conservative America to undertake preemptive attacks on homelands of Islamic terrorism to destroy Islamic terrorism to advance America's historic mission to export Democratic Utopia worldwide.
Four. The Hegelian Neo-Conservatism has put upside down the evil paradigm of dialectical materialism in order to continue pursuing the war on the dialectical materialism's devilish eschatological dream, the End of History devoid of God, Armageddon and Apocalypse. The Hegelian Neo-conservatism believes in the progressive theory of history, in which every new stage in history is a progress and development over the stage that preceded it. Hegelian Neo-conservatism believes that American crusades for democracy for export of American-type democracy will expedite the historical role of dialectical idealism and usher in a new age of Democratic Utopia in the world.
Five. The multi-ethnic American philosophy working within Hegelian Dialectic, a progression in which each successive flow of new immigrants results in the corresponding political thought progression in which each successive policy or ideological moment emerges as working-out of the self-contradictions inherent in the preceding movement, forced by the changing electoral reality of changing coalition, because the survival instinct of the elected politicians forces them to gravitate to join the new electoral bandwagon that represents the historical progression rather than regression. If one understands history and philosophical ideas as a progression toward something, then one would perceive the American political thought process is working within a "Dialectic:" a progression in which each successive moment emerges as working-out of the self-contradictions inherent in the preceding moment.
Six. The Neo-conservative dialectic idealism put upside down, the Marxist dialectical materialism and restores the Synthesis of the thesis of Hegelian Idealist Dialectics with the Antithesis Marxist dialectical materialism. Neo-Conservative democratic idealism based upon superior Synthesis of dialectical idealism and dialectical materialism. The ideology of Neo-Conservatism is not an Ideology of Anti-Ideology rather it is a positive thinking ideology to establish Democratic Utopia in the world that replaces Sharia laws by western laws, replaces dictatorships by democratically elected governments and replaces the bondage of Islamic women by equality of women before law and equality of opportunity for women in religion, politics, business and society. What emerged as the hallmarks of this post-Cold War variant of Neo-Conservatism? Unlike their elders, second-generation Neo-Conservatives did not define themselves neither in opposition to Communism nor to the New Left and nor to the anti-Vietnam War politics of the sixties. The Neo-Conservatism of the second-generation Neocons is no longer an "ideology of anti-ideology." NeoConservatism advocates a positive ideological democratic agenda, a theology that brought fully into view the radical implications the "inverted Trotskyism," embedded within the Neo-Conservative insurgency from the outset. The Neo-Conservative dialectic puts the Marxist dialectics and dialectic materialism upside down and restored Hegelian dialectics and dialectic idealism to its historic role as history maker by preemptive attacks for nation building and crusades for democracy worldwide, including the Holy Land and the Middle East the seat of Catholic Crusades of the Medieval Age.
Seven. There is no patron saint in Neo-Conservatism. There is no Official Scripture of Neo-Conservatism. There are no official gatekeepers to the Neo-Conservative inner sacred throne. Neo-Conservatism is not a trademark-patented doctrine. It is simply stupid when Democrats and Liberals attack the Neocons are the new Trilateral Commission. Neocons may have become Bush administration a tightly knit and highly ideological community of Neocons obsessed with unilateralism, military force, preventive wars, crusade for democracy, nation building and social engineering. It is true that neocons have been defined not by themselves but by their critics. It is simply stupid to argue that pro-Israeli conspirators seized control of or "hijacked" the U.S. national security policy by virtue of their zeal and the on-hand nature of their pre- packaged agenda. In viewing neocons as an ideological community invites these critics to treat neocon thinking as a self-contained text, subject to exegesis, as if it were a religious doctrine or a text-driven ideology like Marxism, even when Jews played very significant role in the development, evolution and propagation of the Hegelian philosophy of Neo-Conservatism. The "hijacking" imagery invites critics to oversell neocon influence.
Eight. The political analysis of "The Neo-Conservative Persuasion," results in the redefinition of the "persuasion" known as Neo-Conservatism as a political ideology with a distinct flavor of Neo-Hegelian philosophy. The Thesis of Hegelian Dialectic Idealism resulted in the Antithesis Marxian Dialectic Materialism that after the demise of faulty antithesis Communism resulted in the Synthesis of Neo-Conservatism, the Kalkian Neo-Hegelian Dialectic Reformism, a form of Polytheism where the power of the Hegemon shall be used for rearranging the world to nurture and promote "right" or "good" and to fight "wrong" or "bad." Neo-Hegelian Dialectic Reformism reforms the history, unhesitatingly uses preemptive use of force for: Crusades of democracy, Nation building, Women's rights, Affirmative action for minorities, Religious reforms, and War against Terrorism and religious ideological extremism fundamentalism.
Nine. Neo-Conservatives are Hegelians of sorts or its American variant, the "Progressive Hegelians." The post-Iraq War Republican Party has changed with the changing times. Neo-Conservative Republican Party is no longer the same Republican Party so many Americans protested and mobilized against as young activists during Vietnam War.
Ten. Just as Fascism and Communism were the dominant political philosophies and ideologies of the 20th Century, the Neo-Conservatism with exportable democratic revolutions is poised to become the predominant political philosophy or ideology of the world in the 21st Century, albeit in the Third Millennium, once India and the United States pool their national resources towards Crusades for Democracy worldwide. Neo-Conservatism has adopted a modern version of International Imperialism of Fascism. Neo-Conservatism has adopted the democratic version of exportable political systems by nation building and crusades of democracy that shares similarities with Soviet and Chinese policies of supporting foreign revolutions. The Neo-Conservatives reject not only Nazi race-theory but also the most benign understanding of national or ethnic coherence. The Jewish and Trotskyite heritage of Neo-Conservatism rules out that Neo-Conservatism is a flower child of Nazism or Fascism, unless one can find any Jew who loved Holocaust. The Jewish and Trotskyite heritage of Neo-Conservatism rules out that Neo-Conservatism is a flower child of Stalinism or Communism, unless we can find a Russian Jew who loved the Gulag. The Judeo-Trotskyite heritage eliminates the possibility that Republican Neo-Conservatism is a camouflaged version of either Communism or fascism. It is stupid to try to find a Nazi or a Communist lurking under the camouflage of Neo-Conservatism. However, one may find a number of Protestant WASPs trying to achieve what Hitler or Stalin or Mao failed to achieve, and if these WASPs succeed in their endeavor, it would be because of the fact that the philosophy of Democracy is stronger than those of Fascism or Communism, and also because the strength of democratic tolerant inclusive diverse multi-ethnic American Civilization far exceed those of totalitarian, intolerant exclusive national Civilizations of Germany or the Soviet Union.
Neo-Conservatism is a revolutionary movement as it brought mainstream American intelligentsia into policy formation process at the House and represented a turning point in American history. Secretary Henry Kissinger during Nixon and Ford administrations had earlier developed a close-knit secret nexus political forces representing Judaism, Masonic Lodge, Papal extremist conservatism, Protestant Evangelical extremist conservatism to legitimize iconoclast patriarchal amoral realism, which paved the way for the installation of Masonic Lodge member George Ford as the President and the surprise victory of Protestant fundamentalist President Jimmy Carter. A part of the appeal of Neo-Conservatism to American intellectuals has been the Neo-Conservative idea that only a few sophisticated minds can really understand and face the truth about American politics and the manifest destiny of America in the 21st Century. To protect the Neo-Con movement against the ignorant and to be able to influence the powers-that-be, the Neo-Conservative philosophers hid their innermost beliefs and true motives from public, but expressed it tactfully to the rulers in an adulterated form whom they wanted to advise. Neo-Conservative philosophers may have told 'noble lies' that were more palatable than the truth, but those noble lies helped root out an hidden amoral iconoclast patriarchal conspiracy well-entrenched in the White House.
Twelve. Neo-Conservatism is dominant ideology of the 21st Century. The philosophy of Neo-Conservatism gives to America the hallowed space as the agency of History, and Neo-Conservative Republican Party represents the elitist antecedents of the Leninist theory of the party as a key part it shall play as an agency of History, to mould the world in the image of American-type inclusive democracies. Neo-Cons are among the most combative and articulate supporters of the Bush Doctrine. President Bush, in his January 2005, second inaugural address, sounded like the founder of the Red Army addressing the workers and Peasants of Leningrad. President Bush's crusades for democracy with the support of India, is a turning point in world history and a radical approach to foreign affairs worthy of any Bolshevik of old. "By our efforts we have lit a fire as well, a fire in the minds of men. It warms those who feel its power; it burns those who fight its progress. And one day this untamed fire of freedom will reach the darkest corners of our world," declared Bush. A Neo-Conservative revolutionary "fire in the mind" a radical approach to American foreign affairs, and after Bush's India Pact is a turning point in world history. President George Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice are true revolutionaries, the revolutionaries for establishing "Democratic Utopia" by making United States and India the agency of history.
Thirteen. Neo-Conservatism is a revolutionary ideology and an armed ideology that seeks to use the unique position of democratic sole super power America as the hegemon as an agency of History, to export pro-diversity polytheist Democratic Utopia worldwide. Neo-Conservative Republican Party is a revolutionary political party with a manifest destiny to enforce global regime change of extremist fundamentalist tyrannical terrorist regimes. All revolutionary agency of history of the 20th century were armed ideologues. Revolutionary armed ideologues and agency of History, convinced that they were the vessels of righteousness, the spirit of History emblazoned on their banners, they used overwhelming force and beating their chests, proclaiming their virtuous "idealism" to all who would listen. And millions more followed them unthinkingly, convinced that they were embarking on a holy crusade to save the world, when in reality they were engaged in a cultural and spiritual clash of civilizations. The 21st Century is the historical battleground for the Clash of Civilizations where on one side Religions of sword and iconoclast patriarchal Murderous Ideologies are at war against revolutionary Religions of Peace and revolutionary polytheist inclusive pro-diversity revolutionary of Democratic Utopia.
Fourteen. President Bush and Secretary Condoleezza Rice are serious about revolutionary ideology of Neo-Conservatism. The pro-Democracy radical Neo-Conservative radical American foreign-policy changes has upset the status quo and raised fears for conspiratorial exegesis. After the Second World War, during Cold War in 1948 the Cold Warriors apparently appropriated the Democratic party from the Henry Wallace wing, and Cold Warriors suffered abuses from the naïve Left who saw them as veritable McCarthyites as well as from the isolationist Right who did not want to continue the sacrifices of internationalism endlessly on into the postwar peace. All the charges that George Bush was brainwashed by Neo-Conservative Jews is not that different from the writ against Lincoln that Black Republicans before the Civil War had hijacked the political agenda of Abraham Lincoln. The "Black Republicans" hijacked the old border-state pragmatism of Abraham Lincoln when candidate Lincoln "came east" to get briefed, even then clever abolitionists from their New England pulpits and snooty colleges saw Lincoln as a suitable and naïve emissary of their radical agenda. It is stupid to argue that either Secretary Condoleezza Rice or President George Bush were brainwashed to accept the agenda of Neo-Conservatives against their wish.
Fifteen. The Republican Neo-Conservatism believes that in the 21st Century America should pursue the policy of Petro-Imperialism or Pax Oil-Americana or Oil Colonialism, which philosophically has roots in Fascist ideology of Lebensraum or International Imperialism. The Manifest destiny of the 19th Century America was to expand from New York to Los Angeles. The Manifest destiny of America is to control the oil and gas reserves of the Middle East to enhance energy security of the United States. After the defeat of Fascist Germany and Communist Soviet Union, it is Democratic America's turn to expand the political, social, cultural and military reach of America. The Neo-Conservative world outlook has diverged from the Trotskyite world outlook and acquired some similarities with the world outlook of nationalist socialism of Nazism as well as International Imperialism of Stalism. The core Neo-Conservative belief that "society can be managed by the state in both its political and economic life," is equally at odds with the traditional Conservatism as well as Trotskyism or non-Stalinist Left. The Neo-Conservatism, Stalinism and Nazism
Sixteen. The Republican Neo-Conservatism believes that in the 21st Century America should export American creed of democracy worldwide. The desire to transform the polity, culture and society of second and third world countries including the oil-producing nations makes packaged democracy, controlled by fraternal ties to benevolent Pax-Americana makes a convincing case, even more convincing that Soviet Union used to export Communist Utopia to Eastern Europe. The similarities underlying Petro-Imperialism and Crusades for democracy, with exportable Communist revolutions via nurturing foreign Communist parties, places the ideology and philosophy of Neo-Conservatism with rival world philosophies of Communism and Fascism. The rise of Neo-Conservatism as a new political philosophy of the world in the 21st Century is a turning point in the history, and reflects the liberal inclusive diverse Civilization's ideological, philosophical and military response to the barbarians invasions of civilizations.
Seventeen. Neo-Conservatism rejected the shit-philosophy of Leon Trotsky and put upside down the Trotskyism and adopted inverted Trotskyism. Neo-Conservative Inverted Trotskyism differs from Trotskyism no less than Marxist Dialectical Materialism differs from Hegels Dialectical Idealism. Neo-Conservatism is a total negation of Trotskyism. Neo-Conservatism is a philosophy of inverted Trotskyism, which seeks to "export democracy," in the same way that Trotsky originally envisaged exporting socialism. The Neo-Conservatives do not draw the kind of rigid distinction between theory and practice that many academics and politicians do. Instead Neo-Conservatism sees theory as a form of political combat and politics as an endeavor that should be informed by theory. Neo-Conservatives see themselves as a cadre in a cause rather than as strictly independent intellectuals and they were willing to use theory as a partisan weapon. The legacy of Trotksyism was important influence on Neo-Conservatives. Older Neo-Conservatives included Irving Kristol, Nathan Glazer, Sidney Hook and Albert Wohlstetter were either members of or close to the Trotskyist left in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Younger Neo-Conservatives included Penn Kemble, Joshua Muravchik and Carl Gershman that came to Neo-Conservatism through the Socialist Party of former Trotskyist Max Schachtman. Neo-Conservatives' idealistic concept of internationalism was what both the older Neo-Conservatives and younger Neo-Conservatives absorbed from their Trotskyist socialist past.. Trotskyists believed that Stalin, in trying to build socialism in one country rather than through world revolution, had created a degenerate workers' state instead of a genuine dictatorship of the proletariat. In the framework of international Communism, the Trotskyists were rabid internationalists rather than realists and nationalists. The American Neo-Conservatives who went through the Trotskyist and socialist movements came to see American foreign policy as a crusade, the goal of which was social democracy and finally democratic capitalism and they never saw American foreign policy in terms of national interest or balance of power.
Hegelian philosopher Kalki Gaur belonging to the school of German Idealism is the patron Saint and philosophical Father to the political ideology and philosophy Neoconservatism. Hegelian Neocoservatism is the Revolutionary Ideology of the 21st Century and shall reign throughout 2000 years of the Aquarius Age. There are three political world philosophies in the world, namely, Neoconservatism, Communism and Fascism. Karl Marx was a prostitute philosopher and he produced shit-philosophy of Marxism and Communism, which his tribesmen over 100 years coated the shit Marxism in gold-plated and sugar coated capsules. Neoconservative political parties shall take control of the political power in over 100 countries of the world before 2050 AD. Neoconservatives should join forces to elect a Republican Neoconservative as the President of the United States in elections 2008 and also in India, Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany and Japan.
Author: Kalki Gaur, "Manifesto of Neo-Conservatism" (2006, $30). © Copyrights 2006
Email:  Dilomatkalkigaur@yahoo.com; Weblog: //360.yahoo.com/NeoconservativeManifesto/
Page 5, Chapter 1.

(0)(2) 1(2) Universal Principles of Neo-Conservatism
Author: Kalki Gaur, "Manifesto of Neo-Conservatism" (2006, $30). © Copyrights 2006
(2) Political Ideology and Philosophy of Neo-Conservatism
Page 5, Chapter 1, 1(2) INDIA & CRUSADES FOR DEMOCRACY: One. Just as no Prophet can reveal a new world religion, without bringing god into that religion, similarly no American crusades for democracy would succeed unless India, the world's largest democracy is in the crusades for democracy. By purging the Neo-Conservative philosophy of its Jewish iconoclast patriarchal particularity, the philosophy of "Democratic Capitalist Neo-Conservatism" poised to reign as the dominant political ideology of the Second Millennium in general and the 21st Century in particular. Just as a rough diamond shines when polished by skilled diamond cutter and polisher, the neo-conservatism agenda in general and crusades for democracy, suddenly exposed its internal brilliance when nurtured by black woman Secretary Condoleeza Rice and President Bush, who made a paradigm shift in American foreign policy by replacing pro-China and anti-democracy Kissinger-style policies of earlier administrations, by pro-India and pro-democracy policies of second Bush administration, which many believe is the un-first administration. Neo-Conservative Manifesto seeks to outline the march of history and crusades for democracy in the 21st Century under the banner of Neo-Conservatism led world's largest democracy India and world's oldest and richest democracy the United States.
Two. The universal principles of American Neo-Conservatism, revealed when purged of its Judeo particularity and iconoclast patriarchy, at the hands of black woman Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and religious Protestant President Bush, enriched the world with its perfume so much that the Sikh Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Muslim President Abdul Kalam agreed to hitch the wagon of India to the rising ideology of Neo-Conservatism by signing civilian nuclear deal, to safeguard energy security of India as well as of the United States and to make a common front against Apocalyptic teleology of barbarian global terrorism and religious fundamentalism and to jointly undertake crusades for democracy worldwide and nation building in the Second World, Third World including the oil-producing Middle East. By purging Neo-Conservatism of the iconoclast patriarchy that Secretary Henry Kissinger inflicted on the world, and by choosing India to join the American crusades for democracy worldwide, has unshackled the Judeo-chained that had earlier tied Neo-Conservatism to local agenda, so that American could lead global crusades for democracy and wars on global terrorism and religious fundamentalism. With India on its side, the United States is ready to direct and lead the world history and judiciously manage its unique position as the sole superpower or hegemon of the world. India and America should aim to establish 100 Democratic Neo-Conservative Parties in the world, nurture and support new democratic leaders in these countries, and help these Neo-Conservative political parties acquire power in their countries so that these new neo-conservative nations could attain an era of peace and prosperity under the protective US-India neo-conservative umbrella.
Three. Why should one give a concise definition to Neo-Conservatism, a new emerging philosophy as ideas undergo constant change in a fast changing world, so that only fools claim that their religion or ideology or philosophy is in final unalterable final form and final stage of evolution? Every world philosophy is a hall of mirrors, as every new idea gets reflected in the ideas that preceded it and changes the images that we see in the hall of mirrors on a continuous basis. Only a shit-philosopher would say that his exposition of ideas is the final exposition of truth for all times to come. But it might be that the inability to define Neo-Conservatism in its finished format is part of what constitutes its power. In a sense the mystification of the irrational, as the rational takes away the power of a rational critique, while at the same proposing itself as pre-eminently rational. Neo-Conservatism is the reigning ideology of 21st Century and like Protestantism or Hinduism believes that every morally "right" philosophy, ideology or belief must undergo constant change and transformation to remain relevant in newly emerging future. Any philosophy that refuses to change to adjust to new realities putrefies and stinks like shit Marxism, Communism, Leninism, Stalinism or Maoism.
Four. The subject of Neo-Conservatism is a label that suggests an ideological rigor that neocons have never demonstrated nor perhaps even sought. From the outset, the Neo-Conservative identification with the post-Vietnam Right was a marriage of convenience rather than a union of kindred spirits. Though the label neocon has increasingly become one of opprobrium, the heat generated by the term "Neo-Conservatism" also stands as a backhanded tribute, an acknowledgement that the Neo-Conservative impact has been substantial, as indeed it has - to the fortune of us all in the democratic world. During last decade, especially since the ascendancy of George W. Bush to the presidency, "Neo-Conservative" has become a term of opprobrium, frequently accompanied by ad hominem attacks and charges of arrogance and hubris. It is today too soon to offer a comprehensive assessment of that impact. One aspect of the Neo-Conservative legacy has been to foster the intellectual climate necessary for the emergence of the new American militarism. As a practical matter, the task of reinventing Neo-Conservatism for a post-Communist world as well as the task of spelling out an "imperial self-definition" of American purpose fell to a new generation and new allies from democratic India. To promote that effort, leading members of that new generation of neo-conservatives should create their own institutions, to efficiently mobilize the resources of India and the United States for undertaking Crusades for Democracy. What India refused to do in 1950, India is willing to do in 2006 that is to provide India's full moral, political and military support to establish Democratic Pax-Americana worldwide.
Five. Neo-Conservatism has gotten to the point where one would have been happy identifying it as a type of 'Postmodern Conservatism,' as an escape route to explain that one can't tell you what Neo-Conservatism is but one can tell you what Neo-Conservatism is not." To recognize Trotsky/Hook elements in Neo-Conservatism would display one's radical Libertarianism. To ignore Neo-Conservatism's Trotsky/Hook aspects would prove "The State" was seducing one. To identify the hermeneutics of the Neo-Conservative and its Straussian "slow readings" would only imply one was reading too much into it. If there is one thing that is becoming clear, after the intellectual dust settles, it is this: these comrades, the frontrunners on the Republican Neo-Conservative highways are still Republican social democrats. Earlier calling a Republican a "social democrat" used to be a grave insult. Like most social democrats there is a Hegelian brush coloring Neo-Conservatism "persuasion" or ideology
Six. Neo-Conservatives do not feel that kind of alarm or anxiety about the growth of the state in the 20th century, seeing growth of the State as natural, indeed inevitable. Neo-Conservatives tend to be more interested in history than economics or sociology. Neo-Conservatives condemn as a historical eccentricity the 19th-century idea of Statism propounded by Herbert Spencer in his "The Man Versus the State." Neocons are familiar with intellectual history and aware that it is only in 19th and 20th centuries that democracy became a respectable idea among political thinkers. Trotsky viewed democracy as an inherently turbulent political regime, with the "have-nots" and the "haves" engaged in a perpetual and utterly destructive class struggle. For Hook, Democracy was only the prospect of economic growth in which everyone prospered, if not equally or simultaneously, that gave modern democracies their legitimacy and durability. Neo-Conservatives are impatient with the Hayekian notion that we are on "the road to serfdom."
Seven. Neo-Conservatism is not an ideology of iconoclast monotheism but an ideology of polytheist Idealism that has regenerated the post-Renaissance world since the dawn of modernity, and that is the Oriental ideal that men can be like gods by Yoga. Such revolutionary ideal is bound to succeed, sooner or later, and with the accelerated pace of events speeding up before our eyes, world is resigned to the fact that it will be sooner, because neither any single power nor the coalition of murderous ideologies and terrorist powers, can stand against the Allied forces of polytheist multi-ethnic Protestant America and Hindu India. Neo-Conservatism believes that America is an empire now and when America acts, America creates its own reality. And while realists are studying that reality, judiciously if they can, Neo-Con America will act again, creating other new set of international realities, which realists can study too, and that's how things will sort out. Neo-Con America is history's actors or agency of History, and amoral iconoclast patriarchal realists, all of them, will be left to just study what Neo-Con America as agency of History does. Neo-Cons believe that Kissinger-type realists and Roosevelltian realists live in a reality-based community, and these realists believe that solutions emerge from their judicious study of discernible reality, what they call enlightened iconoclast patriarchal principles and empiricism. Neo-Cons believe that is not the way the world really works anymore. Neo-Conservatism provides an inside look into the heart of Bush presidency, more than anything else. Neo-Conservatism as the Ideology is the reason first Bush administration was in Afghanistan and Iraq and shall be in Syria, Iran, or Sudan in the second administration.
Eight. Neo- is a prefix that derives from the Greek adjective 'veos' that means "new" or "fresh" and in theory Republican 'Neo-Conservatism' is used inexactly for those Conservatives who once were not, or for those who have reinterpreted American Conservatism in terms of a more idealistic American foreign policy that eschewed both Cold War Real-Politik and the hallowed traditions of American Republican isolationism. But the accepted definition of Republican Neo-Conservatism has given way in practice to refer to the more particular proponents of the use of military action to remove threatening governments, and to replace them with democratic systems, hence the occasional sobriquets of "Neo-Wilsonian."
Nine. What is an Israeli Neo-Conservatism? The pro-Israel officials in the State Department do not enjoy the kind of dominance they enjoy in the Department of Defense of the White House, so any fear that Secretary Rice might be misled by any pro-Israel official is totally misplaced. The dual loyalty of officials of Bush officials towards Israel does not present any threat to American national interests, on the contrary the Neo-Conservative ideal of American Empire may find ready acceptance by American public, if it is reluctantly accomplished as if under the influence of pro-Israel lobby. Neo-Conservatism emerged as a force in America in the 1980s. The father of Neo-Conservatism was a Jewish philosopher named Leo Strauss (1899-1973), who immigrated to America from Germany in 1938. It is significant that most of the well-known, modern-day followers of Strauss are also Jewish. Strauss himself once publicly admitted that his ideology of neo-conservatism was around the Jews. If described in political terms only, Neo-Conservatism is a moderate movement. However, Neo-Conservatism, despite its name, is not a political movement per se, but is instead a racial, i.e., Jewish, movement. Granted, a few non-Jews advocate Neo-Conservative ideas as well. The Neo-Conservatism is a proactive, not a reactive, movement. Jews conceptualized the philosophy of neo-Conservatism and due to the Jewish efforts the ideology of Neo-Conservatism emerged as the dominant political ideology of the 21st Century.
Ten. The Armageddon that Judeo-Christians religious right or Prophetic Christians actively promote has found willing allies amongst Israeli loyalists inside the administration that have tactically allied themselves with Prophetic Christians raises the horrifying but very real prospect of an apocalyptic Christian-Islamic war. Arch-conservative Pope John Paul II believed in Armageddon, Apocalyptic eschatology and Fatima Prophecy, which declares that Jesus will return and the Holy Land of the Middle East will become Christian lands again, as was the case before Arab Muslim invaders financed by Damascus Jews invaded and conquered Christian lands of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Algeria. The Prophetic Christians implicitly believe that Christianity shall replace Islam in the Middle East. More than 30 percent Americans believe in the End of time eschatology doctrines, Apocalypse and Armageddon. The neo-cons seem unconcerned, and Bush's occasional pro forma remonstrations against blaming all Islam for the sins of Islamic extremists do nothing to make this prospect less likely. WASP-led Petro-colonial American Empire presents the only military solution to avoid the Pope-led Apocalypse or Armageddon in the oil-rich Islamic Middle East. Only the Protestant colonial oil empire in the Middle East would avert the Armageddon of Catholic fundamentalism against Wahhabi Sunni fundamentalism. If the Christian Scriptures are true then Islamic Middle East shall become Christian lands after the Second Coming of the Jesus Christ, means that Islam as a religion would die in the Middle East. To avert the imminent Catholic-Sunni Armageddon, the Protestant American must use preemptive force to establish Middle East wide Oil-Colonialism. American Petro-Imperialism alone can prevent imminent Apocalypse and Armageddon.
Eleven. The separate strains of Jewish, Catholic and Protestant Christian fundamentalism have dovetailed into an Petro-Imperialistic American agenda for a vast imperial project to restructure the Middle East, all further reinforced by the happy coincidence of great oil resources up for grabs and a president and vice president heavily invested in oil. Neither President Bush nor Secretary Condoleezza Rice belongs to the Christian religious right conspiracy, even when Bush administration frequently enters into tactical political ties with the vested interests of Jewish and Christian fundamentalists. All of these factors ­ (i) the dual loyalties of an extensive network of policymakers allied with Israel, (ii) the influence of a fanatical wing of Catholic and Protestant Christian fundamentalists, and (iii) influence of Big-Oil funded Petro-Imperialism of Pax-Americana probably factor in more or less equally to the Bush administration's calculations on Iraq, Iran, Sudan, war on terror, and crusades for democracy in the Middle East.
Twelve. Many of the Republican Neo-Conservatives former Trotskyites who have morphed into a new, closely related life form, which makes anti-Communism and anti-China the article of faith for Neo-Conservatism. Many early neocons, including Irving Kristol, Nathan Glazer, Sidney Hook, and Albert Wohlstetter belonged to the anti-Stalinist far left in the late 1930s and early 1940s, and their successors, including Joshua Muravchik and Carl Gershman came to Neo-Conservatism through the Socialist Party at a time when it was Trotskyite in outlook and politics. As early as 1963 there was a continuous progression of many ex-Communists from the paranoid left to the paranoid right, clinging all the while to the fundamentally Manichean psychology that underlies both. Four decades later in the Bush administration, the dominant strain of Neo-Conservatism is declared to be a mixture of geopolitical militarism and "inverted socialist internationalism." So long as Jews controlled the Neo-Conservatism, the Neo-Conservatives may have been redesigned Trotskyites, though this view needs to be corrected in favor of a more nuanced analysis. Some form of gradual but irreversible and desirable withering away of the state is a key tenet of the Trotskyite theoretical outlook. The Neo-Conservatives, by contrast are statists par excellence. Most followers of the Trotskyite Left are internationalists and one-world globalists, whereas all Neo-Conservatives are unabashed imperialists.
Thirteen. "The call of history has come to the right country, we exercise power without conquest, and sacrifice for the liberty of strangers, we know that freedom is the right of every person and the future of every nation: "The liberty we prize is not America's gift to the world, it is God's gift to humanity," declared President Bush in 2005 State of the Union address. Republican Neo-Conservatism is committed to fulfill the Messianic destiny of its ideology, which emerged as the dominant philosophy and ideology of the 21st Century. Neo-Conservatism believes in a psychotic quest for power and dominance is the driving force, and the "nationalist" discourse its justification.
Fourteen. Driven by the same impulse, Neo-Conservatives' "national greatness" psychosis seeks to sweep away the old localized, decentralized America of bingo parlors and little league games, and channels the great energy of the American people to realize America's Manifest Destiny in 21st Century to export democracy, democratic institutions, open and inclusive culture and the civilization worldwide, so that the evil of theocracy, religious fundamentalism, totalitarian communism is eradicated from the face of the world. The Neo-Conservative urge for uninhibited physical control of oil-reserves may resemble Hitler-led New European Order of 1940s, or to the Stalin-led "Socialist Community" that succeeded it in Eastern Europe.
Fifteen. Neo-Conservative mind-set is Utopian. Neo-Conservative mind-set is neither eschatological nor teleological nor apocalyptic. On the contrary Neo-conservatism believes that the future world will have more prosperity than the present world, especially after the worldwide export of America-type democracy, capitalism, institutions and freedom. Neo-Conservatism advocates prudent use of force to export American-type democracy, liberty, freedom, culture, and civilization world wide, including the Middle East and Non-Aligned Third World. If Hitler's Germany, Hirohito's Japan, Mussolini's Italy and Stalin's Soviet Union could be replaced by democratic political systems in Germany, Japan, Italy and Russia respectively, there is no reason to doubt that Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or China can also become democratic nations that grants democratic elections, religious freedoms, liberty for all their men and women. The Republican Neo-Conservative mindset is not apocalyptic, which is a Nazi and Stalinist trait, but utopian, which characterizes the Trotskyite Left. President Bush replaced the Soviet Communist threat of the Cold War with the more amorphous global Islamic "terrorism" does not reflect a doomsday revolutionary mentality that can never rest, because America has the military capability to enforce by use of arms democratic regime changes, and modernization of Islamic societies in the oil-producing Islamic world. New missions of Neo-Conservatives are: the propagation of democracy, democratic institution building and imposition of American system of liberty and freedom in the Middle East and the third world. Neo-Conservatism advocates new wars to wage crusades for democracy to engineer democratic nation building and to defeat Islamic terrorism. Neo-Cons need not manufacture any pretexts for preemptive attacks, as world accepted these measures because of 9/11 attacks on America.
Sixteen. In the Neo-Conservative mindset, the great nations those who are fit to change history and take the history forward are those who realize there is no international morality that limits the exercise of military and political power that the sole super power or hegemon of the world may exercise, so long it is used for securing morally "right" or morally "good" objectives, such as crusades for democracy, nation building to export India-USA-type democracy, institutions, freedom, liberty and capitalism. In a unipolar world order there is no international morality that limits the judicious exercise of power by sole super power and that there is only one natural right, the right of the superior world powers to rule over the inferior powers to modify and create a new world based on the reigning ideology of the reigning hegemon of the world. This Neo-Con mindset is America's greatest friend and greatest strength. Neo-Conservative mindset legitimizes the preemptive attacks by the reigning hegemon for exporting America-type democracy, institutions, freedom and liberty; is the greatest protection of the international constitutional order, identity, and way of life of the civilized world in existence today, and protects the world civilizations from the unprovoked invasions of barbarians, terrorists, extremists and fundamentalists.
Seventeen. One of the chief characteristics of a classic Messianic political ideology is that there are two sets of ideological ideals that hold the political idealists in thrall, Exoteric Neo-Con ideals and Esoteric Neo-Con ideals, are two entirely separate and often contradictory ideologies that are held simultaneously by followers of Neo-Conservatism. Every world ideology has two sets of differing and distinctive creeds: the exoteric ideals and the esoteric ideals. The Neo-Cons exoteric creed is the official, public doctrine, the creed that attracts the acolyte in the first place and brings him into the neocon movement as a rank-and-file member and a voter for neocon candidates in democratic elections. The esoteric Neo-Con ideology is a quite different creed and represents the unknown, hidden agenda, esoteric creed that is only known to its full extent by the top leadership, the 'high priests' of the Messianic ideology. The leaders of the Esoteric Neo-con ideology are the keepers of the Mysteries of the Messianic democratic ideology.
Eighteen. The Exoteric Neo-Conservative agenda is to promote Petro-Americana and crusades for democracies worldwide. The Esoteric Neo-Conservative agenda is to establish Capitalist Democratic Utopia in the oil-rich Islamic Middle East, so that the Christian-Islamic Armageddon results in the demise of Wahhabi Islamic religious fundamentalism as well as that of Papal extremism and fundamentalism. Neither President Bush nor Secretary rice belong to Christian religious right conspiracy, while President Ford, President Carter, President Clinton, Secretary Kissinger, Secretary Brzezinski and Secretary Albright openly declared their allegiance to Christian religious right conspiracy and they all misused their constitutional position to implement their hidden iconoclastic patriarchal anti-paganism agenda.
Nineteen. Messianic political ideologies become particularly fascinating when the esoteric and exoteric creeds are not only different, but totally and glaringly in mutual contradiction. This fundamental contradiction plays havoc in the minds and lives of the voters and adversaries. The Judeo-Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Communist ideologies are, officially, champions of Science, and fanatically atheistic, and yet impart a quasi-mystical infallibility to "the party" that has about it a distinctly religious air. Judeo-Marxist Communist has a hidden iconoclast, patriarchal, anti-Hinduism, anti-Buddhism and anti-polytheism agenda that lends credibility to the argument that Karl Marx was a prostitute-philosopher hired by Papacy to destroy Slav Orthodox Christianity and Buddhism. It is no accident that all Bolshevik Jews that proclaimed their atheism and secularity apparently knew torah well and joined the Orthodox Judaism whenever they landed in any Western countries as refugees from the godless Soviet Union.
Twenty. The Esoteric Neo-Conservatism does not believe in Armageddon or Christian-Islamic apocalyptic wars, even when Exoteric Neo-conservatism courts and cultivate Christian religious right conservatives and even advocate government funding for Church-led charitable initiatives. President Bush entered into a tactical alliance with Christian extremism and fundamentalism even when he does not belong to Christian religious right conspiracy. The esoteric Neo-Conservatism or inner doctrine of Neo-Conservatism is in many ways the exact opposite of the official creed. While "liberty" and "freedom" are the bywords of the Neo-Conservatism, esoteric Neo-conservatism believes in the rule by an elite. The ignorant masses are kept in thrall by various delusions, such as Prophetic Christians, believers of apocalyptic Armageddon that keeps American Christian society together and that it is the duty of the neo-conservative philosophers to uphold, since more than 30 percent American Christians believe in Scriptures, Armageddon or Apocalypse. While Exoteric neo-Conservatism entered into tactical electoral alliance with Papal extremism and Catholic fundamentalism and Protestant Evangelical extremism, the "Esoteric Neo-Conservatism rejects alliance with Christian extremism as the real motive of the Neo-conservatism is to create as secular capitalist American oil colonialism or the Petro-imperialism. Neither President Bush, nor Secretary Rice would allow the misuse of American hegemony for establishing any variant of Papal Holy Empire.
Twenty-one. The exoteric guff about "democracy" was for the benefit of a Western audience, while, on the ground in Iraq, the administration had hidden agenda of a civil war, the multiple partitioning of Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Shiite-Sunni civil wars and Iran-Saudi Arabia wars, regional religious conflict that will tear apart the Wahhabi Muslim world asunder and install secular liberal democratic governments throughout the Islamic world.
Twenty-two. The exoteric goals, namely, the liberation of Iraq, the elections, and all the accompanying rhetoric about "self-determination," were only a cover for the real, esoteric objectives: a cynical geopolitical manipulation that can only lead to perpetual war in the Middle East and the pulverization of the existing Arab and Muslim states, all of it lorded over by a rising American Empire. The Esoteric Neo-Conservative agenda may include the abolition of Papacy, the democratizing the Vatican and Papacy. The Esoteric Neo-Conservative agenda may include the multiple partitioning of Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran, along ethnic boundaries and Shiite-Sunni conflicts. The Esoteric Neo-Conservative agenda may include crusades for democracy in Communist China and regime change in China to install a democratic capitalist Buddhist government in China. The Esoteric Neo-Conservative agenda may include the liberation of Arab Muslim women by imposing Western freedom and liberty and democratic institutions throughout the Arab world. The esoteric Neo-Con agenda may include expulsion of Wahhabi extremists and terrorists from Mecca and Medina and to declare Holy cities of Mecca and Medina as sovereign International cities governed by elected leaders of the Muslim believers of the world. The illusory hardliner face of exoteric Neo-Conservatism becomes morally good when viewed from the hidden esoteric Neo-Conservative agenda. Relatively speaking the hidden esoteric agenda of Neo-Conservatism is morally "right" and "good" when compared with declared exoteric Neo-Conservative agenda.
Twenty-three. The ideology of Neo-Conservatism believes in the inevitable march of "Democratic Utopia" based on America as the Exemplar Democratic State, which could determine the curse of history in the 21st Century if judiciously backed by military power of the American hegemon. Russia is no longer socialist at all, but represented a new kind of society called bureaucratic collectivism. China has adopted capitalism in foreign trade zones. The threat represented by the Rise of China to the United States, European Union and India cannot be overestimated. Communist China is mutant Communist-Capitalist monster of enormous strength that would soon overcome the United States, unless the "Third Camp," represented by global alliance of capitalist democracies led by the United States and India somehow prevailed. The Trotskyits had a huge influence on the so-called "New York intellectuals" and Social Democrats, who eventually evolved into Republican Neo-Conservatives, and its intellectual legacy lives on in the form of the fascination with capital-D Democracy that is the chief ideological capstone of the Neo-Conservative foreign policy revolution. Neo-Conservatives worship the abstract Democracy. The "Third Camp" finally came to the conclusion that, in a war, one must choose sides, and they chose the democratic capitalist United States as the embodiment of Democracy and the American military Democratic Utopia's righteous instrument.
Twenty-four. Neo-Conservatives stress the centrality of ideology and culture, as ideology and culture are two sides of the same coin that determines the course that American society shall ultimately follow. Neo-Conservatives believe it is this New Left critique of the United States that is more nefarious and that demands pointed opposition. All Neo-Conservative writing is inspired by this perceived need to protect American culture and the forces that support it. Neo-Conservatives believe that politics is about morality, and that morality should infuse political behavior and that Religion is the source of the moral virtues that animate both individuals and the society in which they live. Because of the constitutional separation of the State and the Church, the practice of religion within public institutions has become illegal on the grounds of separation of church and state. Neo-Conservatives, Jewish and Christian alike, respond that this is too broad a reading of the concept. They note that the Constitution prohibits the establishment of an official state religion but does not say that religion has no place as a motivating force in politics.
Twenty-five. Neo-Conservatism came into it's own during the 1960s and 1970s and became a political force that would oppose the pro-Communism Left far more than the anti-Communism Right. For Neo-Conservatism the cultural sphere was very important as it is a sphere from which economics and politics draws its' meaning. For Neo-Conservatism, a battle over the definition of American culture is one that Neo-Conservatives view as the battle for the American soul. Neo-Conservatism rejected the post-1960 Democratic New Left agenda that opposed the use of American military power overseas on the grounds that the United States lacked the moral legitimacy to act as a global force. Neo-Conservatives joined the New Left in opposing the Vietnam War, but on the narrower grounds that the war, as defined by the Pentagon, was not winnable, and that the overall strategic interest of the United States in Southeast Asia was questionable. Neo-Conservatives also supported the civil rights movement, in that it offered the potential for African Americans to join the American mainstream in the same way that their own grandparents did. Neo-Conservatives, sympathetic to individual achievement without regard to membership in a social or racial group, opposed affirmative action for both ideological and Jewish self-interest reasons. Neo-Cons believed that the true path to success in the United States was the one taken by Jewish families. Neo-Cons were resentful that the discrimination faced by immigrant Jewish families was repeated, this time as reverse discrimination, by Democratic polity of affirmation action that helped Blacks, women, minorities and immigrants.
Twenty-six. Neo-Conservatism seeks to introduce morality in Capitalism, which may be termed "Moral Capitalism" to blunt the ruthlessness of Capitalist economy. Neo-Conservatives have displayed a religious fervor in their defense of capitalism. Religion and capitalism together create what Neo-Conservatives view as the ideal social order. While paleo-conservatives praise capitalism for promoting economic growth and personal freedom, Neo-Conservatives view the market as an ideal mechanism of moral restraint. Libertarian arguments for capitalism point out that the market efficiently translates individual demand into social outcomes. Neo-Conservatives respond that capitalism, having no values of its own, requires some form of morality to maintain its humanity, a morality support structure found in religion. Neo-Conservatism argues with the infusion of religious morality, influences the consumer demand. Neo-Conservative suggest that all participants in the capitalist economy, if economy is to thrive, must acknowledge the need of religious morality in the economy. While economics cannot pollute culture, a corrupt culture can be propagated by ruthlessly efficient capitalist market. Neo-Conservatives fret over issues of selfishness and greed less than they fret over moral failures of capitalism that religion, not socialism or government regulation of the market will cure. The Neo-Conservative theologians put forward a novel moral defense of capitalism that apparently influenced even Pope John Paul II. Keeping in mind that the support that Neo-Conservatives offer to capitalism is more for moral than economic reasons raises fear that amoral capitalism may undermine the Judeo-Christian ethic, just as it had sustained it in the past. For this reason, capitalism deserves only two cheers instead of the traditional three. It supports the production of material wealth, and it is the most efficient of economic systems, but it also has the potential to undermine religion and morality by doing nothing to combat a nihilistic ethic of self-indulgence and greed. While Neo-Conservatives are pro-capitalism, they are anything but libertarians.
Twenty-seven. Neo-Conservatives view that neither democracy as well as freedom is an end in itself nor is a good in itself. In Neo-Conservatism freedom and democracy are acceptable only to the extent that they are consistent with the Conservative virtues. While Neo-Conservatism opposes totalitarian regimes on the grounds that they impose an all-encompassing ideology upon society, the Neo-conservative virtues seem to take on the same kind of global role for the crusades of democracy. While castigating pro-China Democratic New Left intellectuals for lacking touch with common American people, Neo-Conservative intellectuals complain that the United States is too democratic in the propagation of its ideology, that allows foreign nations to reject the wise advice that Neo-Conservative America offers them. Neo-Conservatives believe that freedom is inherently subject to abuse and liberty may degenerate into license, in the terminology of John Locke. Neo-Conservatives dwell upon the consequences of ideas, arguing that intellectual debates dictate the shape of society decades down the road. Neo-Conservatism encourages inventive intellectual suggestions as vital to the vibrant capitalist democratic political system, and democratic give and take of politics, and the inherent democratic need to compromise, smoothens the most unrealistic edges of intellectuals' prescriptions.
Twenty-eight. Religion played an important role in the formation of Neo-Conservative thought. However, Neo-Conservatives do not subscribe to Catholic and Evangelical religious right conspiracy. Neo-Conservatism is a unique alliance of Jewish and Catholic Christian intellectuals making a common defense of the Judeo-Christian ethic. Neo-Conservatism started as a Jewish movement that only begrudgingly tolerated a Catholic presence in Neo-Conservatism. Jewish Neo-Conservatives welcomed Catholic Christian allies when politically useful, such as Jews' courting of the Christian Right, but on other occasions Jewish Neo-Conservatives depicts Catholic Neo-Conservatives as a threat to Judaism in the United States, such as Jews heated opposition to religious intermarriage.
Twenty-nine. Neo-Conservatism separates a liberal political tradition of Locke and the Enlightenment from its embedding in the historical evolution of democratic institutions. The Locke's ideology is then battered and destroyed by means of Enlightenment. Neo-Conservative concept of the state remains democratic in its formal aspect as a legalistic republic, there is an imposed interest in state enforcement of theoretically dominant cultural values and religious traditions. This separation of a liberal tradition from concepts of democracy opens Neo-Conservative doctrine of State to the Christian fundamentalists, giving the flavor of a theocratic state. And it allows for a thorough going Neocon attacks on any form of counter-cultural expression. To Neocons there are only friends and enemies.
Thirty. Neo-Conservatives also create a separation between nationalism and patriotism. Patriotism means public displays of support, adulation, and expressions of loyalty toward various political figures. Neo-conservatism opposes nationalism in the abstract sense of love of country or love of national spirit. This Neocon separation pf nationalism and patriotism leads to the idea for example that it is patriotic to cut down old growth redwoods for the lumber industry and for jobs, while the nationalism basis of the environmental movement to preserve national forests is somehow unpatriotic. The domestic world can be neatly divided between the patriots and the traitors, friends and enemies, where patriots are of course the Neo-Conservatives, Christian bigots and capitalist supporters. To Neocons the traitors include the liberal intellectual elites who support government regulation, central planning, and controlled development. Neo-Conservatives claim to represent a populist base against an established liberal intellectual elite. In the Neo-Conservative mind, neocons represent common sense and therefore the broadest reach of the public polity. By linking claims to a populist cause to restore common sense to government and public policy, the Neo-Conservatives pit their view of democracy against their view of liberalism. Neo-conservative democracy is conceived as populism and common sense, while liberalism is conceived as the imposition of equality where there is none and tolerance for moral lassitude where there shouldn't be any.
Thirty-one. The Bush administration is the classical age of Neo-Conservatism and represents a new age of Neocons. Neo-Conservative intellectuals have fashioned a new ideology for the Republican Party in the arena of foreign policy in the Bush administration. Neo-Con's agenda is to greatly enhance American military might and to use American military power to reshape the world in the image of capitalist democracy. Republican Neo-Conservatism is a truly revolutionary doctrine in the 21st Century and may succeed in making the United States the agency of History, in case the Republican president wins the 2008 elections.
Thirty-two. By 1973, the Neo-Conservatives label stuck. The Republican Neocon agenda appealed to southern whites and to others unhappy with the Black Power, Feminist and Gay Liberation movements. Neocons joined racist southern WASP Conservatives and disguised their anger at equality movements by talking about "small government". Neo-Conservatives instead of opposing equality and Bill of Rights directly, called for the shrinking of the state's regulatory powers to create equality. Since the private sector has little interest in equality, the reduced government meant the abandonment of social justice. Neocons emphasized the strong individualistic tradition within American social life that favors liberty more than equality.
Thirty-three. The democratic United States, the sole super power of the world, in the Neo-Conservative philosophy is an agency of History, and the manifest destiny of America is to export Democratic Utopia worldwide, just as Judeo-Marxists wanted to export Communism. Neo-Conservatives want to export American Democracy across the planet, including China and the Islamic world, if required by preemptive attacks on tyrannies and dictatorships. The philosophy Neo-Conservatism drew its universal philosophical moorings from much from Leon Trotsky, who had a first hand knowledge of the great evil that lurked in the Judeo-Communism and Marxism. Just as Marxists wrote of "exporting Communism", Neo-Conservatism advocated in 1991 of "exporting democracy", where "democracy in one country" is insufficient, since it has to be exported around the world if it is to be sustained. To Neo-Cons, the Patriotism springs from love of the nation's past; nationalism arises out of the hope for the nation's future. Neo-Conservatism advocates that the goals of American foreign policy must go beyond a narrow, too literal definition of `national security', and it is the national interest of a world power, as this is defined by a sense of national destiny, not a myopic national security. Trotsky wanted to export Communism around the planet. Neo-Conservatism is a revolutionary philosophy as it advocates the use of forced to export Democratic Utopia worldwide.
Thirty-four. For Neo-Conservatism the Democracy, does not mean social equality. Neo-Conservative Democracy is the rule of law, the protection of property, the rights of individuals and the rights of private enterprises and rights of big corporations. "Real freedom is the freedom for a person or a nation to make a living," said Neo-Conservative President Bush. Bush defined the states that had to be opposed, "Governments that still fear and repress independent thought and creativity, and private enterprise, the human qualities that make for strong and successful societies." For neo-conservatives a "tyrant" is someone who does not adopt capitalist democracy. The ideological justification for Bush's evangelical imperialism is driven by Neocon assumptions.
Thirty-five. The Democratic Utopia vision of the Neo-Conservative entails strengthening the nation by means of nourishing conditions favorable to the triumph of the individual and triumph of democratic institutions worldwide. Neo-Conservatism is a political philosophy, which bridges social and economic conservatives. Those who are not Conservatives view Neocons as threatening to their political agenda. American individualism is an underlying tenet of Neo-Conservatism and individualism is anathema to European-style socialism remains an obstacle to the proliferation of Socialism to the United States.
Thirty-six. Three American giants of the twentieth century led America into its three great battles, President Woodrow Wilson into World War I, President Roosevelt into World War II, and President Truman into the Cold War. The Cold War ended with one of the great anticlimaxes in history, without a shot fired, without a revolution, the Soviet Union simply gave up and disappeared. It was the end of everything--the end of Communism, and the end of the Cold War. But the end of everything was also a beginning. On December 26, 1991, the Soviet Union died and something new was born, something utterly new, a unipolar world dominated by a single superpower unchecked by any rival and with decisive reach in every corner of the globe. This is a staggering new development in history, not seen since the fall of Rome. Charlemagne's empire was merely western European in its reach. The Roman Empire stretched farther a field. There was another great empire in Persia, and a larger Empire in China. There is, therefore, no comparison. Even Rome is no model for what America, the sole super power, the hegemon, is today. America does not have the imperial culture of Rome. The use of the word "empire" in the American context is ridiculous.
Hegelian philosopher Kalki Gaur belonging to the school of German Idealism is the patron Saint and philosophical Father to the political ideology and philosophy Neoconservatism. Hegelian Neocoservatism is the Revolutionary Ideology of the 21st Century and shall reign throughout 2000 years of the Aquarius Age. There are three political world philosophies in the world, namely, Neoconservatism, Communism and Fascism. Karl Marx was a prostitute philosopher and he produced shit-philosophy of Marxism and Communism, which his tribesmen over 100 years coated the shit Marxism in gold-plated and sugar coated capsules. Neoconservative political parties shall take control of the political power in over 100 countries of the world before 2050 AD. Neoconservatives should join forces to elect a Republican Neoconservative as the President of the United States in elections 2008 and also in India, Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany and Japan.
Author: Kalki Gaur, "Manifesto of Neo-Conservatism" (2006, $30). © Copyrights 2006; Email:  Dilomatkalkigaur@yahoo.com; Weblog: //360.yahoo.com/NeoconservativeManifesto/