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political theory

Is not the US obligated to protect American citizens abroud?

Why are we not protecting them, I wish I could do something to help those US citizens.
The US is obligated to protect American Citizens abroad. What if France was attacked like this, would not the US protect the US citizens who would be there? Is it only because it is Israel who is doing the genocide? What if Iran attacked Lebanon, would not the US protect Lebanon? We did for Kuwait, which is a country of extremist where women cannot even drive.

there's 19.Jul.2006 08:33

always the thought

that maybe if they wait long enough
at least one american will be killed
enabling the US to jump in militarily

i never put anything beneath our government

Don't hold your breath 19.Jul.2006 11:12

Toe Tag

The Israeli Air Force blew the shit out of the USS Liberty (a U.S. Navy electronic surveillance ship) in international waters during the 1967 war, and the US did squat about it. The Navy awarded the commanding officer the Medal of Honor (posthumously), but the citation doesn't even mention who attacked the ship.