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My learning experience at OHSU a year later!

once again, ohsu has gone too far and gotten away with it.
I went to OHSU to pick up information and ended up getting arrested. A year later, there is still no explanation.

A yellow door hanger left on my property described some disturbing facts about OHSU and their vivisection animal research. On the morning of Aug.17,'05, I phoned OHSU President Peter Kohler's office (503 494-8252) and inquired about getting their side of the issue. I spoke to someone who identified herself as Tiffany*. She offered to mail the information packet, printed by OHSU for public education on the subject, or she said I could pick it up in Mac Hall across from the hospital. Since I was going out anyway, I elected to pick it up. Not knowing where Mac Hall was, I entered Baird Hall and told the women at the cashiers window, Betty**, what I was there for. She said she did not know what I was talking about. So, I went back to my car to get the yellow door hanger with the number on it, I had phoned 30 minutes earlier. When I returned to the cashier's window, Betty walked away and two men approached me. One in a brown uniform, I later learned was Officer Mark Nichols and the other in casual street clothes was Lieutenant David Bodin. David Bodine stepped forward and yelled in my face and told me to leave or I would be arrested because I looked suspicious and was precipitating an incident. To this day neither accusation has been identified for proven. Confused I headed out the same way I came in, down the stairs and onto the public sidewalk, walking away from them. I was followed down the sidewalk and across the street. By this time, there were several male security following me. Within a few minutes one of them, Officer Brandon Braim, approached from behind, pushed me and someone said I was under arrest for Criminal Trespassing. At that time I was double handcuffed and searched for weapons, then transported to the OHSU security office. I remained there for several hours, in cuffs, while they questioned me and wrote their report, copied my ID, library card, and took pictures of me, my clothes, boots, small purse and contents. I again asked what I had done wrong. Lieutenant Gary Rasmussen told me, if I didn't know by now I never will. A Portland police officer arrived later and issued me a citation for Criminal Trespassing II, a misdemeanor ($1000 fine). He said if I plead guilty at the first court appearance, the charge would drop to a violation and I would probably only get community service.

Since I was not guilty of anything, I pleaded not guilty and got another court date. At that hearing, Judge Greg Lowe, an hourly paid judge, listened to the prosecution continue to contradict themselves and each other. There were 9 OHSU employees who testified against me. The Judge did not hear or consider anything I had to say. So, of course the verdict was guilty. I was to pay a fine, which I did. The attorney I hired at the last minute, Geordie Duckler, did nothing for me except show up and take my money.

I came away from this experience shaken and wondering what is going on at OHSU? Why would they treat someone like this? I was only trying to obtain information about a controversial issue they are well known for? The arrest was not on private property but on a public sidewalk we all pay for. I'm excluded from OHSU property and asked not to phone there, including the Primate Center in Hillsboro, where much of the vivisection research is done. I've written several letters to Chief of Public safety Gary Granger, asking what I've done wrong but have yet to receive an answer because there is not one. This Public Corporation seems to be above the law. Why are they so paranoid? As stated in Lt. Rasmussen's report, he requested a lock down on President Kohler's office. Tiffany was hiding in the back office, teary eyed because I was at the cashiers window. If they are doing such great things in the name of vivisection animal research, largely funded by taxpayers, why are they so secretive and arresting people for asking about it?

Since this incident occurred, I've met several people who have also been excluded from the property, followed and threatened when attending public lectures and events sponsored by OHSU. What explanation do they have for displaying such aggressive behavior and unnecessary reaction?
*Tiffany Peterson
**Betty Harvey

Mars Greenwood

Congratulations 19.Jul.2006 20:43


Mars, No, OHSU has not gotten away with it. You have just publicly exposed them and their dirty little tricks (how dare you question their authority). Congratulations! You have made a decision not to be pushed around by the OHSU-Goon-Squad, you have taken a stand against them and are fighting back.Once again, congratulations. If more people took this path, standing up for their rights, we would have more rights and power than we currently do. Anyway you look at it they are the losers and you are victorious.

[ 19.Jul.2006 21:36


OHSU would fit right in Germany in the 40's. They are Mengele and the Gestapo all wrapped up into one. But unfortunately they are not very far outside the norm these days as this country attacks others in preemptive self defense based upon nothing but lies and whatifs. Afterall, it is possible you MIGHT have done something, even though you did nothing but ask for some information. Today that is crime enough in the new Reich.

evil action 19.Jul.2006 21:49


This person is not an animal rights activist, finds a flyer about the issue and calls up OHSU to get their side of the story. THEY ARRANGE WITH HER ON THE PHONE to come pick up some info, then arrest her for tresspassing when she gets there. What a travesty! OHSU is paranoid, power mad and out of control, unable to recognize the difference between a legitimate threat and a citizen simply asking for some information.

They trampled her rights and then made her out as the villian. Power corrupts they say, and it sure has in this case. Such action has no place in a democratic society.

Wow, this is depressing - 19.Jul.2006 23:12


what can be done? I would be so angry if this happened to me (and I'm angry that it happened to you too), what a travesty. And I'm even angrier for the torture they put the animals through. How can they just get away with that?

sue them 20.Jul.2006 00:14

for 250,000 dollars at least

sue them!

watch your back always 20.Jul.2006 00:27


So what's your next step? Can you access your file and either have another lawyer possibly take the case on? Any possibility of making a case for entrapment?

Not that it should have mattered, but would your physical appearance in some way have given those particular types of institutional workers the pretext to arrive at a conclusion that led them to answer to you "because I(you) looked suspicious"? You did go to the desk alone, is that right? Not good from the standpoint of not having a witness.

I read your original post some months back, and my feeling was that your story generally rang true. At the same time, even though it shouldn't matter, if a person were to go to such an institution, to pick up a particular kind of institutional information, it would probably occur to most reasonably savvy people, to not present themselves to those kind of people in a manner that would fit a profile convenient for security's inclination to arrest.

Of course, if they did arrest primarily based on appearance, that might be a kind of discrimination.

Marge 20.Jul.2006 01:18


"I read your original post some months back, and my feeling was that your story generally rang true. At the same time, even though it shouldn't matter, if a person were to go to such an institution, to pick up a particular kind of institutional information, it would probably occur to most reasonably savvy people, to not present themselves to those kind of people in a manner that would fit a profile convenient for security's inclination to arrest."

The average person would never think they need to be concerned about going to pick up some info, or that they should bring along a witness and all those sorts of things.

It is only the experienced activist who knows that OHSU readily acts outside the law and outside of an honest, ethical position and that you have to protect yourself if you are going to expose yourself to them. They have a lot of unaccountable power and are unscrupulous how they use it, as this story shows.

Courage, Mars. 20.Jul.2006 07:52

friend inside

If you want information about OHSU, there are many of us with connections on the inside who will tell you anything you want to know. Having an inside scoop, I will tell you that the reason they reacted the way they did is that they are terrified of animal rights activists. They have been for at least twenty years, that's a fact. Their security forces have special training on dealing with scary people with consciences. They have reason to fear other peoples' consciences: They have much to answer for.

I have seen with my own eyes the predations on animals up there. People know about the primates, thanks to people like Matt Roselle of IDA. Most people also know about the mice, rats, and guinea pigs. But did you know, they do horrible experiments on dogs and cats. The one that freaked me out the most was a long time ago. They were taking out dogs' pancreases. Doing useless basic research, learning nothing. I can't even tell you how many dogs they killed that way, only that every single dog in the study died. The reason this was so difficult for me was that the dogs were just like any dog you've ever met. They would come over to the side of the enclosure, wagging their tails and looking up at you, in that trusting, unconditionally loving way that dogs have. Even as they became progressively weaker and sicker, they would perk right up when they saw you, happy to see you. Not knowing or believing that it could be the humans making them this sick. Killing them. With smiles on their faces.

One by one, the dogs would die, and they would get more dogs to take their places. The money was rolling in, after all. It was all grant-funded research. The funders thought they were paying for research that would help cure diabetes. That was more than twenty years ago. Do you see any cures for diabetes yet? No? How about that. And you will never see any cure from those experiments, because they were never designed to do that. They were only basic research, which is another way to say that they were busy work that kept the money rolling in and never resulted in a cure. People who experiment on animals are never held accountable for results. They simply tell the world that they're working on very important things that will save the human race, and aren't humans more important than animals anyway, and only an extremist would say otherwise. But they never let on that this is not only hurting animals, it's also hurting humans by sucking scarce resources away from things that really COULD help them. A lot of money goes into useless research like that on the dogs, and nothing useful ever comes out of it except more grant money for the university. Why don't people ask more questions? Why don't people make an effort to find out what is really happening up at OHSU, since so much of our public tax dollars are streaming up there?

And that is what OHSU is afraid of. If people start asking questions and demanding straight answers, support for the huge, money-making monolith will evaporate.

The dog experiment? There was one dog that lived longer than the others. We all got to know him. He was a sweet, loving little guy with soft, pretty eyes who liked to be scratched. Imagine how different his life would have been if someone with a heart had adopted him, instead of being led away to the basic research building at OHSU. He was strong and brave. He held himself together until the very end, mustering all his strength every time he saw us, rushing over to the side of his enclosure for a visit, trying not to show us the kind of pain he was in. Just wanting to show us how much he loved our company. Being brave... for us. I wonder if he ever knew what...who...was causing him to suffer like that.

That was a long time ago. I try not to get so close any more. But I still see the dogs, the cats, the farm animals -- did you know they have farm animals up on the hill? Lots of sheep.

Just to let the OHSU forces reading this know, I'm not the only insider willing to say what I know. There are many of us up here. We're all talking to each other, and none of us believes in this. We see you frantically locking down the facilities when you think you see a "threat," make that a person who might ask questions about animal welfare, and it makes us gag. How is it that you do not realize that what you're doing is wrong? The rest of us know that no one's hands are clean up on the hill. The enemy is within.

Thanks 20.Jul.2006 11:00


Mars, thank you for standing up and speaking out.

stick it to them even more.. get a good attorney to help you 20.Jul.2006 11:07


We all know there are many lawsuits going around these days and the world would be a better place without them. You however, in this case didn't have a good attorney and you decided to allow their judge to decide your fate. You still have recourse and can even expose these guys even further by a lawsuit in civil court. Your case is interesting and unusual and you will probably have no problem finding a good attorney to work with you on a contengency basis (for free for a cut of any money recovered). With a big organization like OSHU the only way you can expose them is to hit them in the pocket book. A judgement in your favor will look to the public as if they are guilty. You've been damaged by these people, there is nothing non-hip or uncool about recovering money for your damages especially if in the end it exposes these people for what they are. I remember talking to the head of security about this happening and getting his side. Of course he said that it's vastly different than what was reported. If your story is true, and you can prove it to be true, do what is right for you, recover the damages you have had to deal with and stick it to these people where it hurts, they're PR and pocketbooks.

bravo! 20.Jul.2006 11:22


Bravo to Mars and "friend inside" for being willing to share their experiences with the world. This is the kind of openness we need if activists are ever going to make a dent in OHSU research and their ridiculous security measures. I encourage all with similar stories to share, get together, plot, plan, and make change. My friend and I were trespassed a few years ago for eating muffins in the Hatfield building cafe-- simply because we were recognized as AR activists.

My learning experience at OHSU! 20.Jul.2006 12:49


Thank you for your comment. Your comment holds true if people keep talking about this and other secrets & lies held by OHSU.

Say What? 20.Jul.2006 13:43


Dana, Are you saying you were ordered off OHSU property for eating a muffin? That sounds rather outlandish, could there be more to the story than what you told, how can that be a crime? Maybe OHSU would care to respond.
Mars, Good luck in your pursuit for answers and justice.

Some thoughts 20.Jul.2006 15:15


To Friend Inside: Bless you for your compassion. Your story moved me more than any bloody film could. This is the real horror--the gross betrayal of life. What kind of people could continue perpetrating such horrors?

Please contact Matt Rosselle and establish a link. He will be happy to talk to you anonymously. I am thrilled to know that some people on the inside have consciences. That is a difficult place to be, but you are the best eyes and ears we have to observe the truth. Please, please, please establish a link--Matt will never betray your identity. If you fear the phone (and for good reason) perhaps you could drop a note by his office (he has a mail slot) and meet him somewhere.

And to Bewildered: yeah, dude, she was eating a muffin. OHSU knew her as an activist. Additionally, OHSU considers it trespassing if you are on the property without a doctor's appointment or speceific OHSU business. Muffin-eating included.


MARS mswinkkle@yahoo.com

In answer to some the comments. If anyone knows of a good lawyer, lets hear it. I do not know at this point what can be done except what is being done, people are talking about the lies and secrets at OHSU.
HOW LONG AGO DID YOU WITNESS THESE DOGS SUFFEERING. It is people like YOU who can do the most to let the PUBLIC know about what you and others have witnessed.
PLEASE contact me at the following address if you could share you knowledge.
pORTLAND, or 97290

muffin eating crimes 20.Jul.2006 16:01


Yes Bewildered, it's true. My friend and I (both guilty of the crime of opposing research on animals) had purchased muffins at the counter and were sitting quietly eating at a table in the cafe. Suddenly, we were surrounded with OHSU security people taking photos and demanding to see our ID and give an explanation for being there. When we replied that we were "eating muffins" we were ordered outside on threat of arrest. We were escorted out by a team of OHSU's finest and told that we were trespassing and would be arrested if seen on their property again. Fortunately, we have yet to be seen again. It seems that just being a hungry, compassionate person is enough to get you harassed and even arrested at OHSU.



* FRIEND INSIDE, HOW LONG AGO WAS THE INCIDENTS YOU REFERED TO ABOUT THE DOGS? You can contact me at the following address if you can discuss anything more or want to tell what you know. It is of course confidential. I do not want to jeoprodise your position. It is people like YOU who can really share the truth, since you are a witness every day of the injustice, lies and secrets that OHSU portrays every day.
C/O Capers
Portland, OR 97290

Wouldn't it be funny if 20.Jul.2006 16:31


a lot of people set up OHSU doctors as their care providers through their insurance and then waited to get sick with a cold or the flu or something, and when they did, made an appointment with their doctor at OHSU and wore a t shirt that says OHSU TORTURES ANIMALS WWW.BOYCOTTOHSU.COM in big blue letters. The beauty of this is that security would kick you out before you could get to your doctor (which means you wouldn't end up paying them), and then you could sue them for preventing you from recieving needed care at a hospital extra points if you cough on them and give them the flu while they are escorting you off. That would be fucking hilarious.

For The Record 20.Jul.2006 17:16

Committed To Animal Protection-Education and Rescue

Insider - or anyone else wishing to contact Mars - please send info-statements-whatever to:
PO Box 66051
Portland - OR 97290
All mail will be delivered to Mars promptly and your identity/info will be confidential.

An ex-employee 20.Jul.2006 17:21

You'll never know!

Years ago, I was an OHSU employee who on my day off went up to use the old library. There happened to be a peta protest in which they were arresting people. I inquired why people were being arrested. The police officer laughingly told me that they were arresting people for being on private , not public sidewalk. So I asked, where is the public sidewalk.
After he informed me, I turned , walked over to the protestors and told them where the public sidewalk was. Well the pissed off officer than proceeded to question me, call his commander and I was told if I entered any OHSU property i would be arrested for trespass.So I joined the protest for the rest of the afternoon. P.S Years later I faced the same helmeted officer in a downtown protest, where we were being forced off of public sidewalks downtown. His piercing eyes and hateful look had not changed in all those years.
OHSU is money-hungry and really doesnt care about its employees, so why would they care about torturing animals.They called strike breakers in against thier own nurses years ago. And they keep current employees in line with the constant fear of funding lay-offs. They use temp labor, student help and have employees working out of classification doing two positions at once, over the years this has happened.They are research fund freaks, who use our tax money to kill animals and misrepresent themselves to the so called "our community." (thier social motto)They Suck..............
There are good things about OHSU, but they are power hungry.

Learning experience at OHSU 20.Jul.2006 17:22

Mars mswinkkle@yahoo.com

Thanks for your comments. I don't know what can be done, at this point about secrets and lies told by OHSU about the vivisection research, except talking about it like we are now. IT IS REAL~! I hire a lawyer at the last minute but he NOTHING for me. If you know of something that can be done, PLEASE share your information!
* Friends inside,
How long ago did you witness the horrible experiements? How is it coming to work on a daily bases knowing what really goes on in these labs??? Yes, I do know they have farm animals, dogs and cats there too! I would be greatful if you and other witnesses could come forward with what you have witnessed. It is people like YOU who can do the most to inform us all of the lies,secrets,suffering aand torture of these preciouys animals in labs. PLEASE, you can contact me at the following addres with what you may know or want to discuss. Of course it is confidential! I would not want to jeoprodise your position.
If I look so suspecious to warrant an arrest, then everyone in Portland should be arrested. I'm almost 57 years old and have not one negative on my record. If I were to start a criminal history I would have started many years ago. If I were to precipitate an incident ,I am smart enough to not do it alone.
I asked the same question any consumer and tax paying citizen has the right to ask. Since when is that a crime?
If you have talked to security and they have a diffrent story than mine, you know more than I do. What is their story anyway? They never would answer that question. I was arrested on public property. I checked with the City. The sidewalk and street up there are PUBLIC PROPERTY. OHSU must be confussed.
They never said what I had done, because there is nothing. They have never said what was suspecious or what incident I was precipitating.

We will learn more by watching animals in their natural enviornment, than we will ever learn by toruring and killing them. I find it redundent that these researchers don't take the road of precvention. They will never find answeres to humans problems thru hurting animnals. Any one who has ever observed animals will agree with me.

MARS C/O CAPERS BX 66051, Portland Or. 97290

OHSU experience 20.Jul.2006 17:31


Friends inside,
PLEASE if youy wish contact me at:
C/OP Capers
Portland,OR 97290

something like this 22.Jul.2006 13:06

happened to me in the courts

I basically had a really good case, and the other side had shit. But since I am a woman representing women and the other side was basically representing "money," there were specific defenses associated with people with no money that were not allowed, etc. They basically designed the court system to represent "money," not cases, or people, or life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, etc.
It is pretty obvious how they play their games, it is not as obscured as they would like people to think.
What I don't understand is why the lawyers are not helping. One of them told me that I didn't understand legal concepts. My ass!! It seems like the lawyers are brainwashed, or chickenshit.

ohsu 23.Jul.2006 13:13


Saint: if you remember the letter I wrote, I said , "if I look suspecious then every one in Portland should be under arrest for looking suspecious".


BOB SWAN oregonpi@msn.com

I had contact with OHSU surgeons that were immature and arrogant. Thanks to them, I am now inoperable. (See my blog OHSU MALPRACTICE at:  http://ohsu-malpractice.blogspot.com/2006/08/malpractice-at-oregon-health-and.html

With their liability being limited, they have more flexibility with staffing. The quality of their personnel is degraded in the interest of their bottom line. What do they have to lose?

I, too was escorted from OHSU.