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Total War - American Arms And Israeli Agression In Lebanon & Palestine

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine offers its salute and expresses its admiration for the fighters of resistant Hizballah and the steadfast people of Lebanon. It declares that it stands beside them will all its energy in the confrontation with the brutal, barbaric enemy, and it reaffirms its pledge to continue the struggle and resistance until all the goals for which legions of martyrs have sacrificed themselves have been achieved. Greetings to the people of Lebanon and their heroic resistance! Greetings to the people of Palestine and their legendary steadfastness! Freedom for the prisoners and detainees in the dungeons of the occupation! Glory to the martyrs! Victory belongs to the peoples in battle for freedom!" -- The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine ...
"...Let us unite our efforts and our guns in the face of racist Zionism! Shame and humiliation on the forces of occupation and tyranny!" -- Wisal Farha Bagdash General Secretary The Political Bureau of the Syrian Communist Party
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Tue Jul 18, 2006 1:46 pm (PST)

from MONTHLY REVIEW MAGAZINE`S MRZINE: Epic Resistance in the Land of Palestine and Lebanon by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Statement issued by the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the Escalation of Zionist Aggression against the Territory of Lebanon and Palestine.

Epic steadfastness and resistance -- the epic of Ghazza and al-Karama -- continue in the land of Palestine and Lebanon. The Lebanese and Palestinian peoples are writing a page of glory in the history of the Arab Nation and Islamic world community and in the history of all humanity. At a time of impotence, collusion, and submission by official Arab regimes, as evidenced by the results of the meetings of Arab foreign ministers, the knights of Hizballah and the knights of Palestine continue their heroic defiance of the Israeli terrorist war machine in defense not only of Palestine and Lebanon, but in defense of the entire Arab Nation, its future generations and children.

In the shadow of this genocidal war that is being waged by the Zionist entity against Lebanese and Palestinian lands and peoples, the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine declares as follows:

First. The fighting people of Lebanon, their vital forces and heroic resistance under the leadership of militant Hizballah, with his excellency Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, the image of pride and honor and defiance, at their head, are today writing an epic that will go down in history and have the most profound effect on the present and future of the whole region. This epic marks the beginning of the foundation, formation, and construction of a new stage in the history of the Arab Zionist conflict.

The heroic hands that fired the missiles of resistance at the cities of Haifa, Akka, Safad, Tabariya, and Nahariya inflicted dozens of killed and wounded in the ranks of the Zionist forces. Those hands are reasserting respect for the idea of struggle against this rapacious entity with which there can be no coexistence after it has become clear to everyone how false and useless are calls for peace and negotiations with gangs of murderers and criminals who understand nothing but the language of weapons and resistance.
The strikes at Palestinian cities by missiles fired by the heroic Lebanese resistance created and will continue to create a new balance of terror that will have the most profound effect on the Zionist enemy, psychologically, politically, economically, militarily, and in their morale. Those who occupy the land of Palestine will realize that the continuation of their occupation will come at an enormous cost.

The escalation of the strikes at the land of Palestine by the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance has great historical meaning and will have the most profound effects on and ramifications for the future of the criminal Zionist entity.

Second. The contemptible results of the meeting of Arab foreign ministers amounted to a stab at the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon and showed once again to what depths of decay, collusion, and submission some Arab rulers have sunk in compliance with the dictates of the American administration, pursuing policies that are in total contradiction with the interests of their peoples and the supreme interests of the Arab Nation. The inability of the Arab foreign ministers to take a clear stance in support of the resistance and to take practical measures to stop the Zionist aggression against Lebanon and Palestine demonstrate to what an extent the official Arab regimes have fallen into ruin and collapse.

Third. The Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls on the Arab masses and their vital popular forces, it calls on the trade unions and federations, to shoulder their responsibility and duty in defending Lebanon and Palestine and in going out in demonstrations and all forms of popular activity to pressure the Arab governments and to give all forms of support and assistance to the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples and their heroic resistance movements in defiance of the American-Zionist plan for the region.

Fourth. The blows of the heroic resistance in Lebanon and Palestine have placed the Zionist entity in a deep dilemma and have created new equations. Therefore, Israel is trying to export its crisis by attempting to flee forward and make Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran responsible for what is going on, even though everyone near and far is well aware that what is going on is an American-Israeli plan aimed at subjugating the region, an attempt to put it under their complete control. This is what explains the intensification and escalation of pressure on steadfast Syria and Iran, which constitute a mighty barrier in the face of such hostile plans.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine offers its salute and expresses its admiration for the fighters of resistant Hizballah and the steadfast people of Lebanon. It declares that it stands beside them will all its energy in the confrontation with the brutal, barbaric enemy, and it reaffirms its pledge to continue the struggle and resistance until all the goals for which legions of martyrs have sacrificed themselves have been achieved.

Greetings to the people of Lebanon and their heroic resistance!
Greetings to the people of Palestine and their legendary steadfastness!
Freedom for the prisoners and detainees in the dungeons of the occupation!
Glory to the martyrs! Victory belongs to the peoples in battle for freedom!
17 July 2006

The original text in Arabic was published on the Web site of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Translation by Muhammad Abu Nasr.

URL:  http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/pflp180706.html


The Fifth Day of the Aggression by the Lebanese Communist Party

Circular of the Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party on Current Developments for Party Organizations and Friends

On Current Developments: The Fifth Day of the Aggression
Since the start of the aggression, our party has defined its position and stance as being at the head of those opposing with all possible means the aggression and the expected invasion. This aggression is a part of the Zionist-American plan for the region and is furthermore an act of aggression undertaken with international permission and cover, in particular that of the United States of America, which is using the Security Council and the United Nations as tools with which to exert pressure and control. The aggression also bases itself on compliance and collusion by official Arab regimes and takes advantage of the current atmosphere of political division inside Lebanon.

The aggression is continuing and expanding to cover several regions. It focuses particularly on the infrastructure and on inflicting human and civilian losses and igniting fires in many places, aiming thereby to apply psychological pressure on the resistance on the one hand, and to try to raise the volume of criticism and objection to the resistance on the other. This approach takes advantage of the general political atmosphere and of the stances taken by some of those in authority and by some political forces. The material losses are great, as are the human losses. Despite that, there is steadfastness, particularly in the south.

Despite the steadfastness -- that has so far been seen in the strike on the Zionist warship off Beirut, the attacks on the cities and villages of Galilee, and the infliction of human losses in the ranks of the enemy, causing Israel to fail to achieve sensitive military goals that would have raised the morale of its population and army -- despite all this there is an international effort involving the United Nations, Europe, and France under US pressure aimed at securing political benefits from the aggression, such as the implementation of UN Resolution 1559, by holding negotiations and carrying out Israeli and international stipulations under the cover of the continued military operations.

In the event that this effort fails -- and we believe that it will fail because of the high ceiling of conditions set by the Americans and Israelis, in particular their requirement that Hizballah must be broken up and its role completely ended, which is their first step towards delivering a defeat or at least a major blow to the Syrian-Iranian axis -- so far it appears that if an agreement on a cease-fire is reached that would be in the interests of the resistance and would be a type of defeat for Israel, which cannot now bear such a thing. Therefore, we believe that the military operation will be relatively prolonged and could spread outside Lebanon�s borders, in which case we would be faced with wholly different developments and trajectories that cannot now be predicted.

In any case, after 12 July, the country has entered a whole new stage, the direction of which will emerge in the light of the outcome of the fighting. In case the resistance continues to be steadfast and Israel fails to achieve its aims, the country will enter a new equilibrium in which the side linked with the Syrian-Iranian axis will be in the position of greater strength, and Syria and Iran will once again have greater influence on political developments in Lebanon, while the other side shrinks back. In case the opposite occurs, the battle will be transformed into an internal struggle on the premise that the reason for such a Lebanese defeat would be the position of the internal enemy -- something that would impel the country towards a new civil war as struggle erupts among sectarian groups trying to improve their shares of the confessional political system which would have been upset as a result of the results of the war and the attempts of certain sectarian groups inside the country to benefit from a Lebanese defeat.

On the basis of this assessment and in the interests of safeguarding our country, we believe that the fundamental task is to confront the aggression with a comprehensive, cohesive patriotic stance, a stance that reinforces national unity. As a part of this, the Lebanese authorities must not make any political concessions to the current and direct international pressures, while not hesitating to carry out rescue and aid operations. That is for their part. At the same time, other internal political forces must refrain from advancing certain issues that the aggressor and his allies use for their benefit. They must direct political rhetoric at reinforcing steadfastness and resistance and frustrating the aims of the enemy. The steadfastness and resistance of the Lebanese people can change the balance of forces, and we propose the convening of a national meeting under this slogan.

This is the primary task that the leadership of the party has been working to realize and for which a series of political contacts have taken place: among Nabih Berri, Michel Aoun, the Progressive Socialist Party, Bahiya al-Hariri, and Salim al-Hoss.

The Party has also taken part in some of the meetings that were held on the initiative of other parties -- al-Hoss, for example. It also has contacts for the sake of solidarity with political parties and forces outside the country. Solidarity declarations have been issued and actions have been organized in Greece, France, Bahrain, Canada, India, Italy, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, and Britain.

Party organizations in the South are taking part, within their capabilities, in strengthening steadfastness and resistance.

The Party is taking part in a campaign to bring aid via political and private organizations, in Beirut and the districts.

What is needed now:

To confront the aggression with all available means.

To increase the intensity of internal political work through activities, in particular in the areas not under threat.

To take part everywhere in the campaign to provide all appropriate and suitable forms of aid.

To intensify political work in the Party through general meetings and gatherings.

To have a fundraising campaign to support the steadfastness of our organizations and to cover the requirements of work.

The Political Bureau of the Lebanese Communist Party Beirut, 17 July 2006

The original text in Arabic is available at the Web site of the Lebanese Communist Party. Translation by Muhammad Abu Nasr.

URL:  http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/lcp180706.html


Declaration of the Syrian Communist Party

Glory to the Heroic Palestinian Resistance! Shame and Humiliation on the Collaborators!

To our steadfast people,

The Palestinian people in the occupied territories are being subjected to a humanitarian disaster as a result of the Zionist criminal escalation that has led to the deaths of dozens, the destruction of the vital infrastructure of electric power plants, bridges, roads, and homes of peaceful citizens on the excuse that this is aimed at securing the release of a Zionist soldier who was taken prisoner in a courageous operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance.

This Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people is not new. It has been a continuous reality since the establishment of the rapacious Zionist entity, which resulted in the uprooting and scattering of millions of people, the seizure of the land, and the transformation of the Palestinian territories into settlements and military bases.

News agencies have reported the commanders of the Israeli military establishment as saying that the decision to invade the Ghazza district was taken weeks before the Palestinian attack on Karam Salem ("Kerem Shalom") [in which the Israeli soldier was captured], and Israel needed no excuse to commit a new crime in the ongoing series of its crimes in accordance with the arrogant Zionist mentality that has taken form in the context of expansionism and aggression.

As the Israeli blockade, destructive raids, and a campaign to starve our people in occupied Palestine went on for weeks, the Western world was wrapped in a suspicious silence over what was taking place in the occupied territories. The leaders of Western countries and some Arab rulers worked to put pressure on the Palestine Authority to release one Israeli prisoner all the while Israeli prisons are bursting with thousands of Palestinians, including hundreds of children, women, elderly, and sick people.

This latest Israeli aggression follows a long blockade of the Palestinian people that has failed. It follows the failure of Israel's attempt to stir up internal discord and civil war among the Palestinians with the aim of bringing down the popularly elected government of Hamas. This was intended to create a vacuum into which the Olmert government hoped to step with its final plans of unilaterally drawing borders, killing the spirit of struggle and resistance among the Palestinians, and subjugating them completely to Israeli control.
Steadfast people,
The attempts of American imperialist and Zionist circles to take control of this region and plunder its natural resources are obvious. It has become clear that those circles are trying to perpetuate tension in our region in order to fulfill their so-called "Greater Middle East" plan. But that policy is meeting with ever increasing resistance by our Arab people in Palestine, Iraq, Syria, and among the Lebanese patriotic forces. Colonialist plans and ambitions have suffered painful blows in Palestine and Iraq. The peoples refuse to submit to the butchers; the hungry will claw with sharp nails at the flesh of those who surround and try to exterminate them.

Israel's escalation, its policy of state terrorism, and its violation of international law constitute a dangerous and continuous threat to peace in the region and the world. Yet this Israeli policy receives unrestricted American cover and support militarily and politically.

To stand up to the plans of imperialism and Zionism requires vigilance on the part of the patriotic forces and the Arab masses. They, together with the forces of freedom in the world, take the side of the victimized Palestinian people and against the racist Zionist offensive and the leaders of the Western countries. Those leaders' emotions and humanitarian sentiments have been aroused for the sake of one Zionist soldier yet they do not even bat an eyelid when faced with the killing of thousands of Palestinians and the destruction of their land and possessions by the Israeli war machine. Steadfastness is the only way to survive, and resistance is the only way to regain stolen rights.
Glory to the heroic martyrs of the resistance!

Let us unite our efforts and our guns in the face of racist Zionism!
Shame and humiliation on the forces of occupation and tyranny!

Damascus, 1 July 2006
Wisal Farha Bagdash General Secretary The Political Bureau of the Syrian Communist Party.

This declaration was first published in Arabic on the Web site of the Syrian Communist Party on 1 July 2006. The party that Wisal Farha Bagdash (the widow of the longtime General Secretary of the Syrian CP Khalid Bagdash) leads is one of the two main branches of the Syrian CP after its split, and it publishes the weekly Sawt ash-Sha'b [Voice of the People]. The other branch, led by Yusuf Faysal, publishes the weekly An-Nour [The Light]. Both parties are part of the united front government with the Syrian Baath. Translation by Muhammad Abu Nasr.

URL:  http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/bagdash150706.html


What They Want Is the Head of the Resistance Movementby Talal Salman

It's war again. As in the past, it's an Israeli war in terms of the men and materiel; a joint Israeli-American war in terms of its declared and implied political aims. We must prepare for a long, bitter, and costly confrontation because the first aim of the war is to change the rules of the game -- radically -- in Lebanon for starters, then in its neighbor Palestine, then in the "rogue state" Syria and "rebellious" Iran.

Nothing but an excuse is the claim that this is a response to the successful capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hizballah fighters (with the aim of securing the release of Lebanese prisoners who have languished in Israeli jails for decades). The real reason for the war is the presence of the resistance, and then its influential role, not only on Lebanese politics, but on the Arab level in general and the Palestinian level in particular.

The waves of this resistance have reached out to Iraq under the American occupation, where the blood of its martyrs spelled out the invaluable lesson that only with unity could liberation be achieved. With sectarian strife comes only partition and fragmentation until the homeland disappears.

The aim of this war is to "liberate" Lebanon from the "resistance" which crossed borders and thereby provided the excuse for the American-Israeli plan to be carried out in its entirety, by resorting to the implementation of UN Resolution 1559 and by exerting pressure to implement it to the letter -- that is to say, to treat the resistance as if it were some armed militia that must be disarmed . . . as a necessary first step to pushing it back from the borders, beyond the range of its missiles, and then handing over the task of guarding the "blue line" border to Lebanese government forces aided by international troops.

The American President George Bush was as clear as could be when he said he wanted to rescue the Siniora government and the Lebanese "democracy" that he regards as a personal accomplishment and to support it so that it can regain control of affairs in Lebanon. And in order for this American goal to be achieved, the resistance must fold its banners and withdraw from its land (Israel has already specified that it should be pushed 20km away from the borders), leaving the sovereignty, independence, and unity of Lebanon in the protective care of Resolution 1559 and the Israeli Defense Forces -- who are so well known for their total commitment to and meticulous observance of all United Nations resolutions.
This is why the Israelis, and then the Americans, have emphasized what they call the responsibility of the Lebanese government for this "war" and the need for Lebanon to take matters in hand. In other words, they want to put the Lebanese government in the position of confronting the resistance and thereby transform the war into a civil conflict.

To make this easy for the Lebanese government, the Israeli army, with its air force, navy, and long-range artillery, have imposed a blockade on Lebanon, on the land, sea, and in the air. They shut down Beirut airport and the other old airstrips in Riyaq, al-Qali'at, and Marfa'ah. They systematically destroyed the communications network between Beirut and the southern border, blowing up bridges and launching deadly raids at numerous towns and villages that they regard as "rear bases" of the resistance.

So, it's war, with all its agonies, human and cultural losses, with all its heavy costs (including the departure of the tourists and vacationers back to where they came from).
And then there is that new Israeli government headed by a "civilian" who needs to prove himself able to deliver victories. The opportunity for which he has been looking has now arrived whereby he can prove himself worthy of his lofty position and show that he is no less capable than those generals who preceded him, all of whom had built their glories on crushing "enemies" in Palestine and around it.

The aim is a joint American-Israeli one. And the war is a joint American-Israeli one. What they want is the head of the resistance movement, that successful example of the ability to win, that beacon whose rays reached all four corners of the Arab land, and even beyond to the neighboring areas, most of which are Islamic and are also looking for their way into the future.

Experience has shown that not everything which Israel and Washington decree in the end succeeds. It was Lebanon alone that provided the example in this context by means of its steadfastness and ability to achieve liberation and expel an occupation.

But the condition for success is to forge national unity and a cohesive leadership, one whose existence is dependent on the ability of the resistance to achieve liberation.
It's war. The enemy has imposed it. But the potential for steadfastness is present. The resistance is there, confronting the enemy with the efficiency that we have come to trust. So, steady on.

Talal Salman is editor emeritus and publisher of the left-leaning daily As-Safir in Beirut. The original in Arabic appeared in As-Safir on 14 July 2006. Translation by Muhammad Abu Nasr.

URL:  http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/salman150706.html

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