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t r u t h o u t Hacked, now back Online

Truthout Is Back Online!

We were hacked, we rebuilt our server, and we are ready to go. Please bear with us - there will be some broken links for the next 48 hours. Thank all of you for your patience and your support.

homepage: homepage: http://www.truthout.org/

who were they hacked by? 19.Jul.2006 23:42


anyone know? Clearly it was someone who doesnt like free speech.

well.... From the Wilderness servers were physically attacked last month 20.Jul.2006 02:39

looking for patterns

it could be just some random hacking jerk or a solitary right wing jerk or an organized group of fascist backed jerks. I see a pattern here... jerks.

but do keep in mind that From the Wilderness' servers and office was attacked last month.

And the Lesson Here Is.... 20.Jul.2006 10:21

Antinomias Vermont

Keep your servers patched and backup, backup, backup....

Hmm... 20.Jul.2006 14:53


they were also hacked in spring of 04'

they're down again 20.Jul.2006 15:05



re: Truthout 20.Jul.2006 18:23

Jody Paulson

I love this website, I often go there right after I read  http://whatreallyhappened.com and portland indymedia. I'm not surprised they were hacked; they provide a great source for a progressive slant on the news. However, I distinctly remember a time (a few years ago) when they weren't afraid to attack the sham of the "official version" of what happened on 9-11. In other words, they once were much more radial ... they must have made an editorial decision not to alienate more mainstream viewers ... but I wonder if the time hasn't come for them to take up this issue once again.